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Long time uncertainty is not 
more fascinating. DAILY NOTES

This LENR saga became much more interesting than a good detective story. The latest development is this:
- when it became obvious that the results of the 350 days test that was independent will confirm the essence- MASSIVE, LONG TERM HEAT EXCESS (because this is at the stake first!) was demonstrated and we have the total certainty about the functionality of the Rossi process. This means that the Rossi deniers, killers, detractors, enemies have to shut up and are KO.
Unfortunately no ERV Report was published- not even partially only about effectiveness and efficiency- but a rather vaguely and incompletely formulated Statement of Industrial Heat not saying a word about Andrea Rossi and the long time test. I doubt that the statement has made investors happy. On LENR Forum, E-CatWorld, the Italian Cobraf site etc. - a broad spectrum of opinions re the statement was generated.
Rossi's arch-enemy Steve Krivit ( we have to take in consideration that he is an excellent, experimented journalist systematic n presentations- able to write reviews
apt in many tricks - just a bit lacking fantasy for character assassination) has immediately seen the deficiency of the statement and wrote a posting entitled :
" Industrial Heat's e-Cat Exit" (why not the reverse or Exit is actually Exitus here?)

I have written the Modern Mass Manipulation Manual - see ADDENDA below! but Steve also knows it well. 
He has tried to connect Rossi with the sex crimes of Sterling Allan (who happens to be an excellent journalist too- in my opinion, PESWIKI is good.)
He combines human weaknesses from Rossi's past with scientific and technical issues- the real problem now is power density and COP's not Rossi's troubles with the Law - hyperbolized and demonized beyond limits and irrelevant.
Now it is time for the best known :"divide et impera" - it must be an antagonic conflict between Industrial Heat and Rosssi's own Leonardo Corp. Steve insists he knows that from inside sources from IH.  I doubt he is loved there.
Is the 1 year test already forgotten before being published and discussed.
Steve predicts the hope for intense excess heat has to be abandoned and we will return to the hopeless "healthy, sick and dead cathodes" days.
What will Tom Darden say? What will Andrea Rossi say? I have asked him on his blog- I cannot exclude that he will answer. Not to me only but to the LENR world.


Andrea Rossi
Velda Funderburke:
Thank you for spotting this issue: there is absolutely no divorce between Leonardo Corporation and any of its Licensees, included Industrial Heat. Industrial Heat is the legitimate licensee of Leonardo Corporation for its Territory and I never referred to any possible divorce.
I invite anybody to disregard any innuendo, supposition, speculation related to the licenses of Leonardo Corporation unless they are communicated directly from Leonardo Corporation.
There is some imbecile that tries to get audience inventing situations that do not exist.
Warm Regards,



2) #IndustrialHeat under Fierce Attack from #Trolls and #Pathosceptics due to #LENR Investments?

5) Etiam Inc. patent application in a nutshell
Part IV:
At the official Russian LENR site too:


about the IH statement
On Christmas last and just after, Rossi was very free with info on the
Xcat. Lately, he is tight lipped again about it. IMHO, Rossi was free
with technical info because of his excitement of discovery. But now
that the XCat will replace the low temperature wafers in the 1
Megawatt plant, he is back in secret mode. He has decided that the
quark is the only reactor module he will use in his family of products
and the only module that he will manufacture.

He is pressing to get the Quark technology ready for the 1 megawatt
reactor application. Any info that we get about the big industrial
reactor using non-quark wafers will be obsolete. That info will only
serve to assure investors that progress is being made. The discovery
of the quark will delay LENR commercialization by more than a year or
possibly much longer.


Google's AI is battering the Go world champion in style:

Remember this?

Executive Summary of the Modern Mass Manipulation Manual

Mass Manipulation is actually easy. Masses enjoy manipulation because it replaces thinking with the own brains an effort very few humans can afford. Use killer memes to install memecracy  and the following three main actions:

DIVIDE and Rule
Divide and rule, convert the differences in disagreement and disputes, weaken the brains by provoking the reptile and the proto-rat brains against the neo-cortex, show it enemies and dangers and horrible risks everywhere and overall- even in the mirror. Make the people to be eternally suspicious, terrified, and vigilant , learn them to fear their own ideas, make them to hate actively anybody with other opinions and develop in them criminal attitudes toward those on the opposite sides of everything. Discourage original, creative or personal thinking incessantly and fiercely! Divide the World in “Us” and “They”

CONNECT and Stupefy
Connect and stupefy, connect many brains from a group, a crowd, from a room, a hall, a marching column, an Internet forum/group force them to practice groupthink and no think and you will state with satisfaction that intelligences are not additive; on the contrary they are mutually weakening and slowing down, up to total blockage, A great, lazy and coward Big Brain – fictive – will completely replace all the real brains that are functionally annihilated. Connect people to celebrities and mythomaniacal populist politicians (like you!) and degrade them to fans. Fanatize them!
Disconnect people from reason, decency, kindness, goodwill, human feelings, and especially from altruism! Eradicate empathy!

COMBINE and Confuse
Combine and confuse, abundantly mix truths, half-truths, outright lies, real, false and useless data, weird superstitions and obsolete myths, plausible but inexistent correlations, crippled and unsustainable metaphors, poisoned fantasies, fragments of cultural slogans and many other such things and when this mixtura miserabilis is ready, inject it in brains. Any cognitive or intellectual activity of the poor grey cells will stop except a perpetual signaling of Fatal Error.
The Test of success is- if after all these manipulations the people are grateful to you, admire and idolize you.


  1. "The discovery of the quark will delay LENR commercialization by more than a year or possibly much longer."
    Axil is providing the excuse to hold off on the 1MW report until next year.

    Please let the impressario make his own excuses.

  2. I wonder if Steve had thought more about
    how to deal with A.R. Temperament before
    he met him things would have been different
    between them today.
    Shows how easy a war can start.

    1. Sam,
      You have a point. However, Krivit had already established a warm relationship with Piantelli.

      Here is my interpretation of events:
      Piantelli and Krivit like(d) each other and Krivit greatly respected both the man and his efforts.

      Steve then met Andrea Rossi and very quickly appears to have concluded that Rossi was in no way the warm open honest person Piantelli was and is.

      Krivit also was told by Piantelli that Rossi had been (deviously) using Sergio Focardi to leech research answers from Piantelli in areas that both Rossi and Focardi lacked expertise.

      So IMHO, Steve Krivit developed an intense dislike of Rossi and how he was going about things, that view was IMHO greatly reinforced by the amateur wording placed into Rossi's 1st Italian patent that is still regarded as extraordinarily naive (as to how the Rossi reactor worked). My guess is that Krivit saw that clumsy patent write up as the absolute proof that Rossi had no real idea what he (Rossi) was doing ut was plagiarizing the best of Piantelli's efforts and work.

      In a nutshell, Rossi appears to have borrowed (leeched from Piantelli (via his prior patents and thru Focardi)) then grandstanded what he (Rossi) was doing. One might argue that Rossi hijacked the quieter Piantelli's IP and work. Rossi's strategy appears to have been to trumpet his own work so loudly that the consensus would become that it was all invented by Rossi alone with some 'guidance' from Focardi. Rossi made an emphatic statement (IIRC in 2011 or 2012) that his work had 'nothing' to do with Piantelli's work. But IMHO Krivit knew better.


  3. It is always interesting to see how some people get carried away by smoke and mirrors.

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