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"Existence is non-existence in movement"
(Neanderthalian proverb)

My thoughts and remembrances are meandering toward a a target > I hsve to answer the explicit and implicit questions of Mitchell Swartz who has criticized and added to the following slogans of my yesterday editorial:

"we have to advance from the omniscient PdD based mentality to the fast learning NiH based mentality;
-to abandon the mixing-all generalizing approach and to adopt the separating-specifics and distinguishing LENR from LENR+  "

Mitchell shows that:
- PdD and NiH have an interwoven history and science and that intermediary and/or hybrid species have been tested many times;
and asks that:
- how can I prove that LENR+ is existent and is a species different of Cold Fusion, LANR, LENR- also considering activation via illumination and magnetization. 

I will make the first part short and the second longer because I want to answer in a personal context- I let my thoughts wandering a bit because there are some ideas to discussed once.

In my own experience - in technology- hybrid species are not successful- combining the DNA of a mouse and of an elephant you will get at the best a lazy fat rat. I cannot remember about remarkable successes - as Niagaras of excess heat from these mixed systems- and as thinking mode they were as pure Pd D. Almost the same with PdD alloys, improvements yes, quality leaps of breakthroughs NO.
Much noise, usually yes.

Mitchell wants to know why I believe that LENR+ exists and why it has a relationship of Otherness with classic LENR. I have to confess that my understanding of the field has developed slowly_ I have learned from facts and people. However say around 1995- that's 20 years ago- I already had some quasi-certainty-guesses, a bunch of fragmentary truth that have lead me to what I believe today.
The starting ideas can be found in:


Why Technology First?” Infinite Energy 1st issue, March-April 1995, p 26

Both have a rather unusual logical structure differing from that of a standard scientific paper and have not entered the great CF bibliographies- as Ed Storm's books. Fortunately for the integrity of the history of cold fusion, the first was also published in our peer vreviewed journal
edited by George Miley:

Gluck, P: The surfdyn concept: an attempt to solve (or to rename) the puzzles of cold nuclear fusion. Fusion Technol., 1993. 24: p. 122.

The main ideas: CF takes places in active sites the surface, the dynamics of the surface (of the metal) is a determining factor, CF is a form of heterogeneous catalysis, technological development will come before scientific understanding, the heat release phenomenon is NOT completely nuclear, it must be something else there.
The ideas were far from being crystal clear and the PdD system was eveluated as being of "mimosaceous hypersensivity" not unmanageable or technologically speaking, incurably ill.

Looking to what i wrote, shamelessly repeating things that are true but very personal. I am forced to ask, taking me as bad example: 
"why people are so desperately auto-referential?" 
that is why they are speaking all the time only about their very own ideas?"

Ssuddenly I remember the personal stereotype of my good friend  Iustin: 
"I have very few few ideas but those are well fixed" he says smiling. Iustin is one of the country best specialist in chlorine-alkali electrolysis, he is poisoned with mercury, has lost great part of his tooth. But he is strong and young, he is the General Manager of OLTCHIM. These are my best PVC years, Iustin and I travel together to Hungary, the Borsod Chemical Works for technical discussions. Iustin is admired for what he knows about electrolysis, I make a stunning discovery: in that factory the PVC production people and the PVC research people do not communicate and do not collaborate- envy and competition for money from innovations and for travels abroad. Like two hands not working together. Shocking- but may I ask , for LENR which is still in deep trouble is it normal for an oppressed community to be so conflictual, to convert differences in opinions, in open contradictions and wild disputes?
Very nice work, good food, Tokay wines in Borsod (1975)
Years come and go, age and mercury are killing my friend after staying 9 years paralysed. What a smart, nice man he was- and he had lot of good ideas just said they are few and immovable!
But my ideas are so...sorry. you know, I have learned a lot from Francesco Piantelli about NiH and I know it is not like PdD, then I had the opportunity to learn from Yannis Hadjichristos about his system- to activate hydrogen and to make the metal receptive. OK, Rossi has never revealed something practical about how his E-cts work but he has used the magic word: "catalysis"- and this met my old almost forgotten prediction from 1991. He uses a catalyst for sure but there catalyst  is a problem of definition. Then the temperatures increased fast- and the surface dynamic
too! DGT spoke about the Debye temperature as the limit, only above it can be obtained serious energy densities it is about surface vibrations of crystals. 
High temperatures and it seems (seems?) the Lugano Hot Cat at 1300 C is a limit, in case than molten nickel cannot work. Or can it?
The best LENR classic performances are Watts of excess heat- your reliable NANOR was still not renamed KILOR- but the Hot Cat is challenging us- the world of LENR to believe, explain, confirm two incredibly high performances:
1 gram nickel and 12 mg hydrogen (and some 20 mgr lithium and 70 mgr aluminum also there, plus (or not!) some additives as iron oxide) In an alumina pressure vessel at  a temperature of1100- 1300 C deliver;
- power of 2000W (average)
- energy of 1.5 MWatthours in 32 days.
Alexander Parkhomov has proven excess heat, now he has to give quantitative data and prove long term work of his reactor.

You know I think LENR takes place in active sites on the very surface of metals, we have discussed this many times.
Classic LENR works mainly with pre-formed active sites, limited in number/density while LENR+ is based on a continuous generation of new active sites — it is a dynamic equilibrium between the active sites that are destroyed by the high temperature and the new ones that appear; the trick is to have many of these doing their task — a sequence of processes and reactions. The constructive side of the high temperature must be added to its destructive effect and this is the clue of the LENR+’s exceptionality and progress.

LENR+ is dynamic, LENR static. It is a quality, essential difference between them.
MFMP visiting at Parkhomov.

If you want to know more, for the time given see the MFMP site or read the comments (many by Bob Greenyer) here:

This is the program of the meeting:

The SEMINAR of Cold Nuclear Transmutations and Ball Lightnings takes place on Feb 26, 16.00 hour in the room no 1, (7th floor) 2015 of the Engineering Building of the People's Friendship University (address, access for the public given)

Program of the day

1. 16.00-16.15: N. V. Samsonenko (Russian University of People's Friendship) Science News

2.  16.15- 16.45  A.I.Laptukhov (IZMIRAN- Moscow): "About the nature of excess heat in the Rossi-Parkhomov reactor- electron-ionic nuclei"

3. 16.45-18.30- Bob Greenyer, main coordinator of scientific projects- Martin Fleischmann Memorial  Project "About the scientific research at MFMP" - in English, with translation.

4. 17.30-18.30 Free panel discussion in Russian, "Reactor Rossi-Parkhomov" , 3-5 minutes max, 3-5 slides, with previous subscription to the seminar leader., Samsonenko, Nikolai Vladimirovich. 
Phone +79166274969, E-mail:

Mitchell Swartz's COLD FUSION TIMES was the first to announce the publication- print of the special LENR issue of the Indian Journal CURRENT SCIENCE

commented by Frank Acland -here:


I would like to now get something on the open source record and protect the concept from patent trolls and  proprietary non disclosure. This concept is formulated to eliminate the complexity and control  problem that has been seen in the alumina tube based LENR experiments conducted by Rossi, MFMP and the Russians.
With the application of the combined talents of a select group of design engineers, it seems possible to design a self charging high effectuate lithium ion battery that can capture and transform its heat energy directly into electricity.
If a tube based reactor as we have seen demonstrated by Lugano replicators is configured in a thermal heat transfer loop to distribute hot between a hot end and a cold end, a cross flow of lithium vapor ions going down the tube in the hot to cold direction and a controlled counter flow of lithium aluminum liquid metal (melting point = 500c to 600C) travailing back to the hot end from the cold end.
Electric energy could be extracted  from the flow of both lithium vapor ions and ionized hydrogen nano-particles on there way from the hot end of the tube were the LENR reaction is occurring to the cold end where the tube is being cooled in a co-generation process  by properly configured electrodes in the flow path used to confine and direct the movement of the ionized vapor. A electrode target may also be required at the cold end of the tube to completely deionize the lithium/hydrogen plasma.
On the way back, electric energy could also be extracted from the flow of liquid metal returning from the cold end of the tube to the hot end using   Magnetohydrodynamic generation(MHD).
An MHD generator, like a conventional generator, relies on moving a conductor through a magnetic field to generate electric current. The MHD generator uses hot conductive plasma or a flow of liquid metal as the moving conductor. The mechanical dynamo, in contrast, uses the motion of mechanical devices to accomplish this.
In principle, any electrical conducting fluid can be used as the working fluid, and power generation has been demonstrated with a number of such fluids, varying from liquid metals to hot ionized gases.
The absence of moving machinery allows the MHD generator to operate at much higher temperatures than other power generation systems and, therefore, higher thermodynamic efficiency can be reached.
A key component of the MHD generator is the superconducting magnet, which produces the magnetic field necessary for the energy conversion process.  If we get lucky, the LENR process itself may create a degree of superconductivity in the magnetic coils of a elector-magnet as has been seen in LENR reaction wires in the LENR experiments of Celanti.
Efficiency greater than 65 – 70 % can be reached if a triple cycle, including an MHD generator, ion plasma to electricity conversion electrodes, and a CO2 turbine, is utilized.  Such a configuration could fit well into a transportation power source.
The electricity produced by the moment of electrically conductive plasma and liquids could be used to produce a self sustaining LENR reaction when of portion of that MHD generated power is fed back into a pumped stimulation of the LENR reaction at the hot end of the tube.


  1. If a physical process exists and holds promise to advance the welfare and profit of mankind, an engineer will someday figure out how to use that process in a machine of his own creation.

    Ni/H reactor meltdown is an example of that sort of process. Someday, a machine will be build to take advantage of LENR in the plasma phase, where tungsten vapor confined in a magnetic bottle will produce heat in excess of 10000C.

    Such a process was produced by Ken Shoulders in his electric arc experiments where Ken detected LENR by producing transmutation in vaporized palladium in the plasma produced by electric arc discharge.

    This is also the process involved in transmutation of various types of transition metal strips including titanium vaporized in water though the application of a strong electric arc

    Now that this aspect of nature (aka ball lightning) is recognized, some inspired engineer will figure out how to put it to good use. Its just a matter of time for LENR+++ to be made real and utilized.

    1. It comes to me now that plasma phase LENR is what R. Mills is trying to utilize with his SUN cell reactor.