Saturday, February 21, 2015


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Mats Lewan's great and smart question of today:
Will LENR reach mass adoption faster than any other tech?

Mats is doing high quality journalism and so he knows well that it is not adequate to give too precise answers to unanswerable questions or many coming data for unpredictable evolutions.
I am also unable to answer despite the fact that I have effectively "lived" the adoption of many new technologies - I consider myself a technologist (search for "Technology, mon amour!")
and I try to build a holistic vision of Technology.
But, in order to make it actionable, I would re-formulate, with Mats's permission, the Question, in:

"What must happen in order to achieve a fast, serene, natural, uniform, non-disruptive- worldwide implementation of LENR- the new energy source of the future?" 

Instantly, fragments of the Solution, possible keywords, concepts, derived question began to populate my imagination. The brightest word is COOPETITION and a partial metaphor calls me- from a Swedish literary work- Sweden is the country of  the Lugano Testers, of Mats, of Peter Bjorkbom (who has done exactly what I will conclude here). The metaphor is seemingly religious, but it is also deeply human, common sense and pragmatic.
I am not religious, but Andrea Rossi is- he could understand it better- just he does not read EGO OUT. It happens that I can resonate so well with this book of Selma Lagerlof that I already have used it as inspiration for my Christmas edition of the blog, Secularising a noble idea.
writing about the shared flame of LENR - wishful thinking at its worst there are too many separate, small, weak, little flames...and terrible, cruel winds blow. 

For now please consider this as as a short weekend lecture- in the frame of your personal philosophy: 
Our lord and Saint Peter

The part of interest is about logistics- even the best of the Angels cannot save a damned seiner's soul (in this case Saint Peter's mother)- if this isso selfish that admits no one coming with her. Till many souls were attached to the mother, the Angel was flying fast, but when their number decreased, the ascension of the Angle became slower and slower, eventually he has dropped the incorrigible bad woman.

It is a very approximate and fuzzy metaphor - for us- but the idea is that for opening the front gate of the LENR  Paradise- only a greater group of companies, countries can enter all together. That is, we (LENR) have to create- not necessarily competition- much better is coopetition for the now dominant Rossi + Industrial Heat. For example , the Hyperion technology must come back- fast; other industrial solutions have to be created. There are many ways to LENR+, many variants and surely sizes. Two recent reasons- Rossi is in the festine lente (slow hurry) mode with the 1MW plant (positive or negative  for sure in February 2016). Please do not expect too much enthusiasm from me toward such an over-modularized structure, I understand that this is stage of development, but I disliked the idea starting from 2011- too many small cats in a chorus of meowing

 Also he has said that the HotCat's alumina reactor is part of the IP and has not distributed such reactors for testing - for the action of total and complete certainty.
Believe me I have a lot of empathy to Rossi, but if he leads the adoption of LENR energy ALONE then evolution of applied LENR energy will be too slow.
I hope this idea will be discussed at the Milano Meeting of LENRCITIES with the industrialist
Tranquil adoption of LENR energy is fine but only associated with a Big Bang style development. I know it is about energy, not IT, but Mats's original question deserves a YES answer.


Alexander Parkhomov- alternative energy for the future:                                         (a good photo)

E-Cat Photo with Observations, Comments (John Page)

MIT Cold Fusion - The Revolution has Begun! (video)

About Parkhomov's research in Slovak, saying it can be a turning point for Cold Fusion:


  1. The answer to this speed of adoption question is found in the details.

    From the very beginning, Rossi has had real and long standing problems with controlling his reaction, so he has been forced into a complex design plan that has enabled him to make reactor development progress. That path involves a (spaghetti code like) low power density reactor design solution that greatly increases the complexity and high initial cost on energy investment of his reactor design.

    A complex design is far less adoptable than is a simple design. This complex design will have a high rate of failure, need expertly trained maintenance personnel, be inordinately expensive to manufacture and to operate.

    A simple and well controlled LENR reactor is possible to design and build. Such a reactor prototype has been produced by DGT by using electric arc stimulation of the LENR reaction.

    The speed of adoption is directly related to the complexity of the design of the reactor. If someone can develop a simple LENR reactor that features high power density, and design simplicity the speed of that reactors adoption will be dazzling. The adoption of the complex Rossi design will be greatly impeded especially in the technically unsophisticated third world where LENR based energy is needed the most. Rossi's current design is a first world design that needs the energy of this reactor the least.

  2. Axil, has IMHO nailed the issues well. Again, thanks for putting core issues so well.


  3. Axil, has IMHO nailed the issues well. Again, thanks for putting core issues so well.