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Edmund Storms  about the Rules and Rossi

Peter, I do not understand why you think anyone is scapegoating Rossi. People are simply describing what Rossi has done. He has not played by the rules normally used in science or even in commerce. He has not provided useful and perhaps correct information. His claims have not been replicated even though many people have tried. Now he is in a legal battle involving his behavior.  These behaviors have an obvious and predictable effect on people's attitudes toward LENR. Ignoring them would be unnatural and dishonest.   

 Personally, I have learned nothing of value from Rossi other than not do do what he has done. In contrast, you claim you have learned that two different kinds of LENR are possible, one that is useful and the other that is not.  You have learned that Ni+H2 can make sufficient energy. You have learned that people need to support Rossi if they hope to solve the LENR problem.  Is this a fair description of how you view the contributions made by Rossi?


  Rules are more specific, more topogical, circumstantial and conventional than we think. Rossi's priority is not Science and truth, but Technology & Business and value  his first order priority is his Intellectual Property- know how, fabrication secrets he has built by very hard work. He will protect his IP till obtaining a decisive competitive advantage. 
Why he is now in a legal battle is not directly caused by his , say, anti-scientific behavior. It is more about a valid contract that was not paid.

What he has done- and is of value- is that he has liberated the Djinn from the bottle, (as Vladimir Vysotskii has stated here) made LENR greater and richer than it was in Jan 2011, just many of us have a more restricted definition of LENR and do not care for larger horizons -  Not "bring back, of bring back my PdBonnie to me!"
Can you tell how much better was LENR's prestige and attractiveness in Jan 2011 than today?  It was strongly ignored- if this has a sense.

Many different LENRs are possible I think not only two. Have you read Krivit's book?
He can be right in part. In the rest your description about what I think about Rossi is OK. But it is about reactive forms of hydrogen and specially activated Ni able to continuous NAE-genesis at high temperatures


1) From Cold Fusion Now

World Clean Energy Conference - 25th Anniversaryhttp://www.wcec.uno/
LENR Introduction Nicolas Chauvin, LENR Cars SA; Lausanne, Switzerland
LENR Progress and Cooperation Plans Dr. Francesco Celani, VP of ISCMNS, Italy


Seminar for Nuclear Cold Fusion and Globular Lightnings at PFUR takes place Thursday, Oct 27 at PFUR- in the usual place
Program of the day:
1. 16.00 – 16.15 A. A. Prosvirnov: " News in LENR and CNF"
2. 16.15 – 16.25 Yu. L. Ratis. Professor at the Institute of Special energetics, Samaraa, 'Invitation to collaboration"
3. 16.25 – 17.15 Dr B.U. Rodionov, Veteran of The National Institute of Nuclear Research. Moscow: " World computer solves our problems?"
4. 17.15 – 18.00 Alexander Kiprianovich Shevelev, Ishak Imamutdinovich Davletin: "About the possible mechanisms of heat generation in the Rosssi-Parkhomov Cells"
5. 18.00 – 18.15  Miscellanea.


The replicators are not using pure Li7 isotope. The replicators are using Lithium Aluminum hydride which contains natural lithium that has a natural abundance of Li6 which is a reaction poison. 

The Rossi reactor is a Lithium 7 burner. That is why the Lugano reactor increased Li6 as ash many times over in only 32 days.

In the Lugano demo, the Lithium 7 was enriched to 94%. This was not an accident. The Rossi fuel creation process does not modify the fuel's isotopic composition. Transmutation does not happen during fuel preparation. All the active fuel elements are comprised of metalized lithium hydride crystals containing only lithium 7. When the fuel is loaded into the reactor, transmutation proceeds but not in the metalized lithium hydride fuel. That metalized crystal is protected from transmutation. After the metalized lithium is prepared, other raw lithium is loaded via lithium aluminum hydride which contains a normal spread of isotope proportions of Li6 and Li7. This raw lithium is used as fuel for transmutation. The fuel prep stage uses pure Li7 so when the new batch of raw lithium is added, the Li6/Li7 ratio changes but does not match the expected raw lithium ratio due to the pure Li7 used in the fuel prep stage.

WizKid just made a sucessful reactor experiment using Li7 fluoride. 


World record for nuclear fusion smashed by MIT team

Physicists pass spin information through a superconductor

Date:October 14, 2016
Source:Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Researchers have made a discovery that could lay the foundation for quantum superconducting devices. Their breakthrough solves one the main challenges to quantum computing: how to transmit spin information through superconducting materials.

From Tanmay Vora

Putting People First: Leading in an Era of Constant Transformation


  1. Peter
    Mr Storms said in your blog he has learned
    nothing from A.R.
    One thing you can learn from Mr Rossi is
    to never give up.
    You have to respect him for that.

    1. And yet all indications are that Mr Rossi has given up on the original ecat for home heating. There cannot be even so much of one 'ready for market' ecat in production, suitable for submission for a safety certification, otherwise there would be a photograph of a real device on the ecat web site instead of an artist's impression of what one might look like.
      Mr Rossi saying 'progress is being made on the certification' is not the same as progress actually being made.
      And it is also apparent that all the blurb about the amazing new Quack ecat X is for the purpose of distraction from the fact that no further sales and installations of the previously tested 1MW plant have eventuated. Why not? It supposedly produced an incredible COP of 50 for a period of one year (Rossi says).
      If anyone had a real device which produced energy with a guaranteed COP of 50, they would now be the most famous and sought after person on the planet.
      And if anyone had a real device which five years ago produced energy with a guaranteed COP of 6, they would by now be the richest most famous and sought after person on the planet. But he is not. He is in court arguing over the relatively paltry sum of $89 million, for a device which if real would by now be worth $89 billion to him, and trillions to the world.
      And yet, here we are still waiting for the release of yet another amazing device which is being de-rated every month down to close to nothing.

      Andrea Rossi
      October 18, 2016 at 4:05 PM
      No, and the best efficiency is reached making only heat.
      Warm Regards

      So now, what made the Quack ecat X more unique than its predecessor, direct electrical production, is now off the menu, in much the same way as all the other previous amazing claims over the past five years.
      The world is not short of people who never give up on making amazing unsubstantiated claims.
      The world is short of people who make amazing claims and then live up to them. So far, Mr Rossi is not one of them.
      Ask Aldo Proia.
      Ask Defkalion.
      Ask Industrial Heat.
      Ask any of his previous many agents.
      Ask any of his previous firm supporters who have now seen the light and recognized the reality.

  2. There is a dream that LENR supporters have that may not come about. This dream is the "off the grid" independence that is rooted in rugged individualism and the frontier spirit.

    There are two chatactoristivs of the Rossi fuel cycle that will force Rossi type LENR toward government control, regulation and use in large scale utility based power plants.

    The first is the production of hard to shield intense muon fluxes that disrupt electrical equipment out over a long distance away from the home based reactor. For example, the Defkalion reactor produced electrical interference so intense, that two Faraday shields plus mu metal was unable to keep the phone system that serviced their lab operating.

    This is a common observation for LENR developers as follows:

    ME356 states: "Emissions (RF, electrons and UV) during the test were so strong that my control circuit was absolutely crazy even that it was 3 meters away - it is unusable.

    I am very sure that this behavior is real as it happened to me too. I use analog pressure meter which cannot be damaged.

    I am sure that the noise is extremely high as it affects computers and USB peripherals 2 meters away.
    Everything is contactless.

    Also I have checked that SiC element is producing so intense EM field, that my IR meter (that is reading data from TC) was unstable at 800W and more."

    The second issue is the production of nearly pure Lithium 6 as a ash product. This will place every Rossi reactor under the licensed control of the NRC and the IAEA. The people who control proliferation and the regulation of bomb capable materials will not allow Lithium 6 generation out into general public use.

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