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“A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and gets to bed at night, and in between he does what he wants to do. (Bob Dylan)

Take care, dear Bob, after 75 years you are happy to do what you still can, not what you want! With or without a Nobel Prize.


a)  It is sad but inevitable: 89-er Cold Fusionists going to the LENR Valhalla, one by one.
Now Stan Szpak.

Frank Gordon has announced

I am saddened to report that Stan Szpak died this afternoon.  He would have been 96 years old on his birthday next month.  Stan had been involved in LENR research since the 1989 announcement and will probably be best remembered as the first to use co-deposition to prepare the cathode.  He and his coworkers published many papers in peer-reviewed journals documenting their results.  A more complete obituary will be provided later.

The first requisite for immortality is death.(Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)
The best known acronym for DEATH is "Delivering Earth;s Angels To Heaven" 
Perhaps for the death of a LENR-ist we can say: 

Requiescat In Pace, dear Stan! Your idea of co-precipitation was electrifying!

The nice Good Fairy of LENR, Ruby Carat of COLD FUSION NOW, has recently contributed to te immortalizing of Stan Szpak with this historic video:


1) Updated 13.10.2016
Good prospects for Leonardo Corp./Andrea Rossi lawsuit vs. Cherokee Investment Partners/Thomas Darden
two new documents are online:

2) From Andrea Rossi's JONP
Hank Mills
October 12, 2016 at 6:05 PM

Hello Everyone,

Here is a paper I wrote while preparing for the impact of Hurricane Matthew. Interestingly, my power went out only minutes after I finished composing it. The sheer elegance and simplicity of the “Rossi Effect” is coming together in a way that’s remarkable. Among other issues, I’ve concluded that just about every aspect of the E-Cat is about enhancing hydrogen absorption into the lattice (including internal defects, pores, cracks, fissures, cavities) or the application of “shock” to try and force that hydrogen out faster than is mechanically possible (stimulation).

Rossi’s Knot Untangled: Practical Mechanisms For The Induction of Cold Fusion in Metal Hydrides

And here is a very important paper on the sonification of nickel powder.

Through years of tedious labor, Andrea Rossi has found the optimum mechanisms and best practices to maximize absorption and shock the nickel so the hydrogen desires to exit. His persistence and work ethic took LENR to a level that had previously never been achieved.


Andrea Rossi
October 12, 2016 at 7:50 PM

Hank Mills:
Thank you for your insight and the links.
Warm Regards,

October 12, 2016 at 8:03 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
NASA has invented a new ceramic that could be useful for you: it is an Ultra -High-Temperature-Ceramic-Composite ( UHTC), a microstructure with high-aspect-ratio SiC inclusions. It can sustain temperatures around 2,000 Celsius degrees. See

Andrea Rossi
October 13, 2016 at 6:37 AM

Thank you for the information,
Warm Regards,
 3) VIDEO: Nuclear Cold Fusion and Globular Lightnings Seminar at PFUR- Rukhadze, Bazhutov, Sep 29, 2016 Global Wave

Холодный ядерный синтез и ШМ: Семинар в РУДН - Рухадзе - Бажутов, 29 сентября 2016 Глобальная Волна

4) Google Scholar Selects 3 Chinese contributions from the SSICCF20 Abstracts
Scholar Alert: [ lenr ]

A hypothesis of stimulated surface phonon emission contributed to low-energy nuclear reactions

SY Ding, Y Fang, ZQ Tian - The Satellite Symposium of 20 th International
... xmu. edu. cn Low-energy nuclear reaction (LENR) takes place in condensed matter
is a very challenging topic due to the mysterious mechanism and complex control
parameters to reproduce the experiments. The resonant ...

[PDF] Some thoughts on abnormal phenomena of condensed matters loaded with deuterium or hydrogen

WH Zhang, QQ Wang, MS Chen, FZ Yang, HP Zhu - The Satellite Symposium of 20 th …
... Possible relevance of Carbon Arc experiments known to LENR researchers to our observations:
In quest of an explanation of these anomalous observations, I was advised to meet the then
Director of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) at Kalpakkam, Tamil ...

[PDF] Excess Heat Measurements in Pd| D2O+ D2SO4 Electrolytic Cells and Ni| H2 Systems

J Gao, WS Zhang, JJ Zhang - The Satellite Symposium of 20 th International

... We shall draw from this approach dramatic consequences on the structure of our
universe on the one hand and we shall explain how this can bring us to explain
some phenomena at stake in the LENR field. In particular, we ...


Where Nobel winners get their start
Undergraduates from small, elite institutions have the best chance of winning a Nobel prize.

Arthur C. Clarke was convinced that Cold Fusion that already got an IgNobel will get also the Nobel Prize for Physics, once.
But even he could not predict that Bob Dylan will get the Nobel Prize for Literature!


4 Steps to Having More “Aha” Moments


  1. Nice eulogy for Stan.

    The Rossietttes are confusing the law suit with real excess energy.

    Rossi has none and he has never shown as much in an independent action. The Uppsala folks have been silent too long. They have failed to reproduce anything worthwhile.

  2. I was fortunate to catch Stan Szpak in that interview all thanks to Melvin Miles, who generously financed that trip, and Frank Gordon, who arranged all the details.

    Melvin Miles and Frank Gordon wanted to get Stan's story on tape before it was too late, and I am grateful they allowed me to do it. I have so much more on him and his life, so we'll surely see him on film again.

    See ya on the other side, Stan!

  3. Hi Ruby
    Are you still planing a webinar
    with 2.0 energy society.

    1. Hey yeah Sam, that happened already! There will be a video sometime...

  4. Peter
    A couple of interesting comments.
    LT Axil Axil
    3 days ago
    I have always suspected that Rossi's secret is in the process of creating the fuel, not
    necessarily in the composition of the fuel.
    Years ago I found some indications that Rossi might have visited in Europe a company which is
    specialized in producing metal powders by chemical/physical processes, however I have lost my notes regarding that information. (But note that it was a conclusion I arrived to based on some facts, not hard proof)
    But if true, could it then be a possibility that he is creating his nickel particles by a chemical reaction and/or physical process to get as pure and clean (unoxidized) nickel powder without
    impurities, this instead of using standard nickel powder available and processing this afterwards ?

    Axil Axil LT
    4 hours ago
    Rossi said that the QuarkX made reverse engineering his technology hard/impossible. I beleive that the reason that Rossi's fuel secrets are protected by the QuarkX is that its fuel charge melts and changes its nature when the QuarkX gets up to its operating temperature which is way over the melting point of nickel.

    After the Lugano test, when Rossi extracted the nickel particle from the reactor, he had to scrap of the melted nuckel from the wall of the reactor's core. Rossi now understood that his reactor could perform even above the melting point of nickel and this insight gave birth to the design of the QuarkX.



    Li-6 is used in thermonuclear weapons and the export and use of Li-6 is therefore strictly controlled. Rossi's patent requires the use of lithium as fuel with the conversion of Lithium 7 to Lithium 6. The Nuclear Retaliatory Commission(NRC) will place any device that uses lithium as fuel where lithium 6 isotopic ratio is enhanced over nature levels is in violation of NRC regulations and will be restricted as a thermonuclear weapons proliferation risk. The NRC will not permit a commercial product that produces nearly pure Lithium 6 to be freely available for use in the marketplace were Lithium 6 can be extracted from it.

    LENR developers must stay away from any LENR reaction that uses lithium as a fuel.


    Appendix N to Part 110—Illustrative List of Lithium Isotope Separation Facilities, Plants and Equipment Under NRC's Export Licensing Authority

    a. Facilities or plants for the separation of lithium isotopes.

    b. Equipment for the separation of lithium isotopes, such as:

    (1) Packed liquid-liquid exchange columns especially designed for lithium amalgams;

    (2) Mercury and/or lithium amalgam pumps;

    (3) Lithium amalgam electrolysis cells;

    (4) Evaporators for concentrated lithium hydroxide solution.

    c. Any other components especially designed or prepared for use in a reprocessing plant or in any of the components described in this appendix.

    [65 FR 70292, Nov. 22, 2000; 79 FR 39299, Jul. 10, 2014]