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I will explain these in a next issue

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a) Habent sua fata libelli

I am still very amazed and I have received a comment-question from a friend why the LENR book written by Steve Krivit is inot commented for good or bad, here:

Hacking the Atom: Explorations in Nuclear Research (Volume 1)

It is a book about LENR, for LENR in its way; I have strong irreconcilable differences of opinion with Steve I disagree with many things he has done  however he is agood writer. There are few certainties in LENR- it is possible something of real value can be found- hidden if you wish, in the book.

Stop the fatal envigoration of European civilization and culture

Hungary holds referendum on mandatory migrant quota. It was a strong campaign against this,organized by powerful rich idealistic people, at this time (3 hours before the ned of the referendum it seems there will be no 50% participants and the vote will be not totally validated. The suicide of European civilization and culture will continue. Young, potent, prolific cultures that carry no burdens as democracy, human rights, do not believe in the superstition that women are human beings too, do not accept the values of science, will sweep out what our Continent has imperfectly achieved. Mix incompatible cultures, kill the weak ones!The triumph of Koalemos  will be total. One of the greatest and saddest mysteries of the History of Mankind. Probletence was unstoppable. I have hoped that people are more aware what is at stake.

1) A very high IQ, deeply philosophical abstract from SSICCF20:

Symmetry, entropy and order 
# Jean-François Geneste 1 Airbus Group, France 
# Jenny Darja Vinko 2 Hera, Italy 

In 1894, Pierre Curie enounced the following theorem: La symétrie caractéristique d’un phénomène est la symétrie maxima compatible avec l’existence du phénomène. Un phénomène peut exister dans un milieu qui possède sa symétrie caractéristique ou celle d’un des intergroupes de sa symétrie caractéristique. Autrement dit, certains éléments de symétrie peuvent coexister avec certains phénomènes, mais ils ne sont pas nécessaires. Ce qui est nécessaire, c’est que certains éléments de symétrie n’existent pas. C’est la dissymétrie qui crée le phénomène. 1 
Intuitively, such a theorem seems to be contradictory with standard thermodynamics. Indeed, our intuition tells us that any symmetric situation is an ordered situation, with the order to be defined. On the contrary, we intuitively think that dissymmetry is disorder. So, since the interpretation of the second principle of thermodynamics tells us that a system can only evolve from order to disorder, we could have expected that Curie’s theorem would have been the inverse of what is stated. In our paper, we are going to show that on the contrary of intuition and in some sense a symmetric state is a state of maximal disorder whereas a dissymmetric state is a state of order! We shall draw from this approach dramatic consequences on the structure of our universe on the one hand and we shall 
explain how this can bring us to explain some phenomena at stake in the LENR 
field. In particular, we shall try to propose an explanation of why, say in metallic grids, LENR might occur only in the presence of impurities whereas as soon as any purification process is at stake, the effect generally cancels. This approach will 
bring us (justify) to the necessity of formalizing a much deeper and fundamental theory which will be the object of an additional presentation of ours in ICCF20 in Sendaï.

2) Steel and LENR — Are We Repeating History? (Justin McCarthy)

3) SS-ICCF20 : about the Chinese version of ICCF-20

4) Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project | Facebook

5) Would UDH be traceable when performing isotopic analysis

6) COLD FUSION TIMES reports about ICCF20


Scientists pair up two stars from the world of chemistry

Date:September 28, 2016
Source:Technical University Munich
Many scientists consider graphene to be a wonder material. Now, a team of researchers has succeeded in linking graphene with another important chemical group, the porphyrins. Porphyrins are well-known because of their striking functional properties which for example play a central role in chlorophyll during photosynthesis. These new hybrid structures could also be used in the field of molecular electronics, catalysis or even as sensors.


  1. Those are not idealist powerful reach people but opportunist powerful rich people. All they want is very cheap labor.

    1. Not only, they are architects of chaos in the name of
      human rights. Human rights are not compatible with theocratic cultures.

  2. Peter,

    Re Krivit's Book - Hacking the Atom.

    I am reading Krivits book at the moment. I am only a short way in but, will make this comment. I found Brett Holverstott's book about R. Mills and Hydrino energy to be so interesting and compelling I read much of it twice, BUT, I am not enjoying Krivit's book nearly as much and am still trying to understand why. One thought that came to mind is perhaps the way Krivit can make a negative insinuation about someone (known scientists) without preparing the reader as to why. Perhaps what I am feeling is that I am detecting a notable disconnect between Krivit and the people he writes about. As I read more I will comment again as to if this intial impression persists. However, thus far I do not find the book compelling in the way Brett Holverstott's book was.

    Doug Marker
    Sydney Australia

    1. dear Doug,
      may I publish this?

    2. Peter,
      Perhaps it is better I read more of the book before publicly quoting.

      Perhaps by the end of this week.


      Doug Marker

    3. Dear Doug,

      for sure and thank you in advance.


  3. High-energy side-peak emission of exciton-polariton condensates in high density regime


    "In a standard semiconductor laser, electrons and holes recombine via stimulated emission to emit coherent light, in a process that is far from thermal equilibrium. Exciton-polariton condensates–sharing the same basic device structure as a semiconductor laser, consisting of quantum wells coupled to a microcavity–have been investigated primarily at densities far below the Mott density for signatures of Bose-Einstein condensation. At high densities approaching the Mott density, exciton-polariton condensates are generally thought to revert to a standard semiconductor laser, with the loss of strong coupling. Here, we report the observation of a photoluminescence sideband at high densities that cannot be accounted for by conventional semiconductor lasing. This also differs from an upper-polariton peak by the observation of the excitation power dependence in the peak-energy separation. Our interpretation as a persistent coherent electron-hole-photon coupling captures several features of this sideband, although a complete understanding of the experimental data is lacking. A full understanding of the observations should lead to a development in non-equilibrium many-body physics."

    As an aid to your appreciation of LENR as a science, consider LENR as a instance of non-equilibrium many-body physics.

    From the referece above as follows:

    "While our measured PL spectra consist of the main peak and the high-energy one, this theory predicts the asymmetric triplet peaks."

    I say that the blue light comes from polaritons. This polariton origin of the blue light can be verified because the light is coherent and will show the Mollow triplet in its spectral lines. Polaritons produce laser light and any atom that is irradiated using laser light will show a Mollow triplet.

    Dressed in the picture means a two level system irradiated with a laser.

    The same test can be applied to the blue light that Rossi is generating in the QuarkX. Rossi is producing coherent laser light generated by polaritons. . The blue light produced in sonoluminescence will also show this polariton coherent spectral signature. This will also be true for the blue light seen in R. Mills experiments that he purports are produced by hydrinos.

    The photons are generated by the polariton BEC condinsate.

    This is a prediction from theory which asserts that polaritons are the causative mechanism in the LENR mechanism including what Mills has been seeing over all these years.

    Holmlid is generating hydrogen Coulombic Crystals where the hydrogen is metalized. This means that the protons are in a lattice configuration and the electrons are delocalized around the core of the proton lattice. Here too, the hydrogen Coulombic Crystal is covered with a polariton spin wave which is coherent and forms a BEC. This spin wave produces the blue light seen in so many LENR based reactions.