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From the wisdom of Pollard
Pollard’s Law of Human Behaviour: We do what we must (our personal, unavoidable imperatives of the moment), then we do what’s easy, and then we do what’s fun. There is never time left for things that are merely important.
Pollard’s Law of Complexity: Things are the way they are for a reason. If you want to change something, it helps to know that reason. If that reason is complex, success at changing it is unlikely, and adapting to it is probably a better strategy.
** Here are the ones that still resonate for me, paraphrased:
(1) There is no meaning, learning or joy without passion, curiosity, appreciation, partnership and generosity.
(2) Community is born of necessity (Joe Bageant).
(3) Show, don’t tell.
(4) Fight to be nobody-but-yourself (E E Cummings).
(5) Our civilization is inevitably in its final century.
(6) We are all healing; our culture imprisons us and makes us ill, disconnected and inauthentic.
(7) We’re so arrogant we loathe ‘unknowable’ complexity and the implication that no one is in control.
(8) What we see as ‘individuals’ are complicities of their component creatures and the environments of which they are a part (Stewart & Cohen).
(9) Personal ‘property’ is a fiction that exists only because of power inequality and the threat of violence (Matt Bruenig).
(10) We domesticated, infantilized humans live in a world of unprecedented ignorance, helplessness and imaginative poverty.
(11) Frames trump facts, and stories persuade better than data (George Lakoff).
(12) In our ‘learned helplessness’ we fear all the wrong things (Malcolm Gladwell).
(13) The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred (variously cited).
(14) Change occurs as generations with old ideas die off, not from people changing their minds (Max Planck). 

I quoted him but this does not mean I agree with him.

The half failed referendum in Hungary proves once more the valiidity of the Twin Peaks principle- I coined it when looking at the TV series. It is very topological, bound to places:" THE EVIL IS INDESTRUCTIBLE AND ALWAYS WINS "

I have promised myself to try to protect LENR against the Twin Peaks principle.


1) Dedicated LENR activity in a Chinese Institution; some fundamental LENR questions- '-- SSSICCF20 Abstract

CMNS (Cold Fusion) Research in CUST: Past, Present and Future 

# Jian Tian1 , XY Wang1 , BJ Shen1 , LH Jin2 , D Zhou1 , XL Zhao1 , LY Li1 X Lu1 , HY Wang1 , XH Zheng1 , JF Wang1 , L Yang1 , XY Ji1 and et al 
1 Laboratory of Clean Energy Technology, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China 
2 School of Life Science and Technology, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, China E-mail: 

We knew the colloquial term "Cold Fusion" in 1990. From that time CUST involved in CF/CMNS research for twenty-six years. We experienced a wonder in anomaly on cell’s discharge in NEU, excitement of seeing "heat after death" in Tsinghua Univ. and enjoyment in taking a wonderful transformation picture in PSU. And we also experienced many disappointments on poor reproducibility of “excess heat” in CUST laboratory… All of these experiences enhance our interesting and confidence in this unusual work. In the past 26 years "excess heat" was found many times in Pt/K2CO3/Ni light water electrolysis system in 2004 (triggered by current) [1] followed V. Noninki’s previous work [2], in D/Pd gas-loading system in 2008 (triggered by laser)[3] followed D. Letts’s [4]. And two times of “excess energy” was detected also in D/Pd system in 2012 (triggered by temperature) [5] more than that in S. Focardi’s work [6]. But we didn’t find any “excess heat” in triggering experiments by pressure, ultrasonic, magnetic field and mechanic force. The most disappointed thing is that we haven’t revealed any key detail of A. Rossi’s declaration in 2011[7] so far. So we have to retrospect what we have done in our previous experiments. Why doesn't Rossi push out his E-cat product five years after his declaration yet? Why does Rossi raise his temperature from about 500℃ to more than 1000℃? Why does Rossi take one year for his replication test? Do we really need to follow his declaration? And we also need to introspect ourselves: Can we answer these questions in some different way? Can we prove the "excess heat" is an abnormal 
via proving it is a normal? If we couldn't prove it is a normal, "excess heat" would undoubtedly be an abnormal. Two suggestions would be proposed here. One of them is for the theoreticians in this field — could you give practicians some specific directions in some experimental details? And the other is for practicians — could you find a new way based on your own idea whereas you do not always follow the other's. The main goal in next three years is trying to get a strong evidence of "excess heat" in experimental research for CMNS/CF thirty anniversary celebration. So we have to change our thinking quickly and greatly from what we have been thinking as before. Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen. CMNS/Cold Fusion is one of the ways to the wonderful things. A. Einstein once said: "If an idea is not heard of ridiculous at the beginning, you should not repose much hope in it". All of us have many creative ideas congenitally, but we might restrain them so tightly in limit. N. Tesla also said: "Our machinery will be driven by power obtainable at any point in the universe…It is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature". All of us hope that day would be about to come soon. An old western proverb says "If God closes the door; surely he will open a window for you". If God does not open the window, open it by your own — because you are the God! 
[1] J. Tian et al. Proceedings of the ICCF-11 ICCMNS, Oct.31-Nov.5, 2004, Marseilles, France 
[2] V. Noninski. Fusion Technology, 1992. 21: p163-168 
[3] J. Tian et al. Proceedings of the ICCF-14 ICCMNS. 2008, Washington, DC USA.
 [4] D. Letts et al. Proceedings of the ICCF-10, ICCMNS, 2003, Cambridge, MA USA 
[5] J. Tian et al, Proceedings of the ICCF-10, ICCMNS, August 12-17, 2012, Daejeon, Korea 
[6] S. Focardi et al, IL NUOVO CIMENTO, 1998, 111A (11): 1233-1342 [7] A. Rossi. US 2011/0005506 A1; WO 2009/125444 A1

3) NEW THREAD SS-ICCF20: Independent labs confirm Vladimir Vysotskii et al. 70% reduction of radioactive, Cs137 gamma-activity observed in some biological based plastic containers inside 2 weeks!
Frank Acland
October 3, 2016 at 5:20 AM

Dear Andrea,

What is the status of the robotized production line that you have mentioned many times?

Many thanks,

Frank Acland

Andrea Rossi
October 3, 2016 at 7:41 AM

Frank Acland:
We are working on it.
The particulars can be defined only after the products will have been defined, but the basic components have been already designed.
Warm Regards

5) Rossi on Going Small: Thousands of 20 Watt QuarkX Reactors to Make Up Large Plants

6) Jean Paul Biberian reporting about firtst day of ICCF20 Sendai:

Lundi 3 octobre, premier jour de ICCF20 à Sendai, Japon


Director forced to step down after Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory reactor fails




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