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Am I a narrow-minded technologist?

In principle, the Motto refers to me- it was more times stated on Forums that I am a narrow-minded technologist unable to get the subtleties of science and to understand how the Scientific Method can work, even when seemingly it cannot work. It must be a dose of truth in this idea, I have myself accepted many times that I m not infallible, not perfect and I am modelled by my specific professional experience.
The most recent case- today in the frame of a discussion re the first paper of the journal presented at 1) below- a non-reproduction of the well known Dennis Letts dual 
laser experiments- I, an old recidivist was unable to abstain writing  with excessive sadness about the reproducibility problem- drama of Cold Fusion LENR. I have the permission to quote the answer of Ed Storms re that.

Peter, no matter how often the role of these experiments using PdD is pointed out, you do not change your mind. It is obvious to everyone else that PdD is being used as a tool to understand the LENR effect. Yet, you keep harping on how it will never be useful as a commercial source of heat.  The present situation is like the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk with you pointing out to everyone present that this flying machine will never be useful. 

My extended answer to that:

the problem is not exclusively technological; in my 1992 paper
I have asserted that irreproducibility per se is a very important source of information re the topology, nature, and mechanism of Cold Fusion.
I knew about it but today I was re-shocked by the mastery way in which it was again 
described the dreadful hypersensitivity of the effect.
But to deny that lack of reproducibility is very bad to science, it kills indeed technology  is a sign that it is something very rotten in LENR-land is counterproductive. 
Nor science, neither technology can coexist with lack of reproducibility this is aproblem that must be solved.
Perhaps for some LENRs this is possible, for others not.


1) JOURNAL OF CONDENSED MATTER NUCLEAR SCIENCE Experiments and Methods in Cold Fusion VOLUME 20, October 2016

Attempted Replication of Excess Heat in the Letts Dual-laser Experiment 1 Mason J. Guffey, Yang Tang and P.J. King 

Optical Detection of Phonon Gain Distinguishes an Active Cold Fusion/LANR component (3) 29 Mitchell R. Swartz 

Models for the Phase Diagram of Palladium Hydride Including O-site and T-site Occupation 54 Peter L. Hagelstein 

Anomalous Energy Produced by PdD 81 Edmund Storms 

How Basic Behavior of LENR can Guide. A Search for an Explanation 100 Edmund Storms 

Quantum Composites: A Review, and New Results for Models for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science 139 P.L. Hagelstein

2) LENR and Cold Fusion News

4) LENR revolution in process, cold fusion |

5) ECat home

6) Andrea Rossi e  ottimista le E-Cat in commercio entro il 2017

7) New Documents for the rosssi vs. Darden Trial at the pacermonitor of Florida Court 
Friday, October 14, 2016
67 orderOrder on Motion to Strike Order on Motion for More Definite StatementFri 1:11 PM 
ORDER granting in part and denying in part54 Motion to Strike;Please see order for details. Signed by Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga on 10/14/2016. (ps1)
66minutes Motion Hearing Status Conference Fri 9:54 AM 
Minute Entry for proceedings held before Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga: Motion Hearing held on 10/14/2016 re54 MOTION to Strike50Answer to Complaint, Third Party Complaint, Counterclaim,,,,,,,,, in Part Second Amended Answer, Affirmative Defenses, Counterclaims, and Third Party Claims, or in the Alternative, MOTION for More Definite Statement filed by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi ; Status Conference re service of third-party complaint held on 10/14/2016. Court Reporter: Stephanie McCarn, 305-523-5518 / (cmz)
65 order Order on Motion for Protective Order Fri 9:21 AM 
ORDER granting64 Motion for Protective Order. Signed by Magistrate Judge John J. O'Sullivan on 10/14/2016. (mkr)
Thursday, October 13, 2016
64 motion Protective Order Thu 5:40 PM 
Joint MOTION for Protective Order by Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, Thomas Darden, IPH International B.V., Industrial Heat, LLC, John T. Vaughn.(Lomax, Christopher)
Att: 1  Text of Proposed Order
63 respm Reply to Response to Motion Thu 3:53 PM 
REPLY to Response to Motion re54 MOTION to Strike50 Answer to Complaint, Third Party Complaint, Counterclaim,,,,,,,,, in Part Second Amended Answer, Affirmative Defenses, Counterclaims, and Third Party Claims, or in the Alternative, MOTION for More Definite Statement filed by Leonardo Corporation, Andrea Rossi. (Annesser, John)
62 order Order on Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a ClaimThu 3:10 PM 
ORDER denying60 Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim; denying61 Motion to Dismiss for Failure to State a Claim. Combined motion to dismiss due by 10/20/2016. Signed by Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga on 10/13/2016. (ps1)

8) Rossi v. IH Case: Protective Order Issued, Judge Strikes, Upholds Affirmative Defenses

9) A job offer LENP is not exactly LENR
Assistant Professor Experimental Low Energy Nuclear Physics


How the Pauli exclusion principle affects fusion of atomic nuclei
 C. Simenel,1, ∗ A.S. Umar,2, † K. Godbey,2, ‡ M. Dasgupta,1 and D. J. Hinde1 1Department of Nuclear Physics, Research School of Physics and Engineering, The Australian National University, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia 2Department of Physics and Astronomy, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN 37235, USA (Dated: October 11, 2016) The Pauli exclusion principle induces a repulsion between composite systems of identical fermions such as colliding atomic nuclei. Our goal is to study how heavy-ion fusion is impacted by this “Pauli repulsion”. We propose a new microscopic approach, the density-constrained frozen Hartree-Fock method, to compute the bare potential including the Pauli exclusion principle exactly. Pauli repulsion is shown to be important inside the barrier radius and increases with the charge product of the nuclei. Its main effect is to reduce tunnelling probability. Pauli repulsion is part of the solution to the long-standing deep sub-barrier fusion hindrance problem

Battery of Problems, why we do not have better batteries

From Mary Jo Asmus
What leadership asks of you


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    The unrecognized laws of LENR

    There are rules for the creation of the LENR reaction that are not yet recognized. These rules are associated with the formation of Bose condensation. LENR works because of the formation of metalized hydrides that are superconducting. These metalized hydrides are BECs and their formation follows the rules of BEC formation. Unless the LENR experimenter follows these rules of BEC formation, LENR will not happen for them.

    Isotopic purity

    The study of BEC formation began about 2 decades ago and over that time has grown into a major specialty in the study of physics and quantum mechanics. One of the major rules that applies all the time is that since a BEC is a matter wave, that matter that forms the wave must be pure. Any matter that interposes on that pure collection of matter from which the BEC will form is a poison to LENR.

    Protium, the most abundant isotope of hydrogen is poisoned by deuterium and a mixture of protium and deuterium will not condense into a BEC. The gas that forms metalized hydrogen must not be poisoned by any other gases such as air, oxygen, nitrogen, water or deuterium.

    Bosons are required.

    With some exceptions, the matter that produces the Bose condensate must be composed of bosons.


    Not all atoms can form Bose-Einstein condensates -- "only those that contain even numbers of neutrons plus protons plus electrons," says Ketterle. Ketterle made his BECs from sodium atoms. If you add the number of neutrons, protons and electrons in an ordinary sodium atom, the answer is 34 -- an even number suitable for Bose-Einstein condensation. Atoms or isotopes of atoms with odd sums can't form BECs. Strange, but true.

    This rule is mostly true but there are exceptions that are important in LENR that we will get into below. As an example, hydrogen is a boson composed of a proton(spin ½) and an electron(spin ½). A BEC of hydrogen will not form from the H2 molecule or from ionized hydrogen. A BEC will form from water where oxygen 16 is a boson and hydrogen is a boson. Mixtures of heavy water and light water will not work nor will water formed from any oxygen 17 or oxygen 18 contamination.

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    The strange case of deuterium and Lithium 7… attractive atoms.

    Deuterium will form a Bose condensate as witness by many LENR experiments. But BEC science has not recognized that deuterium BECs are possible, so what is going on.

    Fermion atoms can form BECs if these atoms are attractive.


    "Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) has been observed in magnetically trapped atomic gases of 87Rb, 7Li, and 23Na. Although the condensates are till very dilute gases, the interactions between atoms have been seen to play a significant role in determining their physical properties. For 87Rb and 23Na atoms, the interactions are effectively repulsive, which causes the volume of the condensates to increase and modifies their excitation spectra. In contrast, the interactions between 7Li atoms are effectively attractive, and are thought to prevent BEC from occurring at all in a homogeneous gas. As recently as 1994, attractive interactions were predicted to preclude BEC in a trap as well, but it is now understood that this is not the case, and that BEC can occur with a limited number of atoms in the condensate. For 7Li in our trap, the predicted limit is about 1400 atoms."

    So like Lithium 7, deuterium must be atomically attractive and able to form BECs. But in hydrogen plasma, prodium will not form a BEC but deuterium will because it will ionize making the deuterium ion a boson.

    But is deuterium really atomically attractive?

    The assumption that deuterium is producing the LENR effect in many electrolytic LENR experiments might not be true. Could deuterium's role in the LENR reaction just be a fantasy born out of the dream that hot fusion is producing He4. The active LENR agent in these experiments could be metallized water as claimed by LeClair. Does the LENR reaction take hold in non-ionizing LENR experiments with deuterium where water is not present?

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