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EGO OUT wishes all well to the new President of USA asking him to 
contribute in the highest degree to stop the epidemics of Probletence
in his Country and worldwide. Success!

a) About the MOTTOes

I wrote many times about the ideas especially the 80/20 law of the Italian  
mathematician  and economist , Vilfredo Pareto- he has described a =an essential Law of Nature. 
This morning I came about an opus of an other Italian mathematician, Vittorio 
Loreto- a very inspiring model of Inovation- vital for the future of LENR too.
It is at LENR IN CONTEXT-2. A bit about the Author see please:
Vittorio Loreto, Sapienza Univ. Rome,Google Scholar Citations
I hope this scientist will support LENR in the most direct way,
And perhaps we will have one day a mathematical model of how the Universe works via Incessantly Increasing Interestingness... 

b) Inspiring concepts  from Edge .org the Annual contest

James Geary
Bisociation is a form of improvised, recombinant intelligence that integrates knowledge and experience, fuses divided worlds, and links the like with the unlike—a model and a metaphor for the process of discovery itself. The pun is at once the most profound and the most pedestrian example of bisociation at work.

NIgel Goldenfeld
It ought to be more widely known that the truth is indeed out there, but only if one knows how to ask sharp and good questions. This is the unifying aspect of the scientific method and perhaps its most enduring contribution.

Michael Shermer
Why is negativity stronger than positivity? Evolution. In the environment of our evolutionary ancestry there was an asymmetry of payoffs in which the fitness cost of overreacting to a threat was less than the fitness cost of underreacting, so we err on the side of overreaction to negative events. The world was more dangerous in our evolutionary past, so it paid to be risk averse and highly sensitive to threats, and if things were good then taking a gamble to improve them a little bit more was not perceived to be worth the risk of things turning south for the worst.


1) Designing An Abundant Clean Energy XPRIZE Competition

2) Secrets of China’s Renewable Energy Success

3) A LENR Bibliography

4) Former ITER Spokesman Confirms Accuracy of New Energy Times Story


Stanford engineers develop state-by-state plan to convert U.S. to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050
(LENR not considered)

Meeting the challenges of nanotechnology: Nanoscale catalytic effects for nanotechnology
Date:January 19, 2017
Source:Swansea University
Summary:Scientists show nanoscale modifications to the edge region of nanocontacts to nanowires can be used to engineer the electrical function of the interfaces.


Ambidextrous Innovation:
How Can Leaders’ Best Explore and Exploit both Disruptive and Incremental Approaches to Innovation?


  1. A few years ago I was at a meeting with a spokesperson of ITER. He clearly said that they need a COP of 60 (sixty) in order to produce electricity. This is because of all the energy necessary to run the Tokamak in addition to the energy injected in the plasma.

  2. January 20, 2017 at 6:36 AM
    Dear Dr Andrea Rossi
    Is it confirmed your demo in the next couple if months?

    Andrea Rossi
    January 20, 2017 at 5:00 PM
    Jude Rabalais:
    It depends from the amount of work to make for the litigation, that in these last days has escalated enormously. The organization of a demo well done takes a lot of time and work.
    Probably we will have to delay the presentation of the QuarkX after the verdict of the litigation, that is expected by July. I matured this thought today returning from Raleigh, where work for the litigation has been made.
    The presentation of the QuarkX must be perfect and to make it perfect I have to work on it with maximum focus, that now I have not. I am under too much pressure. I must first win one battle, then make the next and the litigation is now.
    Probably we will start in March to receive visits of experts to make together with them closed doors measurements and tests.
    This is the idea I formulated today examining the situation.
    Warm Regards,

  3. Gee, that's a coincidence isn't it?
    Jude Rabalais just happens to write in and ask Mr Rossi if he still plans to do the Quack X demonstration in the next month or two, and on the very same day Mr Rossi decides to delay the Quack X for a few more months, maybe July. (or August, or September,..) What are the odds on that?
    Is Jude Rabalais psychic maybe? Clairvoyant perhaps?
    Apparently Mr Rossi needs more time to prepare it, which is a bit strange because he demonstrated it to his marvelous Swedish team almost a year ago now, in early 2016 I think it was, so he must have had it mostly sorted out a year ago.
    Although it was about that time that the talk of 'direct generation of electricity' ceased so maybe the demonstration was not as convincing as he hoped.
    The 'marvelous Swedish team' probably saw some glaring error which was not apparent to Mr Rossi, which negated the 'direct production of electricity' claim.
    In any case it is no longer on the menu and has been officially scrapped by the master of ceremonies himself.
    I also notice, we haven't heard anything about the 'marvelous Swedish team' for a long time. I hope that doesn't mean they have ceased to be marvelous. The world desperately needs more 'marvelous teams' to help alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels.
    Anyway, just to confirm, as expected by some, the February Quack X demonstration is now officially delayed, indefinitely. Well, at least until after the litigation has been finalized, and who knows how long that might be?