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50 Quotes to Spark a Culture of Innovation in 2017
by Gijs van Wulfen


Today a non-LENR short editorial

I am not inspired by the fast Brillouincide and otherwise it was a silent Sunday, could discuss EDITNMH and NiHEXIT with friends- plus other subjects. Could still not finish the translation of the Chizhov-Zaitsev paper. sorry and re-apologize!

The following seems to be an important paper raising a vital problem for our future:

We Are Not the World

As problem solver I must answer to it- the problem is defined completely erroneously- the real conflict, the essential, the deep one is
Not between the Globalists and the Nationalists,
it is
between the globalists and the Culturalists- 
i.e. people having their own  Culture who do not accept to see that Culture replaced or destroyed. Changing a culture is a slow process and it cannot be done by forced mixing with an other cultures,.
And remember my Septoe:
"Multiculturalism is for individuals not for communities"


1) What do you think about the reactor of Mr. Rossi? - in French
Que npensez vous du réacteur LENR de M. Rossi ? - Actualité aut

2) Ruby Carat has added the Understanding the Vysotskii / Kornilova experiment to YouTube:

3) The "purity" i.e. validity of the Brillouin-SRI breakthrough is questioned in  many places e.g. at JONP:
January 7, 2017 at 5:03 PM

Dear Andrea:
I saw the last HHT of Brillouin, but it is just the copy of your old Hot cat, while their supposed “Q Pulse”, that pretends to be an invention, is nothing but a normal wave used in all the gensets of the world! It is a real bogus, not an IP!
In the electronic jargon this is called a “rectified square wave”, because it is used in the gensets that from direct current they first get a square wave, then they pass to a rectified square wave, then by a series of integrals they recreate a sinusoidal wave.
This smartasses have just invented a trade mark for a device that is one century old and that every electrician learns in his first year of school.
The COP they got comes only after their agreement with Industrial heat. Before that agreement Brillouin was just losing his time with electrolitic bullshit, as it clearly appears from their publications.
About what they call a “third party”: we have discovered that all the members of the “third party” that made their Washington test are members of their company…
My suspect is that they are just trying to fool the investors of IH, like Woodford, with smoke in the eyes, after they lost your license.
Godspeed, Andrea!
From Russia, with love,

Andrea Rossi
January 7, 2017 at 6:37 PM

I never comment the work of our competitors.
Warm Regards,
See this discussion too:

4) About Brillouin theory- it was published in 2015:
The theory behind Brillouin’s approach to LENR

5) The Science Of The Cold Fusion Phenomenon In Search Of The Physics And Chemistry Behind Complex Experimental

needs subscription

  6) A little joke at JONP- a short movie:

Thomas Florek
January 8, 2017 at 11:53 AM

Hello Andrea,

I also had a strange dream during this New Year. Somehow I was able to sneak my phone into my dream-state and film the dream. I think that you might see some similarities to your dream.

Andrea Rossi
January 8, 2017 at 12:34 PM

Thomas Florek:
Ha,ha,ha !!!
That’s some fun, thank you.
Warm Regards,

7) LENR, Rossi, E-Cat Physics- in Finnish


  1. Gerard McEk
    User Avatar
    Is Rossi's secret the usage of ash?
    Yesterday, 1:18pm
    I believe it is likely that some traces of ash of used fuel can be used for a simple triggering a LENR reaction of newly prepared fuel. Once triggered the reactor can be switched on (and off) within seconds using an electrostatic field. That excludes the need for heating it up first. Ash may still contain material with the right conditions to trigger LENR and an ongoing LENR reaction may also bring neighbouring material in the right condition. This condition will fade over time.

    From Lener forum

  2. The speculation of Gerard McEk is well founded. IMHO, the fundamental particle that drives the LENR reaction is a newly discovered one; it is a quasiparticle; a form of ball lightning, but on the microscale. It is called the polariton and is a child of quantum mechanics.
    Matter-Light Condensates Reach Thermal Equilibrium

    A witnessed here in this article about this new science: nanoplasmonics, is being developed to understand how light and matter can combine into a new form of particle that has the qualities of both light and matter: specifically a the photon and an electron hybrid that can exist for a very long time.

    Polaritons must be pumped continuously with energy to stay together, but when a positive feedback loop sets in to extract its nuclear energy from matter, it can feed itself and reach a steady state of activity. We in the study of LENR call this steady state mode of energy pumping action, self sustain mode.

    Polaritons can combine together and form balls of light as reported by Fabiani: Rossi's electrical engineer.

    For example Fulvio Fabiani states:

    "We have it all filmed, which still cannot be disclosed. We have photographs of creatures that emit pure light that have completely melted the reactor down, all in a very quiet way. You just turn off the stimuli system and the reaction is switched off. It’s impressive."

    In this revelation, Fabiani explains how the polariton works in LENR. It produces a special type of magnetism that breaks down matter into its more basic subatomic parts and at the same time, it sucks excess nuclear binding energy out of the LENR reaction that it catalyzes using an amplified weak force reation to keep itself fed and to put some of that extracted energy away as a form of EMF storage. This method of nuclear energy storage can retain huge amount of power that could sustain the polariton wor weeks.

    Holmlid says that his reaction can stay alive for weeks but when feed fluorescent room light or wea laser light, the polaritons can come back to life and generate new muons in a invigorated LERN reaction.

    Gerard McEk's idea about ash is applicable here. Rossi creates long lived polariton covered nanoparticles in his ash using a preprocessing step that he reactivates in the on-line state.

    Polaritons require a nanocavity to form. There are many different ways that this can happen. In the SunCell, silver and hydrogen based nanowires produce the reflective surfaces needed for the polariton to form.

    Nanowires are superconductive and will not allow EMF to penetrate into its surface. This reflective surface provides one mirror that the polaritons need to come into existence, This should against EMF is call the meissner effect.

    The other mirror is produced by the isolating layer of hydrogen the surround the nanowire and keeps electrons and photons confined for long enough for them to mix into a polariton.

    The more perfect that the reflecting mirrors are, the longer that the polaritons will live. The missiner effect protecting the surface of the nanowire is as good as it gets in reflecting EMF, both light and electrons.

    1. I can imagine how this few paragraphs can be used as a spell to clear the room of physisysts regardless of what school (sect) they belong to.
      But seriously, we were talking about mysterious radiation which is either a taychon, toroidal resonance and maybe it is this new hybrid particle but one way or another there is always some form of subatomic substance which can explain how energy becomes matter and reverse but for some reason nobody can pronounce its name. I am glad that NASA researchers had guts to do that.

    2. Polaritons are nothing new in LENR. NASA's patent identifies them as causative back in 2011. That must be what your are referring to.

      United States
      (12) Patent Application Publication (10) Pub. No.: US 2011/0255645 Al
      Zawodny (43) Pub. Date: Oct. 20, 2011

      Quote: " A structure is formed that includes a non-electrically-conductive material and the material system. The structure incorporates the electrically-conductive material at least at a surface thereof. The geometry of the structure supports propagation of surface plasmon polaritons at a selected frequency that is approximately equal to the resonant frequency of the material system. As a result, heavy electrons are produced at the electrically-conductive material as the surface plasmon polaritons
      propagate along the structure. "

    3. I am referring to the closing part of recent NASA emDrive paper where they speculated that we may need to consider ether as a possible rxplqnation.

  3. clovis a ray
    January 8, 2017 at 1:31 PM
    Hello Dr Rossi.
    I know you are a very busy man. and i want take to much of your you know i have been around since your first public demo and before, I have had an excellent time following your every move, and can say you have handled each move with brilliance and well thought through experiments, i have always believed in your work.
    We have all been waiting for so long to see your new QUARK X, could you give us a little on how you envision how this test will be performed, how big it will be, what part of the world it will take place, you said it will be streaming that’s nice, please take some time and give us a little more about the demo. as it will be coming up fast. who will be in charge of the details, surly that is not to secret. how time fly’s huh .
    Sorry if you have already answered these ? will it be powering something, will it be a new device or one that has already been in use. can your most loyal fans get a preview if we keep it quit for a while, private group of course. of your choice of course, but a private viewing would be great do you have anyone that can manage such a thing. thanks sir and may the Father always have his hand on your shoulder. — from Oklahoma with great admiration.

    Andrea Rossi
    January 8, 2017 at 3:19 PM
    Clovis A. Ray:
    Sorry, this information will be delivered directly during the presentation.
    I did notice your kind support and thank you very much for it.
    Warm Regards,

  4. /Science/2017/0108/MIT-scientists-develop-super-light-super-strong-structure