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Direction is a vision offered to explain WHY (Simon Sinek) 
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This is a LENR blog- more precisely a EHMDI one- that so I am writing only about what happens in Energy from Hydrogen-Metal Deep Interactions including what I think it is its larger Context. Probably a lot of things happen now, but they will be communicated later- there is no instant understanding of discoveries and surprising facts- and really important progresses belong to intellectual property.

A sentence of my editorial of yesterday has stimulated Edmund Storms to say some wise things about the PROBLEM:

Ed writes: 

You said - It is amazing how the controlled irreproducibility is accepted with serene desperation, not hunted as a dangerous criminal fact..
But Peter, the irreproducibility is being hunted like a dangerous criminal fact. My work is designed to understand why the effect is not reproducible. My theory is designed to explain this problem and suggest a remedy.  You might complain why more people do not have this goal. 

LENR is first and foremost a materials science problem. Some part of a material must be converted from an ordinary inert material to one able to host a spontaneous nuclear reaction. This is an an amazing requirement about which modern science has not a clue.  Thousands of conditions and variations can be and have been suggested because the possible parameter space is huge.  Consequently, making random suggestions is a total waste of time because most cannot be tested and money is not available to make even the few plausible tests.  

To make matters worse, people make random suggestions or adopt assumptions based on a limited understanding rather than asking questions of people who might have an answer.  Knowledge about nuclear interaction might be important some day, but right now knowledge of chemistry is essential.

In my case, I have studied well over 1000 variations of the materials used to produce the F-P effect and a lesser number of variations of the Ni-H system. I can tell you in great detail what does not work. This process of elimination has not identified the essential condition, but it has narrowed the search.  I have explained often where I think the search needs to be focused.  I see no effort being made to follow this path.  So, I'm exploring the path myself and have reported the results in a series of Progress Reports. This will continue until I exhaust my resources and patience.  Consequently, I do not have the time and patience to debate every random idea for how LENR might work. I'm following my own plan. You are welcome to follow or not.

I'm going through the many note books and trying to find a common theme. Unfortunately, the parameter space is so big and the variable so hard to identify, finding anything of value is hard.  I can say that simply plating Pd or Pt with various elements does not work. Even co-deposition fails most of the time.  Finding what does work is the goal. Even then, the unique conditions are hard to identify. 

Thanks, dear Ed!

NOTE Yesterday I have omitted one wisely stupid oxymoron "flying roots" totally Independently invented by many honest plagiarists, including me.
Romanian Proverb: "The Old Lady combs her hair, while the House is burning"
(in English :"Fiddle while Rome is burning").
That is LENR is a clear mess and I am playing with impossible oxymorons.

LENR in the largest context
I think this paper is a must-read for LENR-ists who can afford it:
Scientific method: Tales of the unexpected
Stuart Firestein Nature 526, 638–639 (29 October 2015) doi:10.1038/526638aPublished online 28 October 2015

About the author, please see at OTHER


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  1. Hello Peter,
    Thank you for the articles about learning. I especially enjoyed the Stuart Firestein. His name is funny seems he can set fire to a stone! Somewhat how he finishes the speech..
    I usually acknowledge "The knowledge power of ignorance". I think we all are aware about that. The problem is that it is hard to distinguish from ignorance without any burning desire.
    I wonder when the school system is going to realize that it is working on principals from the mid 1800's, when most school systems were instituted. Every year the amount of data delivered is exceeding last years quota. There are so many answers to everything that there is no need for curiosity.

  2. A comment on the THE FLEISCHMANN SINGULARITY as a clue to LERN reproducibility.

    Ed Storms can test materials until the cows come home withoul LENR responce because the key to LENR reproducibility is time.

    It took the singularity months of heating to build up enough potential energy to become LENR active.

    No replicator could get the the various types of LENR applications to work because of the tricky requirement for fuel preparation. We know now that the fuel used in LENR in all its forms must be prepared in a time intensive process. This preparation takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. The solitons that produce the LENR reaction hold a huge amount of energy.

    The situation is like a car with a battery the size of a building. It takes a long time to pump power into that energy storage device before it becomes active enough to produce high grade power with a high enough “voltage”. This is what Holmlid tells us. He says that it takes weeks of applying Laser power before the catalyst he uses becomes active.

    Lasers and dipoles don’t talk well together. Lasers produce plain waves at a single frequency and dipoles don’t take kindly to that type of EMF. An electron and a photon must have the same energy level to join together to become a polariton. That marriage needs a common energy level. Only a meager number of dipoles finely tuned to the exact frequency of the laser will become entangled. If there is lots of bumps and nanocavities, then the Laser light will become decoherent.

    Decoherent light( from an arc that R. Mills uses in the Suncell) is best so that dipoles at any stage of development will become polaritons. A scattered shot cloud from a shotgun is better at downing a clay pigeon than a 22 is.

    LENR replicators do not preprocess the fuel that they use and they don’t wait long enough for the LENR reaction to take hold. No one wants to invest the time and energy to properly prepare the fuel.

    This is a lessen that we can draw from Joe Papp. No one understood the reason why he invented a fuel preparation process. If the Papp fuel was not preprocessed, the Papp engine would need to crank for a week before it kicked over. Papp knew he had to load a lot of energy into that fuel before it became active.

    The various ways to inject energy into that fuel have differing power loading potential. Heat is the least effective method. Lasers seem to be somewhat more powerful but a few weeks to get the Holmlid fuel up to speed indicates to us that Laser power is marginal. Spark discharge and cavitation seem to be the most powerful method of power injection.

    We can determine how long cavitation takes to charge up the LENR fuel by seeing how long it takes for gammas to appear after the pump is turned on in the LeClair reactor.

    DGT could start their reaction in a few hours because an electric arc is a powerful source of incoherent EMF power.

    Holmlid’s effect is difficult to duplicate because most replicators don’t have the patience to wait for weeks to see positive results.

    The choice before the replicator is plainly stated; he can use a powerful source of incoherent energy to pump his fuel or he could just wait for weeks while energy trickles into his power hungry fuel.

  3. The simple truth about most fields of pioneering science is that very few who attempt to be pioneers manage to become so. Sadly those amongst the crowd with the least signal crow most loud and long about their tiny results and what those results 'mean.' This is an ageless character of the human species.

    Real pioneers like Fleischmann and a very few others were/are able to very reliably and reproducibly create large effects on demand. The notion of Holmlid is a good one in that it points to the hydrogen/deuterium and the special state it needs to be in for the anomalous effects to be seen. From the very start of this field Fleischmann, Schwinger, Pauling, Teller, and many other of the most learned proven pioneers of science made this clear. The nuclear active environment is not the key as many very different environments show the means to produce the nuclear active hydrogen species. While in some good experiments time to reach a reactive state has been observed most of the real pioneers have been able to command the reactions on demand in short order and often in a variety of modalities.

    The understanding cold fusion/lenr is found in the doing... those who only watch are forever doomed to find it impossible to seperate the signal from the noise and sadly it seems to often their response is to simply create more noise. The cost and effort to engage in experiments in this field is inconsequential what is of great consequence is the will and determination that together equal personal committment. That dedication and committment along with some impossible to define and rare artistic talent is what defines success.

    Holmlids work and clues are quite interesting and some of his methodology offers exciting insights and ideas but his or anyones notion that cold fusion that produces heat and helium is not nuclear but rather some exotic new chemistry is codswallop.