Monday, January 26, 2015


Preparing for an interesting week. The main event is ...two, the presentation of the progress in the Parkhomov incandescent Hot Cats confirmation of the Lugano experiment tomorrow and Thursday. I think every rational reader is aware that in case the results are repeatable, the testing time could be extended and the excess power is as high as hundreds or thousand Watts per gram nickel- then
we have arrived rigorously to the much desired certainty. However it is a start not an end because the world, and first of all the nuclear scientists are not able to explain what, how and why it happens. However the most important is that it should happen, in a way that will force the most ferocious skeptics or CF/LENR deniers to shut up.
Great expectations.

Piantelli, Nichenergy,  our MFMP colleagues- still a complex situation. But I have seen more complex ones solved.

Only two new papers found today:

26/01/2015]     Ядерная генетика и субъядерная энергетика в тени проблем ядерного синтеза
Nuclera genetics and subnuclear energetics in the view of nuclear  fusiom
author: NI Bakumtsev, International Intellectual  fund "Reconstruction of Natural" Russian Nuclear Society, All-Russian Society of Inventors and Innovators 

The paper tells about the problems of hot nuclear fusion unable to make a breakthrough even after 60 years of funding. The present scientific politics in nuclear issues is criticized- as well as the oppression of cold nuclear transmutation.
A new science, nuclear genetics, modeled after the biological genetics is presented. Speaks pro Cold Nuclear Transmutation. 
Impressed by "subnuclear energetics"- will decipher this paper when I have time, it is over my head.

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