Wednesday, January 14, 2015


From error to error, one discovers the entire truth (Siegmund Freud)

(In LENR we became quite good in errors so we will know the truth soon)

It happened that the very first paper about LENR that i have read this morning
was written by an author with a very resonant name:
"Hot News about Cold Fusion" 
 by A.A. Rimsky Korsakov (from the Radium Institute named after V.G. Hlopin)

It is a good presentation, friendly with focus on the independent test. I realized that 
"The Testers of Lugano" would make an excellent opera title and Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov could have composed it. But he is dead - so you can console yourself listening his most played composition- very pleasant one:
I will ask Bo Hoistadt  who could write the libretto for the 'Testers of Lugano?'

Our more in-family news come from Michel Vanderberghe about the Event organized in Oxford:

and from our colleague on Vortex, Jack Cole: 
Still much to do here, but fast progress.

Videos re LENR- do you know them? Who knows Neil Lizotte- how came he to LENR?
Origins of LENR   Neil Lizotte
I have not to go in the neighborhood for a bit of senility, cannot remember where I have seen these.

! I have discovered an other anticipatory replication of the Rossi NiH based process, Yaroslav Starukhin says he started promoting such processes already from 2007 and had a working prototype in 2012- here is a presentation of a prototype- in the Laboratory for Alternative Technical Developments see the video:

Rossi on Replication and Competition 
To stop replications is impossible, but from replication to commercialization it is a long way.


thinking about the essence of LENR:
"LENR is topological in nature. The size and shape of its components are as important as the kinds of material that supports it. The greater the conformance to LENR's ideal topological configuration, the greater will be LENR's productivity.Nickel is the best metal to use for the Ni/H reactor because it is an almost perfect reflector of mid-infrared light. Some other metals are almost as good: titanium and zirconium. This ability to minimize dispersion of reflected infrared light is just what the Ni/H reactor needs to form Surface Plasmon Polaritons(SPP) at high efficiency.As the temperature of nickel rises above its Curie temperature, Nickel's global magnetic coherence breaks down and it becomes para-magnetic. What then forms on the surface of nickel are localized magnetic vortexes on the micro and nano-scale. This spin vortex nature of the nickel surface also aids in the production efficiency of SPPs.Since SPP's are spinning vortexes of an entangled light/matter waveform, these vortexes of spin on the surface of nickel aids in SPP formation. But nickel alone provides just a start to the strength of a good Ni/H LENR reaction. Like in the Ken Shoulder 's EVOs described above, nano-particles are were all the power comes from. This is why Rossi has stated that without his “secret sauce” the E-Cat is a poor performer. In the Hot Cat, for example, Lithium and Hydrogen produce nano-particles that carry the bulk of the strength of the LENR reaction. As in spark induced LENR and Hot-Cat meltdown, nano-particles that condense out of cooling plasma will carry the main portion of the SPP formation and associated power production.In closing, I predict that someone in the future will build an LENR metal vapor reactor that has a sustained operating temperature of 3000C ( a Hot-cat running in sustained meltdown mode). The challenge will be in controlling it. Let us be granted a life long enough to see such wonders occur".


  1. So far, Peter, all you have is fantasy. Let us know when a real testing lab or company has actually measured kilowatts of LENR power. A real testing lab would be a major university doing the test officially under their auspices or something like the Office of Naval Research (US), Cal Tech, CERN, SANDIA, Lawrence Livermore, or an individual like Bezos, Gates, or Musk, again officially doing a test and proclaiming it successful. Success would be kilowatts for weeks or months depending on the size of the apparatus.

    You don't see anything that meets those criteria now, do you, Peter?

  2. Just build It. And they will come.

    I have told you this before. And until then, LENR will remain a fantasy.

    (.. its a long... long.. long.. time)

  3. Anonymous, a few facts:
    1. Without fantasy there is no creativity.
    2. Without creativity it is no new creations = development.
    3. Without development there is no progress.
    4. Without progress success cannot be accomplished.
    Two guys with a bicycle shop once jumped for a few seconds into the air and it was not with a Boeing 747.

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    2. Lennart, Well put !.

      There are many people who are capable of great logic and analytical thinking, but whose strength is in just that 'logic & analytics as applied to *known* rules & the *known* world'.

      Then there are those people who dream of things beyond the known rules/world and who chase their dreams. Some crash and burn in their quest *but* some to the amazement of their peers (esp the logical analytical types) crash through and change the rules and the known world (often to resentment from those who lack the capacity and capability to do the same)..

      Sadly there can be examples of 'greats' who changed the world, but who then seem unable to follow other peoples creative advances. A good example of this being the wonderful scientist Einstein who changed the world with his theory of relativity but who in his dotage opposed Nils Bohr's theories & advances in quantum theory (spooky science). Once in frustration Nils Bohr said to a relative. "Einstein is being logical but he is just not thinking". History remains on the side of Bohr's theories and advances. It is Bohr's insights that have led to a changing the world here and now. The quantum computer being a real world working example.

      So, it is quite understandable that the advances being made in understanding and exploiting nano-particles and transmutations (that are all there to see for those who care look) are going to anger those who may be logical but who (as per the Nils Bohr quote) don't 'think' - trapped in their own logic of their known world.


    3. Say DSM, how is Defkalion doing these days? Do you regret advising Dick Smith to invest?

    4. It mat surprise you to know DGT are doing just fine. Perhaps you aren't ?

    5. Indeed it would surprise me. This is the company which in 2011 claimed that they had dozens of reactors humming away but never showed anything except a bunch of measurement errors which were outed by their own European representative, Gamberale!

      I'm sure you think he's a villain also.

      So OK. If you know, where is their lab/factory? When will they have a product? Who of the dozens of the world's largest companies they gave it to, approved it (previous quote direct from Xanthoulis)? When will they allow independent testing? Why did Hadjichristos quit? And of course, anything else you can tell us to shed light on what that company is now doing.

    6. Dear anon
      (but we know who you are as if you used your usual id it would fail due to being banned from here and just about every known forum except ECN).

      But ignoring your pariah status, let me take you to task for this comment " Do you regret advising Dick Smith to invest?".

      Now that remark is either a calculated lie, or simple pig-ignorance. I have never advised Dick Smith to invest in *any* org or group or coy. I have had friendly bets with him ;)

      So what this reiterates here is your penchant for fabricating 'your truths' (outright lies) that back your 'agenda'.

      Posting by agenda vs posting open research is a poor standard to adhere to.

      So dear anon. You are now reduced to web trolling, posting deliberate flame bait and telling outright 'pork pies'. But come to think of it, what has ever changed ?.

      Cheers DSM
      (maybe this behaviour can be redefined as doing a 'georgie' ?)

  4. For a high curie temperature hydrogen loving metal one might choose crushed SmCo5 a very brittle and friable metal .. then gas load a great lot of the metal powder with hydrogen under pressure and heating...perhaps even cycle the pressure... and observe hundreds of watts of anomalous heating... oh yeah that was demonstrated in operation of the parking lot of the 4th cold fusion conference in Maui Hawaii in 1994 and it was shunned by nearly one and all at the conference.

    The differences are inconsequential in how this dry metal powder being hydrogen loaded in a sealed vessel to make heat is different from Rossi's work is unclear.

    The temperature was intentionally kept rather low in the Maui parking lot demo. Had the system been heated to say 700 C the demo might have been producing extra kilowatts.

    1. Dennis Cravens uses samarium cobalt (Sm2Co7) magnetic powder to power the LENR reaction in his golden sphere.


      To assure a strong magnetic field in the active material the
      spheres contain a ground samarium cobalt (Sm2Co7) magnet, which stays
      magnetized at higher temperatures. This was powdered and
      the powder is mostly random but it should provide a strong
      magnetic field within the sample.

      Unlike the Ni/H reactor, note that no heat pumping is requires to keep magnetically catalyzed LENR reaction going in the golden sphere.