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Many things happen today in the realm of LENR:
 At Moscow a meeting with presentations by Parkhomov, Andreev (see his slides translated
in a separate post) and a theorist.
It is Yu S. Kapysov: "Cumulative process to overcome the Coulomb Barrier in the cold transmutation of the nuclei.

Here- the third segment- we can see photos taken at the meeting of today- no explantions yet:
I will try to connect to the author- Iaroslav Starukhin

The video found yesterday about Parkhomov lab is now at:
See here the English subtitles for it:

The Andreev paper :
It is translated at:
I also started translating but E-Cat World was faster
Anyway, I was very much interested in what and how the author, a nuclear physicist thinks. He passed the main exam, it is clear he has grasped the newness nd otherness of LENR. Many are intellectually unable being addicted to what they have learned and seen in the mainstream nuclear science.
It is a good presentation of Rossi, warm Cats, Hot Cat Lugano, pre-history of LENr, pre-Rossi history- a good context is created, For some slides you have to know the Russian  LENR strategy to know why they are included here.

At the Rossi Blog Reader we are informed about the paper from India:

International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy 2015; 4(4-1): 1-6 Published online November 23, 2014 ( doi: 10.11648/j.ijrse.s.2015040401.11 Nickel – the ultimate substitute of Coal, Oil and Uranium U. V. S. Seshavatharam1 , S. Lakshminarayana2 1Honorary faculty, I-SERVE, Alakapuri, Hyderabad-35, AP, India 2Dept. of Nuclear Physics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-03, AP, India Email address: (U. V. S. Seshavatharam), (S. Lakshminarayana) To cite this article: U. V. S. Seshavatharam, S. Lakshminarayana. Nickel – the Ultimate Substitute of Coal, Oil and Uranium. International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy. Special Issue: Renewable Energy Materials. Vol. 4, No. 4-1, 2015, pp. 1-6. doi: 10.11648/j.ijrse.s.2015040401.11 Abstract: During E-CAT test run some hidden and unknown energy is being coming out in the form of heat energy in large quantity. Based on the principle of conservation of energy and from the well known nuclear fusion and fission reactions it is possible to guess that, the E-CAT hidden energy may be in the form of binding of protons and neutrons of the Nickel and Lithium atomic nuclei. By considering the nuclear binding energies of 58 28 , 62 28 and 7 3 an attempt is made to understand the energy liberation mechanism in E-CAT. With reference to the net energy production of (5825 ± 10%) Mega Joules liberated from one gram Ni of the E-CAT’s 32 days third party test run, it can be suggested that, for every transformation of 58 28 to 62 28 via 7 3 , liberated heat energy is 3.64 MeV and for one gram of 58 28 liberated energy is 5984 Mega Joules. For each transformation of 58 28 to 62 28 via7 3 , 3 hydrogen atoms can be expected to be emitted. Note that, energy liberated for one gram of 58 28 in cold fusion is 1.66 MWh and energy liberated for one gram of 235 92 in nuclear fission is 22.6 MWh. Clearly speaking, energy released in Nickel based E-CAT is just 13.6 times less than the energy rel

Rossi speaks about the testing of the 1MW plant and confirms that this entire year is dedicated to it.

Rossi is happy with the Parkhomov replication:

What I find unusual (euphemism) is the long and deep silence of the Testers from Lugano: reactor has resisted 32 days- Parkhomov reactors have a high mortality due to overheating, he probably needs some better ceramic materials etc.. From Vessy's blog. Will LENR plunge the world in a global recession?

Gold, oil and cold fusion (In Polish):
It is about Lew Larsen's alchemy

Now I start waiting for the Parkhomov up to dated and for the Samsonenko papers.


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  1. I've read the paper from

    It is hardly to understand that Li7 gives all its 4 neutrons to Ni58 and transform it to Ni62. What about the free proton? Which energy do they carry? Insane assumption.