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20 Six-Word Stories That Are Absolutely Heart-Breaking

One of my six words c.v.'s
Proud: never made aims from means


a) Introduction to the Issue

Important and significant for me: while preparing to say Goodbye to year 2016,
 I realized tat actually- very probably- I am parting only from the digit 6, and 
201 goes further with me - Fatum knows how long, however I will see never 
again "6" in my life years- actually I do not want it. Est modus in rebus!
I remember that my father who, as you know, was an accountant used to say
that anytime people say a quantitative lie, there are high chances that the digit 
"7" appears- it is natural to lie with 7.  To my shame I do not remember if the
 classic book "How to lie with statistics" by Darrell Huff
says something compromising about 7. 
However in contrast, I have a positive impression about 6- a serious, reliable, 
very pragmatic little number, exactly the 10th part of the essential 60 used to measure Time and the 60th part of the great 360 describing both the circle and 
the horizon. 
6- is a magic number in its own way  
During my dozen  (2x6) - IT- web search years 1999-2011 at Dynamic Network Technologies, ASTRAL and United Pan European Communications) I got in 
touch with what can be called Web culture- and have discovered among 
many other things the "six words" genre- memoirs, stories, "my life in 6 
words" -still very popular  and nice I have myself written a few 6 words c.v.-s however due to my affiliation  to Edward De Bono's lateral thinking and 
other ideas, I went to 7 words- see my "100 Septoes" 
See e.g. six word memoirs-
See the Motto too:

Now I understand that 7 words of "wisdom' is a bit too much, Septoes are too
 long (15%)  to be popular.
It is much handier to work with 6 item, issues- my ^Pillars of LENR+" is
the best example.

6 Pillars of LENR PLUS

COMPLEXITY                        MULTIPLICITY                       OTHERNESS


I have already communicated you my Plan:
"Make 2017 the Annus mirabilis of LENR, progressing more than in each year 
from 1989 till now and even than in all the time elapsed from its discovery"
What follows  is the sketch of the 


Organizing First Worldwide LENR PLUS Community

Demonstrating: LENR PLUS Technology Already Exists

Optimizing and maximizing multiplicative excess heat

Diversificating, exploring the LENR PLUS limits

Step- 5
Understanding LENR PLUS' depth and extent

Implementing broad fast worldwide LENR PLUS 

Obviously, I will give all the necessary explanations and details, will ask
targeted questions for all steps


`1) Rossi vs. Darden at the Miami Court Pacermonitor

Thursday, December 29, 2016
100 order Order on Motion for Leave to File Thu 9:48 AM 
ORDER granting98 Renewed Motion for Leave to File. Plaintiffs' Answer89 is accepted. Signed by Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga on12/28/2016. (wc)

2) Paper: “Peculiarities of hydrogen absorption – Nd90Fe10” (Vladimir Dubinko)

3) Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and New Energy: Technologies Sourcebook Volume 2 (ACS Symposium Series)

4) OSIS #01: György Egely - Cold Fusion [Project Foxhound]
speaks in Hungarian, English subtitles

5) From Andrea Rossi's JONP

Koen Vandewalle
December 30, 2016 at 8:16 AM

Dear dr Andrea Rossi,
Only 3 QuarkX’s in test procedure ? Why that little ?

Kind Regards,
Andrea Rossi
December 30, 2016 at 9:09 AM

Koen Vandewalle:
It has been our choice for this stage to simplify things. Three is enough for what we have to do now.
Warm Regards,

6) Presentations and video for the seminar at PFUR Dec 29, 2016

Опубликованы доклады и видео на семинаре в РУДН 29.12.2016
Program of the day
1. 16-00 – 16-20 -congratulations, celebration of jubilee (D.S. 
Barabnov 70 years,V.P. Bushlanov-70 years, V.L. Bychkov 65 years, 
A.A. Kornilova- 70 years)
2. 16-20 – 16-30 V.A. Zhigalov (National Research University, Zhurnal of Unconventional Science(, Moscow) presentation of of the "Incognitum platform.
3. 16-30 – 17-00 V.I. Vysotskii (Dr. Phys Mat, Professor Kiev State 
Univ Shevhenko, Kiev), A.A. Kornilova(Dr. Phys-Mat. Univ. M.V. 
Lomonosov, Moscow): "About the mechanism of biological transmutations of nuclei.
4. 17-00 – 18-00 V.A. Chizhov (laureate of the SOVMIN Prize of the USSR), F.S. Zaitsev (Dr. Phys-Mat, professor at the State Univ. M.V. Lomonosov) Critical Nalysisof the possible processes in the cell of Rossi)
5. 18-00 – 19-00 Miscellanea

Mea maxima culpa _ i still have not translated the  Chizhov-Zaitsev paper

7) Microwave Induced Nuclear Transmutation in Compact Flourescent Lamps
 Ernő Lakatos web: Hungary 
The low energy nuclear transmutation reactions were investigated within a
compact flourescent lamp (CFL), which was irradiated by intense microwave
 field. A modified microwave owen operated as a source of intense 
electromagnetic field. CFLs absorbed efficiently energy from microwave 
radiation resulting arcing, ionization and plasma state in them. Nuclear transmutation of P to Si and S in CFL-s during intense microwave irradiation
 may be observed.



Massimo Zucchetti, Raffaella Testoni Dipartimento di Energia, Politecnico di 
Torino Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24 – 10129 Torino, It

This paper illustrates an interdisciplinary approach to help solve the energy
 problem in the Twenty-First Century, and how innovative nuclear energy
sources can be a solution. The situation of the world energy issue is 
demonstrating how an interdisciplinary approach is probably necessary to 
sketch out a solution. Most of the studies and experiments on nuclear 
usion are currently devoted to the Deuterium-Tritium (DT) fuel cycle, however proposed experimental tokamaks based on “advanced' reactions, such as 
Deuterium-Helium-3 (DHe3),  show a much more marked difference with fission reactors. The "zero-waste" option is a clear advantage of DHe3 fusion power 
versus fission, in view of its ultimate safety and public 
acceptance. Fusion reactors with advanced DHe3 fuel cycle turn out to have 
quite outstanding environmental advantages.

Water splitting as sustainable and eco-friendly energy solution:


Business Principles 101: The six-step program for solving business problems

Six Ways to Turn Subject Matter Experts into Leaders


  1. Comment from Lenr forum

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    Dec 24th 2016+1
    axil wrote:
    The Defkalion system was the forerunner of the suncell. The R6 reactor was a plasma based reactor that failed because of material meltdown problems. The liquid electrode approach solved this problem in the SunCell. Mills has succeeded so far because he is able to amass capital for engineering R&D whereas Defkalion ran out of money.

    Mills has succeeded because he has a theory that he has used like a map to find the correct design. The breakthrough in power density came in Nov. 2013 when Mills realized that the ionization of the catalyst was creating a charge build up that was rate-limiting. The solution, brilliant as always, was to induce the reaction within an arc current. Why an arc current? Because an arc current has negative resistance in the conditions prevailing in his plasma. With negative resistance, ionization of the catalyst actually *lowered* the voltage instead of increasing it. Lower voltage leads to even faster catalytic reactions and you have a powerful positive feedback loop. BOOM. Without the theory, especially the part about the ionization of the catalyst, none of this can be predicted. No theory, no device. Before you, again, attempt to assign your own pre-conceived theoretical notions on to Mills' success, please educate yourself on his theory. He's already explained that the reaction is independent of the type of hydrogen being used. It can't be a nuclear reaction.

    In fact, all you need to do to convince yourself that Mills is right is to look at solar flares. Solar flares can produce as much power output as the entire sun for limited periods. However, the matter density in these flares is vanishingly low, far too low for the power source to be from fusion. There *must* be another primary power source in solar flares. And, of course, there is. Solar flares are the dark matter generators of the universe. The conditions for hydrino production are perfect, just like in the SunCell.
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  2. Regarding the 6 in the years.... Let's go for 86 first, Peter.
    A wonderful 2017 for you and your family and for LENR(+)!

    1. Dear Marc,
      Thank you very much for the wishes and for help and inspiration in 2016- I still owe you an answer re the family relationships and work- it will come

      Pleasehelp me with the 6 Step Plan.

      Happy New year!

      Your old but still breathing friend,

  3. regarding: “Peculiarities of hydrogen absorption – Nd90Fe10” (Vladimir Dubinko)

    Programmable magnet

    It may be possible to create a monopole magnet using a SmCo5 feedstock. First, aquire of SmCo magnet. Remove its magnetic field by heating it above its Curie temperature. Then magnetize just one pole of the demagnetized feedstock with an electromagnet using a powerful DC current. But only apply this magnetic field to the surface of one end of the SmCo bar feedstock. Only a north pole of the magnet should be activated.

    Another possible configuration is to machine a parabolic shape on the surface of end of one poles of the demagnetized bar magnet. Then precede to magnetize that surface as described above. An alternative is to place north pole magnetic dots on the surface of the parabolic surface of the SmCo bar. The spins of the atoms in the SmCo magnet might produce focused magnetic field lines converging at the focus of the parabolic surface.

    Or you can get polymagnet to do these jobs for you.

    As indicated in the Vladimir Dubinko experiment, these specially configured anisotropic rare earth magnets should produce a LENR reaction when used in a hydrogen atmosphere, H of D.