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Today, three weeks after my surgery I will  know if my wounds are completely healed and my scalp is again "management free" just a surface offered for the kisses of my blog Muse.  (Late Note everything OK, over thanks for your care, friends!) 

After awakening- I have to confess that my nightmares were centered upon the coming Counterclaims  of IH planned for Friday (Abd will tell I am obsessed, actually I am just curious, I am learning about big money trials) - under the influence of my personal problem; I remembered, revelation-wise- a Hungarian proverb.:
"Akinek vaj van a fejen, ne menjen a napra" - it simply but specifically says 
"- thw head who has (carries) butter on his head  should not  walk in the sun"
At the core: "if you have some vulnerability, take great care, you can be easily hurt" "if you are guilty in/with something it is better to shut up and do not bragg with your honesty".

 You well know that paremiology ( is one of my dear hobbies-
so I found instantly the Romanian,  Italian and English equivalents of it that are a bit different from the Hungarian one, but say exactly the same thing:

Cel ce are un cap de ceara nu trebuie sa mearga in soare.
Chi ha il capo di cera non vada al sole
He that hath a head of wax must not walk in the sun.

So here the problem is not more the low softening-melting point of butter but of the head per se is the vulnerability

However the German equivalent changes the image  and leads us to an other category of wisdom: 

Wer im Glashaus sitzt, sollte nicht mit Steinen werfen.

People who live in glasshouses should not throw stones

This interpretation is more popular- you have take care due to the fragility of your dwelling place, your actions are severely restrained.
Anyway a third "equivalent" of the 'butter on head' proverb was found in 4 Slavic languages and also in German where it is: 
Jeder sollte vor seiner eigenen Tür kehren. 

That is: "Everybody should sweep first at his own door (or gate)  
The vulnerability is here dirt- only if you have removed yours- you can criticize others. First take care of your business, your weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This is valid only in part in war time- as in the Rossi vs IH conflict.

I will try to analyze the coming Event = throwing, launching the Counterclaims by IH
and Cherokee- the bigger player. These must be important, effective additions to the accusations/justifications from the Dimiss document. 
Till now it was easy on blogs, forums IH's supporter could tell what they wanted, with maximum verbal brutality and without any responsibility control- just propaganda uber alles.  Everything goes- if it contributes to the demonization of Andrea Rossi and demonstrates that the 1MW, 1 year plant did not worked, data fiction as the ERV document coming from Rossi or the alternative report of the revolted IH workers , both inexistent till some proof. Experts accused or incompetence on no basis, invented more-than-fatal errors etc.
BUT now - what will be written in the Counterclaims MUST BE DEMONSTRABLY TRUE IN THE COURT - otherwise it is a boulder thrown in IH's glasshouse! And it has to be explained why the same plant, with the same devices, instruments, methods of measurement etc, was hine and functional after the first 3 trimestrial reports of the same DERV and why suddenly became disastrous when the Trial was initiated by the inventor who has worked for 352 or so nights in his complex plant.Even people who are not familiar with LENR are able to understand the value, importance, significance of the LENR technology and will defend it against non-proven, non-provable killer accusations.
With these Counterclaims their authors will enter in situations- crippling vulnerabilities described by the proverbs shown above.
It is known that the adjective is the banana peel (potentially dangerous) The bigmouth porta-voces on the blogs and forums have excelled in using insulting adjectives.
However those conceiving, creating, building the counterclaims will meet adjectives as: soft, fragile, vulnerable, dirty, implausible, unfounded, risky and especially bluffy

The authors have  a great dilemma with this Counterclaims- too soft- it shows how weak and clueless they are, too hard it makes them extremely vulnerable- contrary proofs can kill the claims instantly. Standard comment, che sera, sera- what will be, it will be.
You can easily find a good Woody Allen quotation for such dilemmas on the Web.
Not my business, I know but my business is to try to protect, to defend. support the already existing LENR technology.


1) A polêmica da fusão a frio ! in Portuguese) 

2) An interesting answer of Andrea Rossi:

Hank Mills
August 2, 2016 at 8:35 PM

Dear Andrea,

About a year ago, I came across a paper describing a comparison of different samples of LiAlH4 from varying suppliers, companies, etc. Tests were performed to determine purity, particle size, and hydrogen content. The result was that all of these varied wildly from sample to sample.

On a scale of one to ten, can you give an indication of the importance of using absolutely pristine LiAlH4 with minimal or no contaminants from either exposure to atmosphere or the manufacturing process?

Thank you.

Andrea Rossi
August 3, 2016 at 8:21 AM

Hank Mills:
Obviously purity is fundamental when you have to make a compound. You need to know what you are dealing with, the more, the better.
Warm Regards,


Physicist trio amplifies research on mysterious forms of matter


How I solve a problem


  1. Peter
    I asked how the Ecat might be made on Ecat
    world and got an interesting reply.
    GiveADogABone sam
    15 hours ago
    The four main disciplines in power station building are :-
    1: civil
    2: mechanical
    3: electrical
    4: control & instrumentation

    1: civil put up the building structure. Think of the E-cat container as a pre-fabricated building. Buy you pre-fab and put it in your factory. Modify to drawings.

    2: Fit any heavy mechanical kit, particularly the frame that holds the E-cat reactor slabs. Fit heavy pipework (not as easy as it sounds because of thermal expansion issues). Fit small bore pipework and fittings.

    3: Start fitting heavy electrical cabling. That needs junction boxes, cable trays and all mounting points. Fit light electrics. Most of this stuff gets hung on the container walls.

    4: At that point you probably load the reactor slabs themselves and bolt in place and join up to pipework. Fit lagging.

    5: C&I gets put in last and after the heavy mob have left.

    6: Once built you start on commissioning. Energise electrical supplies. Bring up systems in the right order and check. Filling the operating circuit with water might be a longish process of internal cleaning and leak checking before a final overpressure test.

    7: With all systems checked, approved and certified you can think about starting to heat. If everything heats up OK then shutdown and connect to a dummy load.

    8: Raise power to full electrical power and check all pumps and controls. You are dumping heat in the dummy load at this point.

    9: I have assumed that you can do all the previous steps without the Rossi Effect starting. That would clearly be the case if the fuel cartridge was a dummy. In that case you shutdown and fit the active cores.

    10: First startup to go active. Raise to full power.

    11: Argue about who was responsible for all the mistakes and who pays.

    12: Never miss step 11: It is generally a good idea to get your retaliation in first.

    1. thank you for the info, dear Sam, quite prgmatical

  2. For the fourth time I am predicting that PENON will not be deposed.
    That action will end the law suit. Rossi will try for excuses why the ERV will not show up.

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