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What is genius, anyway, if it isn't the ability to give an adequate response to a great challenge (Bette Greene)


The complete title of this issue of my Blog is:


a) My opinion about this

-In life, but especially for technology ADEQUATE is a very friendly, desirable adjective. Beyond its etymology and its many quasi equivalents in translations (in Romanian it exists as "adecvat" but "fitting" (potrivit) is more popular.
Its direct antonym inadequate is a sentence to death in science and in technology-
politics for example is not so tolerant re total lack of quality.
Yesterday I wrote about chaos in LENR,  s regarding its cause, it seems we still are not using the really necessary, significant, relevant source, methods, thinking- so we are lacking adequacy on the whole intellectual activities' hierarchy- data, information, knowledge, wisdom, prediction.
As I have told it many times, I think adequacy can be found only at and from complete LENR systems- vapor phase, high temperature transition-metsls based and not in the classic system. Short term, re-focus LENR research from Pd Cool to Ni hot, despite or exactly because we know more about Pd and the experimental base for Ni is still smaller than that for Pd. We know  a lot about Pd but is this indeed adaequate for deeper, holistic understanding and for the advancement of the whole LENR field?My personal opinion is still that it is much more Unknown than Known in LENR.Of what help is if we know a lot about the hallux (big toe)  for the study of the foot- for example the knee? (I just have rheumatic pains)
We need adequate DIKWP and this is in the future.

b) Edmund Storms has a different opinion

Peter, you note that chaos exists in the LENR field and you suggest ways it can be reduced. Yes, I agree, this is a problem. I know of only one way to reduce chaos, which is to apply what is known about what is real. That is, use what is observed in the lab to guide the imagination. I attempted to provide this information in several books and in many review papers. Chaos reigns because people in the field ignore most of this information. This approach is easily detected simply by looking at the list of references provided in a paper about LENR. Most papers make no effort to examine or reference other studies. Instead, the references list mostly what the authors have published in the past. In other worlds, people keep plowing the same ground without caring what other people have discovered. I see no hope for the chaos to be reduced until people from the normal scientific professions get interested in the subject. Conventional scientists normally are much less dogmatic in their opinions and more interested in what other people believe than is typical of people in this field.

Also, a good way to get knowledge about what someone else knows is to ask questions. I have found that this approach is very rare in this field. Everyone has an opinion that is unmoved by any argument. Therefore, questions are not asked because the answers mean nothing to the individual. As result, nothing changes. The same opinions are expressed and defended without change, regardless of the evidence. So, I see no future for this field until it becomes part of normal science. Unfortunately, I do not see this happening any time soon.
The discussion will continue and history will define what is the adequate LENR ideology.

1) DIY LENR TEST KIT (Friendly Robot Upgrade)

2) Aug. 08, 2016 Igor Iurievich Danilov9 "Philosophical Storm") about the mechanism of LRNR at the interaction of laser rays on the radioactive wastes and about th hafnium bomb (two videos(


The key to LENR is strong coupling between the hydrogen atom and light.

For more detail see as follows:


Nonperturbative coupling of light with condensed matter in an optical cavity is expected to reveal a host of coherent many-body phenomena and states [1–7]. In addition, strong coherent light-matter interaction in a solid-state environment is of great interest to emerging quantum-based technologies [8, 9]. However, creating a system that combines a long electronic coherence time, a large dipole moment, and a high cavity quality (Q) factor has been a challenging goal [10–13]. Here, we report collective ultrastrong light-matter coupling in an ultrahigh-mobility two-dimensional electron gas in a high-Q terahertz photonic-crystal cavity in a quantizing magnetic field, demonstrating a cooperativity of ∼360. The splitting of cyclotron resonance (CR) into the lower and upper polariton branches exhibited a √ ne-dependence on the electron density (ne), a hallmark of collective vacuum Rabi splitting. Furthermore, a small but definite blue shift was observed for the polariton frequencies due to the normally negligible A 2 term in the light-matter interaction Hamiltonian. Finally, the high-Q cavity suppressed the superradiant decay of coherent CR, which resulted in an unprecedentedly narrow intrinsic CR linewidth of 5.6 GHz at 2 K. These results open up a variety of new possibilities to combine the traditional disciplines of many-body condensed matter physics and cavity-based quantum optics.

The key to LENR is strong coupling between the hydrogen atom and light. When the cavity that holds the hydrogen is the optimum size, vacuum energy provides most of the energy to delocalized electrons from protons to form metalized hydrogen. The optimum cavity size does the same job as extreme pressure to form metalized hydrogen. 

If hydrogen is packed into a Nano cavity of the ideal size a strong coupling state might be achieved between the protons in the hydrogen and the light. In this way a state of superconductive coherence of protons might be formed: a proton condinsate. 

This state of superconductivity has been detected by Holmlid and Miley in iron oxide. The high temperature proton BEC might produce a super-dense state of hydrogen as measured by Holmlid where the electrons and protons are delocalized from each other, this state of charge delocalization has been seen in water inclusions inside a crystal.
Water Molecule Spreads Out When Caged

What actually compresses the protons into a condinsate is vacuum energy because the cavity squeezes the light/matter condensate greatly. 

As described in the referenced article by looking for a hydrogen BEC in cavities, a LENR researcher could find the ideal dimensions of the Nano cavity that produces the condensed hydrogen and engineer a material that produces this ultra-dense hydrogen crystal in abundance.

Currently in LENR reactors, pure chance produces metalized hydrogen in a highly porous metal that feature a wide range of cavity sizes which include the optimum cavity size that is made widely available by random chance.

What really compresses hydrogen to the LENR active ultra-dense metalized state is not high pressure, but the ideal combination of cavity shape/size, light frequency, EMF environment and vacuum energy. 


Scientists solve puzzle of converting gaseous carbon dioxide to fuel
Saving the planet from climate change with a grain of sand
Date: August 25, 2016
Source:University of Toronto
Every year, humans advance climate change and global warming by injecting about 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Scientists believe they've found a way to convert all these emissions into energy-rich fuel in a carbon-neutral cycle that uses a very abundant natural resource: silicon. Readily available in sand, it's the seventh most-abundant element in the universe and the second most-abundant element in the earth's crust.


How to Create an Exponential Mindset


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