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Irre- and irre- again
I have acquired the bad habit of practicing deep thinking more than the optimum 5 minutes per day, therefore due to my yesterday editorial about irreversible- a positive one- the prefix- irre- has put my brain under siege.

Spearheads are: irreconcilable (conflict), irremediable (damages) and irresolvable (situation.problems)
However the list of English words starting with irre- is much longer:

For me, due to familiarity with Latin language and Latin elements in culture, irre- sounds very similarly to "irae" from the old hymn "dies irae" or in this most wonderful scary sad  music:
It is about Day of Wrath- extreme anger, starts with: "Day of Wrath and doom impending" and very unfortunately exactly this is what is happening in LENR today, these days of wrath- let's go back to the English irre-: irreconcilable conflict,  irremediable damages,  irresolvable situation/problems. An Armageddon style battle of an angelic investor dedicated to the ecological Renaissance of Terra against a demonic inventor with an nonexistent and impossible New Energy technology or alternatively of a greedy capitalist  who for some relatively Big Money is ready to destroy a technology able to solve climate change and assures a great future to Mankind. Wrath, hate, envy. Justice will decide who is telling the truth...but when?
Today a British partner of the investor - see paper 1) has got in some trouble. For the time given Industrial Heat tries to convince us that Wodford gave them money not based on the visit at Rossi's 1MW plant but on some alternative technologies from their portfolio - probably Brillouin and or Dennis Cravens unknown (for me) device.
The story just started and there are more investors who paid to IH.
As I told, if it is about money- solidarity (of investors) is converted first in liquidarity, then in gasidarity.


1) Woodford tech holding hit by fraud claim
Woodford Investment Management: “Not Appropriate” to Comment on Rossi/IH Lawsuit (

2) Gregory Goble
David Kidwell LENR Fuel Patent

3) For all colleagues interested in plasma electrolysis: 
S.M. Godin evaluates the experiment with the plasma device "FAKEL D2MT" and proposes a new scheme for experiment:
Оценка С.М. Година эксперимента на плазменной установке "Факел-Д2МТ" и предложение новой схемы эксперимента
Мнение С. М. Година


New Support for Alternative Quantum View
An experiment claims to have invalidated a decades-old criticism against pilot-wave theory, an alternative formulation of quantum mechanics that avoids the most baffling features of the subatomic universe.

Words, more words ... and statistics
To segment words, the brain could be using statistical methods


  1. To any among us studying quantum (QM, QED etc) - this link provided by Peter is an excellent and insightful read.

    It gets to the heart of an age old debate about how particles appear to know what paths are available to them when being observed. It revisits the peculiarities of the double-slit experiment and the odd outcome observed.

    DeBroglie & Bohm both looked at a pilot wave theory for a solution but these were never fully taken up. The Copenhagen Interpretation didn't see a need for the pilot wave theory and has succeeded in getting by without one. But could never adequately explain the evidence that appears to showing individula particles as if passing through both slits at the same time.

    This article suggests that DeBroglie & Bohm were on the right track. It offers a description of how a pilot wave guides a particle to its destination.

    A must read just to see one view of this age old quantum mystery.

    Doug Marker

    1. This paper is another excellent read and was located off the one above.

      Doug Marker


    Because there is a dualism in existence between a particle and a wave, the way that the particle/wave is measured determines what the results of the measurement will be.

    Dualism is critical to how LENR works and the way nuclear output is thermalized. This dualism explains why a radiation termalizsion superconduction shild oftertime protests the LENR reaction from ionizing radiation.

    Dualism also explains why magnetism(monopole flux tubes) unlocks the energy stored inside the nucleus through screening of monopole flux tube confinement connecting quarks.

    see this dualism expressed here