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The world we live in is vastly different from the world we think we live in. (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)
They will envy you for your success, your wealth, for your intelligence, for your looks, for your status - but rarely for your wisdom. (Nassim Nicholas Taleb)

a) The voice of a micro-billionaire like me is not heard at the Breakthrough Energy Coalition?

I have written already two messages to the BreakthroughEnergyCoalition site but have received only a 'thank you' plus this

Due to the high volume of interest, we are not able to respond to each inquiry individually.  If you have contacted us regarding opportunities for funding, collaboration, or employment, we will keep your information on file.

From a robot-  and I do not discuss with robots because they have no empathy and humor.
Being just a humble micro-billionaire (and so is the majority of my LENR friends and Blog readers) I was not invited to be a member of the Coalition. Now I fear it is a bureaucratic barrier in communication with the Coalition- they could have easily observed that  am not asking anything, I am offering help with LENR.
Most interested in the success of this CleanCheapEnergy actions are those billions of nano-billionaires who lack energy, lack food and live in humiliating circumstances.
LENR could save them, however till now we are missing one whole and two half certainties:
- is LENR indeed included in the program of the Coalition?
- with what degree of priority?
- which kind of LENR is/will be in the focus? 

Dear billionaires, please answer! 

b) Edmund Storms reveals one of the many facets of the bad start of LENR (Question 1) 

I watched how the attitude toward LENR changed at LANL. I watched as tolerance changed to hostility. The change was not based on lack of reproducibility. I  and many other people were able to cause the effect. Besides, many phenomenon are initially difficult to control and are not rejected for this reason.  The  rejectors only used this claim as a fig leaf to hide another reason.  I believe the rejection had a more sinter reason.  The real reason was simply protection of self interest, initially by people funded by the hot fusion program. 

In 1989, hot fusion was in trouble because Congress was getting increasingly impatient with the slow progress. I believe certain very powerful people realized that LENR would siphon funds away from hot fusion and eventually kill it. They could not make this fear public so they set about convincing the public that LENR was bad science, which was easy to do.  This was power politics at its worst.  This worked because Fleischmann and the rest of us were playing the honest game of understanding nature for everyone's benefit. In contrast, a few powerful people were only protecting themselves using any dishonest tool they could find. We and they were not playing by the same rules and we still aren't.  

We see this process unfolding every day in Congress and being applied to a range of issues.  Facts and what is real do not count in government these days. Self-interest rules. We in LENR have not created a self-interest for anyone of importance outside of a few groups having special needs, such as NASA. Even these groups have to hide their work to avoid being tarred by the bad science claim.  In short, no one of importance needs LENR. Once the need is demonstrated, the attitude will change instantly.  Perhaps Rossi will show that need or perhaps another country will create the need for the US to take an interest. We have to wait and see where the need is revealed before we can expect acceptance. 

ANSWER Actually the average researchers were not able to reproduce the AHE results, only an elite of dedicated heroes.
Just please imagine Cold Fusion was as successful experimentally as HTSC three years earlier. A perfect LENR recipe for a decently powerful, 10-100 W could/can make LENR invincible, even without a Theory.


Rossi: E-Cat X Being Tested for ‘Emission of Electromagnetic Waves

Cold Fusion and defensibility

Why Bill Gates 2.0 is seriously interested in LENR

Letter to the Editor: The seven deadly sins that endanger America

" 7. The threat of global warming has been exaggerated. Why are climate scientists reluctant to explain how they justified lowering the older temperatures and raising the newer ones to make the temperature rise appear higher? Why do they still believe the computer models that have been falsified by the eighteen year pause? It doesn’t matter even if they were right, except for the $hundreds of billions being wasted and the million poor dying each year because they are denied electricity. The one year trial of a 1 MW LENR (cold fusion) plant will end in about three months and the results published for all to see. Independent reports say it is running well. LENR is very cheap, safe and pollution free.'

COP21 Gets A Spark Of Nuclear Energy From Breakthrough Energy Coalition

2010 Patent Application: LENR with graphene:

Andrea Rossi- asked if massive production of E-Cats will start
December 5th, 2015 at 8:49 AM

Thank you for your important question, that allows me to repeat, again and again, that the final results of our tests and R&D could be positive, and allow to start the construction of a massive production line, but could also be negative or not sufficiently positive to allow its industrialization.
Any discussion on this matter is premature.
Warm Regards,

Clean boron fusion using extreme laser pulses by Heinrich Hora

Inaccessible papers from Google Scholar:

Building the Impact Economy: Our Future, Yea or Nay

M Martin - 2015
... 8.2 Be Aware You Are Dealing with a Political Animal . . . . . 8.3 Generation, Storage,
Transmission: Invent to Disrupt. . . . . 8.4 LENR et alia: Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom . . .
. . 8.5 It's the Infrastructure, Stupid . . . . . References. . . . 

Piezonuclear fission reactions simulated by the lattice model of the atomic nucleus

ND Cook, A Manuello, D Veneziano, A Carpinteri - Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Neutron …, 2015
... nuclei [13]. The experimental results together with the evidence of the so-called low
energy nuclear reactions (LENR) [15–17] strongly suggest that the knowledge of
nuclear structure is not a “closed chapter” in Physics. Moreover ...

Cold Nuclear Fusion Explained by Hydrogen Embrittlement and Piezonuclear Fissions in Metallic Electrodes: Part II: Pd and Ni Electrodes

A Carpinteri, O Borla, A Goi, S Guastella, A Manuello… - … , Neutron Emissions from …, 2015
... Monti RA (1996) Low energy nuclear reactions: experimental evidence for the alpha extended
model ... Ohmori T, Mizuno T (2000) Nuclear transmutation reaction caused by light ... Storms E (2007)
Science of low energy nuclear reaction: a comprehensive compilation of evidence ...

Cold Nuclear Fusion Explained by Hydrogen Embrittlement and Piezonuclear Fissions in Metallic Electrodes: Part I: Ni-Fe and Co-Cr Electrodes

A Carpinteri, O Borla, A Goi, A Manuello, D Veneziano - … , Neutron Emissions from …, 2015
... Such reaction would produce two Si atoms or two Mg atoms with alpha particles and ... Extra energy
has been also produced from electrolysis with Ni cathodes and H2O-based... a voltage sufficient
to induce plasma generates a large variety of anomalous nuclear reactionswhen Pd ...

Piezonuclear fission reactions simulated by the lattice model of the atomic nucleus

ND Cook, A Manuello, D Veneziano, A Carpinteri - Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Neutron …, 2015
... emissions and anomalous chemical changes [1–8], and provided repeatable evidence concerning
a new kind of nuclear reaction that may ... The experimental results together with the evidence of
the so-called low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) [15–17] strongly suggest that ...

[PDF] Nuclear charge distribution in the spontaneous fission of 252Cf

T Wang, L Zhu, L Wang, Q Men, H Han, H Xia - arXiv preprint arXiv:1511.09012, 2015
... macroscopic aspects of bulk nuclear matter and the quantum effects of a finite nuclear system. ...
studied sufficiently for almost all known fission systems including spontaneous fission and the
low energy fission reactions induced by neutrons and other light-particles....

Elemental content variations in crushed mortar specimens measured by Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA)

A Carpinteri, O Borla, G Lacidogna - Acoustic, Electromagnetic, Neutron Emissions …, 2015
... of fact, our intention was mainly that of analyzing the concentration of aluminum before and after
the compression test to demonstrate the occurrence of low energy nuclear reactions involving
the ... The Neutron Activation Analysis confirms the piezonuclear fission reaction Fe56 ! ...


Fuel pretreatment

My reading of the fuel used in the Lugano demo is that it was pretreated in a way that the treatment method generated extensive transmutation on the surface of the fuel particles. The nickel fuel particle was covered with all kinds of heavy Z elements including a full range of rare earths. It is doubtful that Rossi salted the fuel with heavy elements because these elements were not detected in the bulk element analysis of the fuel load. My guess is that this pretreatment process involved spark discharge into the nickel particles in the same way that Mizuno activates his nickel surfaces. This pretreatment was energetic enough to produce sintered particles where many 5 micron nickel particles combine into some numbers of 100 micron particles. Yes, pretreatment of the nickel is the key to a successful LENR reaction.
It takes a lone time to load energy into the Exotic Neutral Particles (ENP) as shown by the weeks of laser irradiation that Holmlid uses to make his iron powder LENR active. Rossi may be producing ENPs into hs fuel through the use of electrical arcing treatment.. The half life of these ENPs are measured in days.



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