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I am enchanted and confused by the paper  explaining how the process of Solar Hydrogen Trends  could work.I have already put "multifactorial" on the list of genuine LENR+ words, it is from their patent.
And I remembered that in 1995 I made a great, pre-Web search for sonoluminescence at the Library of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Glorious!
We have to take SHT seriously.


1) AXIL-AXIL: A very simple and inexpensive Glowstick LENR TEST

2) E-Cat Replications Spread, Chinese Government could be working on LENR

3) Solar Hydrogen Trends – A Symphony Of Sonoluminescense

Based in part, on the study of Gennadii Tarasenko's papers, I have decided to write in my blog about the globular lightning  events, ideas too. Therefore see this from the official Russian LENR website:

4) Wednesday, June 17 at the Faculty of Physics of the Moscow State University in two auditoriums it will take place the Seminar for Globular Lightnings

It will be organized the All-Moscow seminar:"Th physics of ball lightnings and physico-chemical processes in long lived highly energetic and plasma objects (Meeting no 52.
 Subjects of the Seminar: 
18.30-19.30 in continuation of a previous discussion: "Unitary lawas of conservation at the modelling of aerocosmic processes of dark matter., LENR and elements of he intellect"
20.00-20.30. А. Dolgorukii

Communication about the recent openings of the Earth.
Names of the leaders of the meeting etc.....

5) A new miniature from Jim D. Sweeney
Market-disrupting LENR Press Release Anticipated

6) A promise to end all promisees

7) Andrea Rossi conducting R&D for direct electricity production from the hot Cats

8) An other video of Andrey Khrishchanovich
E-Cat Rossi reactor.Excessive heat with the pressure of hydrogen.


The Oligopoly of Academic Publishers in the Digital Era
Vincent Larivière ,Stefanie Haustein, Philippe Mongeon

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