Thursday, June 11, 2015



Education is far less about a set of facts than a way of thinking,
(Lawrence Krauss). theoretical physicist 

This is valid for research and for problem solving too.
Today Brian Albiston starts a new Parkhomov replication based on a wise way of thinking. I cite from LENR -Forum: 
"I plan to heat the reactor very slowly.  The first 12 to 18 hours will likely be spent out-gassing the LiAlH4.  After that I will raise input power very slowly every couple of hours as I check on it. I suspect that the INCO 255 nickel particle size is smaller than ideal and it may need time to sinter to a larger particle size that will hopefully be nuclear active." 

Let we wish him perfect success; 
Goddess of Research please help Brian's wires to survive FIREs!


Brian Albiston replicates again!
The LENR-FORUM helps us with the following links for this event:
Live chat, more information coming soon at this page.

Mahadeva Srinivasan : call for 100 word letter "Is the Governments pledge to eliminate the use of fossil fuels by 2100 Realistic?" (June12)

About the Celani case: An inquisitorial pyre for Cold Fusion?
Un rogo inquisitorio per la fusione fredda?

E-Cat Inventor Says Resonance Guides Power Generation               

Rossi writes:

Andrea Rossi
June 10th, 2015 at 6:33 PM

Kerstin Fryklund:
In your comment, wrongly spammed by the robot and lost, that you sent me by email, you asked:
1- did we change charge during the 1 MW E-Cat operation since we started ?
2- is the charge of the 1 MW plant in operation in the industry of the Customer the best available possible?
3- the 4 E-Cats with a power of 250 kW each do have the same charge?
4- can you go to have lunch leaving the E-Cat alone or, if not, how did you resolve the problem?
Thank you for your questions and here are the answers:
1- not so far
2- yes
3- yes
4- No, I have to bring with me the 1MW E-Cat to eat together. You can’t imagine how much She costs in pet food!
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
June 10th, 2015 at 11:20 AM

Joseph Mc Carthy:
1- This is a long term test and requires careful due diligence; it is normal for me to feel positive about my work, I feel what I am doing is the right thing to do; that’s why I spend 16 hours per day in the sauna inside the plant.
2- Operation of the plant and interaction with the Customer is particularly sensitive information; I want only those who have contractual right know all the due information, to protect our IP and trade secret: hence we want to manage our disclosure of information carefully, because we cannot allow our competition to gain any ground.
Warm Regards,

and high level theory:

Andrea Rossi
June 11th, 2015 at 9:44 AM

Ronald Taylor:
I think it is the inclusion of a strong spin orbit force ( by Goeppert- Mayer and Jensen). It couples the spin and orbital angular momentum of each individual nucleon and corresponds to the “jj” coupling limit of atomic theory. By the theory of Norman Cook ( Models of the atomic nucleus, Berlin 2010) the phenomenological single particle model is reconciled with the liquid drop model in a unifying phenomenological system.
Warm Regards,


Nuclear physics: Pull together for fusion byBernard Bigot

Lawrence Krauss: We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking, and We’re Teaching Them the Opposite


  1. A very important thing is, will the thermocouple sustain the heat? There are very sharp peaks destroying experiments. It would be better to monitor that with a type C one that handles until 2300C.

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  3. Yes Peter Brian has captured the home E-Cat at 500 C & heads for the Rossi Hot E-Cat at 600 C as we speak now. Go Brian

  4. Meant home E-Cat would enter at 200 C but Brian informed me make up water was not heated to 100 C. Still think one can see upsets at 200 C attributed to home E-Cats entrance. Not sure enough EM is being applied right now to stimulate LENR to action. Lets see what transpires?