Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The E-cat problem.

E-cat problem solving exercise and a new acronym:
 UAQ- Uselessly Asked Questions.

Based on practice, I believe that using my Rules of Problem Solving- see please:
even the most difficult problems can be solved. The future will show that these rules are both inerrant and infallible. These Rules could be used efficiently to stop the worldwide epidemics of Probletence and to make the Crisis a thing of the past. However, unfortunately, less than 2000 people have read these rules/laws, almost nobody uses them systematically and what’s the most disappointing, the Rules are not taught in the schools. Other invaluable tools of thinking as Cipolla’s Rules or memetics or my Modes of Thinking are in a similar state, therefore the troubles of Mankind will continue’s a great pity.

The problem of the E-cat of Andrea Rossi is one of the most difficult ones I have ever met, mainly due to the low quality and
Reliability and high toxicity of the available information. Actually, this problem is more than useful for fine tuning the problem solving methodology.

I have confessed months ago that I don’t understand what Rossi is doing and his motivation, see: but in meantime I am starting to get a vision, based on his science, engineering, management, strategy, moneytheism and…the problems he may have.

He has completely ignored my opinion-see please: But it seems he uses repellents for any kind of advices in contrast with his statements of learning from many people.

I will show you – fast style, which problem solving rules can be applied directly to the E-cat:

1. There are NO isolated problems, they always come in dynamic bunches.
Lack of a patent- a Cain’s mark for an inventor, the obligation to believe his own story, lack of understanding of the Ni H system, missing know- how elements, absent know-why elements, unknown and hidden parameters not tuned, rigid and irreversible decisions, being nice structurally but rude functionally. and.. competition is on the way and coming fast, etc., etc.

3. NOT solving the problem, but defining it is the critical step .
This is a fundamental rule and anybody, Rossi included seems
to have a definition. Rossi’s seem to be “why the triumphal march music is not loud enough”? My definition is “excess heat yes, energy source no.” i.e. technological immaturity.

4. NOT the unknown data, but those known and untrue  is the greatest obstacle to this solution.
In scientific and  technological issues, it is very dangerous and damaging to use false data, baseless theories and ideas unsupported by experiment. Rossi’s assertion that his Ni-H system is radically different from the former Ni-H LENR systems and the legend of the super-secret catalyst is a gate to such falsities. He has  no scientific base of his technology, postpones indefinitely the contracts with the Bologna  and Uppsala Universities. Do you remember he has promised  to present his Theory after the 28 Oct 1MW demo? Now he explains that the theory could reveal the secret- ergo nix theory!

5. .NOT what we know, but what we don’t know is more important for solving the problem.
Nature works frequently via surprises and applies the Pareto Rule-
80% of the surprises are bad and 20% neutral or good. The Customers on which Rossi’s strategy is based will have them, if they really exist.
As regarding Rossi , he is much more efficient in preparing unknown data- mystery catalysts, mystery clients, hidden parameters, open questions, fractional truths, perfect lies (the contrary of which is also a lie),chaos, confusion, disorientation than simple verified data, reliable facts, local certainties.

6. NOT the main desired positive effect, but those secondary negative and/or undesired effects decide in most cases if a solution is implemented.
Not knowing, ignoring or diminishing the risks both for the generators and for the humans, can be a fatal weakness.
As I have shown in my papers on the Ego Out blog,
there are many characteristics and functionalities beyond excess heat and some can be quite dangerous or very annoying, It would be a rhetorical question to ask Rossi how many E-cats- hours of functioning  were accumulated till today and how good is the troubleshooting experience accumulated.

The following three very general and strong rules act in synergetic combinations to solve the many problems of development, progress and diversification of this potential new source of energy.

!!! 17. Do NOT accept the premises of the problem, change them as necessary and possible

18. Do NOT stop at the first solution, seek for alternatives.

2. There are NO final solutions for the really great problems, these have to  be solved again and again. for long years

A lot of other rules (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 14, and 16) are only partially applicable in this case.

We could write volumes about the following rule applied in the case of Rossi:

15 NOT the enhancement of human strengths but the limitation
of human weaknesses is more useful for efficient problem solving.
You will find in my Blog many proofs that the negative is more powerful than the positive. In practice, it is more important what to NOT do than what to do.

However, Rossi is probably the most perfect case for the Rule No 19- a super-rule.
19. NOT the wise application of these rules but the finding of the specific exceptions to these, is the real high art of problem solving.

Because no logic, no common sense, no things learned by long experience can be applied to this case. And again, it is vital to not
mix the points of view: geniuses make their own rules, but this does not mean that everybody who breaks the rules is a genius.
The solution of the Rossi Problem is good competition for Rossi
Competition that respects the basic rules of science, engineering, management, marketing and strategy.
An awfully difficult problem. Can we call it insoluble? If it so, rile 17 can help, the premises have to be radically changed, that is Rossi‘s monopoly has to be terminated and a healthy competition situation has to be created.

It happens that just today I have received a paper speaking about
Exceptions, it’s title  
Exceptions handling is complex work:
The author is not speaking about Rossi but Rossi is an exception
to a lot of things,.

My long time blog e-partner, Georgina who lives in Vienna, has also not considered this subject when she wrote some remarkable new Septoes:

Neither the believers nor the skeptics (in CF) will agree with:
Fools trust everyone; wise not even themselves.

But the following one is perfectly valid due to the unusual pseudo-generosity of Andrea Rossi answering questions.
Answers are nothing else than disguised questions. More generally most of his answers are not real answers.
But Rossi prefers questions coming from his enthusiastic fans- and they are myriads- who ask nice questions, more precisely,nice non-questions.
The other questions that really ask something are not welcome, and this situation has inspired me a new acronym.
Everybody knows FAQ-

I think UAQ lists of Uselessly Asked Questions are also very useful.
I started very enthusiastically to write such a list for CF/CMNS?CANR/LENR but I stopped. The first question I put on the list “What’s the best theory for the field?” is a bomb. Try to write your lists and you will see that is almost impossible to not offend a colleague.
It is an orgy of diversity of opinions in the field.
Let’s focus on the E-cat as I have done it today. Let’s compose the UAQ list for it.


  1. I have another methodology:
    If you cannot look inside, look outside.
    If I cannot look inside the ecat, then I look at its outer dimensions and at it's input and output.
    Of course input and output is this effect that is finaly wanted and most important.
    If I cannot look to input and output, then I look to the environment, to Rossis behaviour and his facility and his present and previous claims and promises.
    It tunes out, he made precise and big promises in the past and he has not fullfilled them.

    So I come to the clear decision, this all is a scam.

    Rossi has set a big hurdle for all other LENR researchers: All researchers that want recognition must now deliver this evidency that Rossi promised. Especially those who make similar claims.

    Such a behaviour as Rossi's is no longer accepted. Improbable announcemnents and claims and promises are not believed, until they are fullfilled.
    We have learned a lot. So, this is not a loss.

    best regards,
    This makes a clear de

  2. So, here's my UAQs

    no.1: is there any recent, peer-reviewed experimental proof that large excess heat from Ni-H LENR occurs as Andrea Rossi and Defkalion GT claim?

    no.2: besides anecdotal references, has nickel transmutation to copper in Ni-H reactions actually been proven to occur?

  3. To Peter Heckert:
    I think we have to be careful define a scam.
    Rossi has nothing, says he has excess energy-great scam, total scam.
    Has3 kW says he has 8 kW not complete scam.
    For such cases I know an old (1961) quotation:

    What is the difference between unethical and ethical advertising? Unethical advertising uses falsehoods to deceive the public; ethical advertising uses truth to deceive the public.
    Vilhjalmur Stefansson

    You are probably influenced by the unhappy Petroldragon affair but that was more bad tthinking, technical blunder than a scam.
    Have a bit of empathy for Rossi, he has no patent
    and his secret is vulnerable.

  4. Tizzie- thanks, really good UAQs for a start

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  6. Well, if You buy an E-Cat device made by DEFKALION (without Andrea Rossi's blessing), You will probably be able to answer many questions, between those the ability of the device to produce excess heat without consuming hydrogen.

    Since DEFKALION device seems to have several types of seals and of counter-spy measure you will not:
    1) Be able to open the apparatus (because it is sealed inside a vacuum chamber, with a pressure sensor... called by the greeks "pleasure sensor".)
    2) Be able to open reaction chambers (because they will self-destroy the nanomeric powder by raising the temperature... nanomeric nickel will be syntherized).
    3) Be able to know the nature of the catalyst... which probably is a complex metal-organic compound, maybe a substance used in electron scanning microscopy.... (wich was the proceeding used by Piantelli when he serendipituosly discovered this phenomenon)
    (Maybe something like EDTA-Cobalt)
    In the eighties Andrea Rossi was sent to jail, maybe because He sold an immature technology which was used incorrectly...
    He used mixed trash to obtain something similar to a mixture of coal, diesel, water, alcohol and gasoline, with some pollutants like PVC, dioxine, etc.

    If he had used only paper, tree leaves, and old bread loafs, all of them made of glucose chains (cellulose and amido) which can be turned by hydrogenation in cyclo-esane) he would had obtained less substances in mixture and in ammount and he could have sell that as an excellent additive for gasoline.

    Jail changes people, and makes people paranoid and suspicious. The lack of a patent only worsens this condition.

    Giancarlo Rossi (not a relative of A.R.)

  7. Probably Rossi has got an organi chemical compound
    similar in some way to the HEME... something that
    has a different shape from the HEME, and COBALT in
    the middle of the structure.

    The hypothetical structure of the Catalyzer could
    that will TUNE-UP to a SPECIFIC radio or audio
    frquency... going into RESONANCE.

    A structure made of EDTA and COBALT has shown the
    ability to produce hydrogen from acidic water at
    75-200°C, when subjected to electromagnetic
    waves. There is also a PATENT about this!

    Giancarlo Rossi (not a relative of A.R.)

  8. Dear Giancarlo,
    I know both your name and nickname from the fine 22Passi forum- but I have not noticed your orientation on scale from Rossi enthusiast to Rossi denier. My self I am a critic from professional and ethical reasons.
    To your ideas:
    a) I will buy a hyperion for heating my flat and making warm water. For the time given, Defkalion has to show functional Hyperions and to organize "perfect demo with CMNS/LENR VIPs as Francesco Celami. Theor specs are classes more professional than Rossi's setups that were changing all the time. I ma not interestedin reverse engineering
    of the Hyperions. I could tell you much about the ethics and practice of reverse engineering, and not from books. (in polymer technology for example.

    As regarding the nature of the catalyst, the search is much easier if you guess its FUNCTION. Today for example The DGT people have wisely told that what happens in the core is not a fusion reaction but
    "a dynamic of multi-stage set of reactions" Now the sequence has a weakest link, actually the slowest link and the function of the additive is to accelerate this step.

    What has inspired you to think about a meta-orgnic catalyst, can you show me a single ppaer about such catalyst working well at 30-40 C? Have not met such a thing in my experience. A very bright researcher
    in the DDR, good friend has died due to an explosion of organomettalics (he made Sn based stabilizers for PVC)

    I am not able to see what can do the HEME or the EDTA complex for accelerating the NI-H reaction.

    I hope you know well Piantelli's model presented in the Pontignano Poster.

    If you wish to write me in Italian,, please fell free to use

    Tanti auguri,

  9. Good news that Celani wants to test a Hyperion. Hoping that Defkalion will agree.

    Is this Pontignano Poster by Piantelli public? In other words, can it be downloaded from somewhere? I don't recall seeing it on, for example.

  10. I don't consider Andrea Rossi's E-Cat a fraud (And I really hope it's is not, because I know how dangerous are other types of energy)... I work in an hospital, and I made electroencephalograms to several children from Chernobyl and a young woman from Italy who got a Lymphoma because of radioactive waste unproperly disposed near Riano (a town just north to Rome).

    Well, recently it has been discovered that porphyrine-cobalt catalysts can be used in order to act as "transporters" of electrons in FUEL CELLS in order to make a faster and easier reaction between Oxygen and Hydrogen (saving the expensive Platinum in this way).

    Maybe porphyrine-cobalt transports electrons from Nickel to Hydrogen, making this reaction much faster and efficient. Then there could happen some sort of vibration or resonance between the RADIOFREQUENCE SOURCE (Those 100 Watts consumed by the blue box, are for what?) This resonance will be transmitted from COBALT to NICKEL (they have similar electronic orbitals-"antennas")...

    and could help to overcome the Coulombian barrier???

    What is making Me nervous is the opposite quality of the Patent requests made by A.Rossi and Piantelli.
    Rossi's patent request is too vague (and mysterious in many aspects, almost geroglyphical!).

    Piantelli's request is very precise in the details of the preparation of the powder. At the same time it covers too many transition elements and proceedings
    (epitaxial deposition, etc). In this way it could block all the research in the field of Ni-H fusion.

    At the same time, Rossi is selling the E-Cat (with it's "magical powder") to the military and Ames. The military are able to analyze the exact composition of the powder even by "shaking hands" with Rossi!

    AMES research center is the think-tank of NASA. They have a researcher from the Rotschild family. The Rothschild own uranium mines, oil wells, coal mines, etc. In Italy the Rotshchild "bought" CHICCO TESTA... a former environmentalist, now a pro-nuclear activist.

    AMES research has thousands of patents in their shelves. They have the patent for hydrogen enrichment of gasoline and gasoil, and many others. All this patents are buried below inches of dust.

    One of the saddest examples of unused patent, is about the Ni-METAL-HYDRIDE battery. This battery was installed in the first General Motors Electric Vehicle in the nineties.
    Those models worked better that current vehicles with Li-Ion batteries. They lasted longer that the 4-5 years expected for Li-Ion batteries. Were safer in case of incident.

    Actually, You CANNOT BUY a car with a Ni-Metal Hydride battery... because that PATENT is propierty of an OIL COMPANY (I don't remember if it was EXXON ?).

    So I'm glad that other people are replicating (and maybe improving) Andrea Rossi's device.

    Whatever thing Andrea Rossi discovered, could be re-discovered by a team of many younger and determined scientist, from any country of the world.

    I hope there would be hundreds of producers of E-Cats (and similar or improved devices)... so we will have cheaper, better and safer Ni-H cold fusion device.

    A. Rossi risks: 1) Not to have a patent for his E-Cat;
    2) Have somebody that gets the patent of a KEY-STEP in the proceeding of producing the powder.

    At the end I think this category of devices will be developed by the Chinese, who are really tired of their suffocating coald-derived pollution. They will respect no patent. They will not pay attention to any sue demand. They will disregard and contempt any threaten from the coal, nuclear and oil lobbies!

    Giancarlo Rossi


  11. Dear Tizzie,

    Please excuse me for the delay, I was involved in some websearch contest on cultural themes and it went not well- I was not inspired.
    For the time given we have no certainty regarding the test plaaned by Celani, however it is a good opportunity for everybody who is not contented with the dozen Rossi test.
    Celani is a guarantee of a well done test.
    Re the Piantelli Poster- on the Vortex and CMNS forums it was it was accessible more tims. The ISCMNS vice-president Bill Collis has distributed it, he was the organizer of that symposium.

  12. Dear Giancarlo,
    I have read your comment on 22 Passi too. very interesting things!

    Iam not enchanted by Rossi's deeds but I also don't think he is a fraud.

    If you work with electroencephalograms, perhaps you will be interested in an unique category of well-thinking individuals the Bisinisencepalians label Bisinis on my blog. it is actually a metaphor.

    I am member of the association "Children of Chernobyl" have visited Belorussi in 1993 and 1994 and have sad on-site information.

    As I have already said what we (Mankind) need is a veru=y broad and very strong competition of A.R. You are right with your prediction, I hope.

    There is a many classes difference between Piantelli's and Rossi's thinking and writings. Piantelli is a genuine scientist.

    It is beter that Rossi has an unpublished (unpublicable) patent than an unused one- captured by some representative of the 1%.

    Re organometallics please answer re temperature limits these can work, The Ni-H core is hot.

  13. Some organo-metallic compounds resist even high-temperature.
    (the simplest cobalt-porphyrine should resist to
    even higher temperature, the problem is with
    some organic groups, like -COOH that tend to
    decarboxylate (producing CO2 gas). Also other
    organic radicals have problems with high
    temperature (-S-S- bridges broke).

    If you manage to design (departing from DNA
    sequence) a protein leaving out all the
    amminoacidic groups that are subjected to
    alteration with high temperature, you get
    a protein that resists.

    The PRIONS resists even to 300°C and more!

    Yet I don't think that Andrea Rossi's E-Cat
    catalyzer is a protein.

    I send a letter to him. He answered...
    from his answer, I suspect He is using

    Focardi said "His former method, Petroldragon,
    used a method of hydrogenation, used by the
    Nazis, useful to convert coal in diesel-fuel"

    That method is actually known, and uses several
    Hydrure compounds along with a KLYSTRON device!
    (Nazis didn't known anything about the Magnetron)

    Giancarlo Rossi

  14. @ Dear Giancarlo,

    I hope we will know soon what's Rossi's additive and with what can it be replaced, advantageously.

  15. The additive is surelly something with FREE ELECTRONS in a CLOUD, tunable to a particular frequence of a KLYSTRON: (Magnetron is not narrowly tunable)

    1) METALS have electrons in clouds... COBALT
    2) AROMATIC (Anthracene, AZULENE?, Benzene, Cholesterol, Indol, Phenantrene, Pyrrol, Toluene, etc.)
    3) Graphite.
    4) Insature fatty acids?
    5) There is probably something that acts as an electron transportation chain: IRON? PORPHYRINE?


  17. @Giancarlo- thank you for reminding me the Chan Formula- it seem to be very interesting to use hydrides (MgH2) as source of hydrogen for the reaction. but how can we explain this? In this problem we have some good information and some very unreliable information and it is impossible to distinguish between the 2 categories.

  18. We have to depart from sure points:

    1) COLD FUSION DO EXISTS... as Celani and other scientist found in Frascati (following orders of Carlo RUBBIA who was fired also because of the funds he gave them).

    2) Also Eugène MALLOVE (MIT scientist) said that there was a low but unexplainable excess of heat.

    3) Andrea Rossi DID NOT discovered COLD FUSION...
    useful technologies that he used for PETROLDRAGON.

    4) The key "secret" technology of PETROLDRAGON was the reduction (or hydrogenization) of WASTE...

    5) Maybe using a KLYSTRON, as revealed by the following patents:

    "Klystrons produce microwave power far in excess of that developed by solid state. In modern systems, they are used from UHF (hundreds of MHz)
    up through hundreds of gigahertz (as in the Extended Interaction Klystrons in the CloudSat satellite).
    Klystrons can be found at work in radar, satellite and wideband high-power communication (very common in television broadcasting and
    EHF satellite terminals), medicine (radiation oncology), and high-energy physics (particle accelerators and experimental reactors).

    At SLAC, for example, klystrons are routinely employed which have outputs in the range of 50 megawatts (pulse) and 50 kilowatts
    (time-averaged) at frequencies nearing 3 GHz."

    "Popular Science's "Best of What's New 2007"[3][4] described a company, Global Resource Corporation, currently defunct, using a klystron
    to convert the hydrocarbons in everyday materials, automotive waste, coal, oil shale, and oil sands into natural gas and diesel fuel.[5]"

    6) What a strange thing, nanomeric NICKEL seems to be an excellent component of the paints for Stealth Airplanes (it absorbs very well microwave radiation)

    7) What's inside the 100 watt BLUE BOX? (scatola di controllo)

  19. GLOBAL RESOURCE CORPORATION is probably a broken
    company... the stocks share quoting dollars:

    0,00005 !

    They never had their patents accepted!

  20. @David- I have emeiled to the ddress I found. My e-mail is ""