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Dear Readers,

Today it is so easy to send information over the Internet but it is still very difficult to communicate ideas. Actually it is difficult to
really understand ideas, including your own.
Therefore I am sending you INFORMAVORE’s SUNDAY issue 484 asking you to send it to everybody you know (your lists of
Contacts) perhaps some people will like it, use it and read the other issues too. Who knows, perhaps till the last issue (it always exists a last issue, and I don’t think somebody will continue to compose it)
IS will become popular. (ROFL!)
I am writing it in a “carpe diem” regime because there will be not so many days left for me. And what’s certain, even less weeks.




The Internet as a diversion and destination
On a typical day, 53% of young adults go online just for fun and to pass the time

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


Search engines 101- part 1:                   

Search engine aims to give power to the people:

This Is Why Your Website Is Slow Ghostery releases its annual list of common embeds, including widgets and analytics, that can slow websites to a crawl.:


YouTube Passes 20 Billion Video Views In One Month:



My 10 years of blogging: Reflections, Lessons & Some Stats Too:



Using Google’s Full Capabilities:


Google usability chief: ideas have to be discoverable:


Google bar’s updated look:


Spot the difference: Diaspora vs. Google+:


Infographic: It’s Quite A Job To Get Hired By Google:

Who is using Google +?:


Chrome usage within striking distance of Firefox:


Why Google Is The Most Important Learning Tool Ever Invented:      



How the Brain Strings Words Into Sentences:


Alan Cooper’s homonyms:


Digital Dictionaries of South Asia:


Nook Tablet Review Roundup As Barnes and Noble's Kindle Fire competitor ships, the reviews trickle in. How does it measure up to the Kindle Fire?:



Human Brain Is Limiting Global Data Growth, Say Computer Scientists Evidence has emerged that the brain's capacity to absorb information is limiting the amount of data humanity can produce:


Is There a Central Brain Area for Hearing Melodies and Speech Cues? Still an Open Question:


Why Evolutionarily Ancient Brain Areas Are Important:

Studying Bat Skulls, Evolutionary Biologists Discover How Species Evolve:


Setting the Stage for Life: Scientists Make Key Discovery About the Atmosphere of Early Earth:


20 things you didn’t know about the Periodic Table:


Synesthesia: Why do people hear colors and taste words?:


Turtle Eggs Communicate To Hatch At The Same Time:

World’s biggest bug? That depends..



Renewable energy country attractiveness indices:$FILE/EY_RECAI_issue_31.pdf


Fifth of Global Energy Could Come from Biomass Without Damaging Food Production, Report Suggests:


Nanoparticle Monster Batteries Could Make Wind and Solar Power More Practical:

Geothermal Energy: Massive Potential, Earthquake Risk:


Gasoline Fuel Cell Would Boost Electric Car Range The advanced fuel cell could eliminate range anxiety and make electric cars more practical, while keeping carbon-dioxide emissions low:


Graphene foam outperforms traditional sensors at sniffing out explosives:                                   


How Bacteria Can Break Down Hazardous Environmental Pollutants:


Ultrafast, nanoscale, energy-efficient data transmission:


The Personal Computer Is Dead.  Power is fast shifting from end users and software developers to operating system vendors:

My PC happens to be alive.

The Fastest Tablet Ever (for Now) The quad-core tablets are coming. First up: the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime:.


Shock the brain for faster learning:

Willpower- it is in your head:

Globalization: The Middleman Takes Center Stage:


Progress and population growth – five scenarios of the near future:


New Research Distinguishes Roles of Conscious and Sub-Conscious Awareness in Information Processing:


A Vaccination Against Social Prejudice:


Creative Excuses: Original Thinkers More Likely to Cheat, Study Finds:


Science-Technology-Engineering- Mathematics resources for teachers and students


Turing Church online workshop 2 explores religion and future science:                                                 


40 Belief-Shaking Remarks From a Ruthless Nonconformist:


The Hard Truth About How Success Really Works Here's what's getting in your way when you attempt (and fail) to hit those "reach" goals:                                         


Short-Term Thinking Is Our Biggest Problem. Here's 3 Ways To Fight It:


Study Explores Distrust of Atheists by Believers:


Moral Dilemma: Would You Kill One Person to Save Five?:

Julius Caesar An Annotated Guide to Online Resources:

Mark Twain quotes: 10 favorites on his birthday:


Best Business Websites On The Web in 2011:

The Dumbest Idea In The World: Maximizing Shareholder Value:

Where are the world's most innovative companies and what do they do?:

Embracing change from both sides:


Only capitalists can save capitalism:

In search of…excellent leaders:


Poor Relationships Top Cause for Leader Failure:

Solve Human Problems with Human Solutions:

Perfectionism: Healthy or Hurtful?:



Ulcer-Causing Bacteria Tamed by Defect in Cell-Targeting Ability:

Scientists Uncover New Role for Gene in Maintaining Steady Weight


Tiny Magnets Could Clear Diseases from the Blood Researchers make magnetic nanoparticles that can latch on to harmful molecules and purge them from the blood:


Fluorescent Spray Could Help Surgeons Identify Cancer Quickly Researchers develop a spray that could make cancer cells glow within a minute of application:


Genetic genocide: Genetically altered mosquito warriors could wipe out humanity's biggest killer:

Transparent Fish Provide a Window into Clogged Arteries Genetically engineered zebrafish could provide a quick way to test new drugs to prevent dangerous plaque buildup in the heart:.

Let’s tell everyone how to make a virus that could kill millions:


The science of HiV/AIDS:

Possible Therapy for Radiation Sickness Identified:

So What Does it Mean that Studies Reveal that Moderate Drinkers Are Healthier than Teetotalers ?:


Psychopaths' Brains Show Differences in Structure and Function:

Cigarette Smoking Rates Around the World and What Nstions are Doing to Educate the Public:


Eating App Tells You How Healthy—or Not—Your Meal Was The Eatery asks other users to rate your meal, a system it claims is more reliable than software that estimates calories:


Big Pest, Small Genome: Two-Spotted Spider Mite Genome Decoded  (important for agriculture):


Foie-gras production How much is too much?

Why some duck livers are delicious, and others nasty:|hig|12-1-2011|editors_highlights



World's Funniest Joke Discovered by Laugh Lab Scientists:


Blue Zones- where people live very long:

John Morse’s Haiku Street Signs:





A better way to battle malware:


Smart Phones Power Consumption Cut by More Than 70 Percent:

Finally going mobile:

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