Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My first, fast, reaction to Steve Krivit’s 3rd Rossi Report
was “If Steve does a job, he does it really well.” Being a perfectibilist and a lover of “instant” solutions, I can admire
perfectionism and maximalism, but both are kind of Everests for me- and I am much too old and tired for such ascensions.
However the Report also has inspired me a long train of thinking. Plus some decisions.

I recently told you about intellectual starvation as the favorite
dumbing down (immaturization) method of the communist regime.
In 1961 I was working in a plasticizer factory (“Solventul” Timisoara- R.I.P.!). We, the engineers had to solve the same problems as our capitalist colleagues with much less information.
By some miracle (an unknown donor) the factory’s library had
some English language books and journals that were not burned
being technical. Actually I have learned English by translating a few chapters of Perry’s “Chemical Engineer’s Handbook” 3rd edition (1950).
Once I have found in the magazine Chemical Engineering a paper about steam distillation- a method used for removing the volatile
compounds (higher alcohols) from the plasticizers. This method see:
is cheaper and faster than vacuum distillation in many cases. A fine paper- I borrowed the issue and took it home for study. This was then a fatal error- at a routine check at the exist from the factory the journal was found and the communist inquisition (Party, securitate, union and what is now “human resources” but then was a component of terror) have criticized me in a special meeting.
“Tovarish engineer Gluck is admiring harmful capitalist advertising.” This was a capital sin then and there, but I insisted that all I want is to solve some problems of the socialist industry and eventually I was even allowed to read what I wish. An unpleasant meeting with steam,
I had an other also bad meeting- when in a factory of synthetic fibers –spinning section- a corrugated pipe was broken- my feet were “well” burned with steam and I had used stinking fish oil
to treat my ugly, painful wounds for 5 days.
I have already related you about the failure to replace natural gas with hydrogen as fuel for a group of steam boilers- a great fiasco.

Three cases- of many that have diminished my attraction to steam- the stuff and the word “per se”.

However informational starving has increased our creativity and
problem solving ability and even efficiency. We have developed kind of philosophy to be used at the job- and later we were able to combine this with the ideas re. management and business (when the access to useful ideas became easier). The Party has tried to adapt, misinterpret and even mutilate the capitalist ideas- with limited success.

We have discovered the fundamentals of technologies and have established a set of universal truths- still valid today. I have learned to read Russian and – for example a fundamental idea came to us as belonging to the legendary Bulgarian philosopher, Kirill Duhanov:

“What is, is. What isn’t, isn’t!”
(actually it belongs to Parmenides- but we didn’t know- the ideal man in socialism has not much to do with culture) I have translated Duhanov’s 29-pages booklet “Прости отговори на сложни въпроси”- i.e. “Simple answers to complex questions” in Romanian and…it was really inspiring for our thinking.

There are some elementary best practices based on Duhanov’s wisdom as

“You do something, or you do it not.”
Strictly avoid intermediary or combined cases.
“Never do useless things- it is not only useless- it is a waste of time and can be very dangerous sometimes”

This was the Introduction. Now comes the Message. Inspired by Krivit;s Report No 3 but also by many facts and forum messages.

Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-cat seems to have ignored Duhanov/Parmenide’s wisdom. He has done some demonstrations
of his generators but in the same time these were done, were not convincing, perfect tests Simply he had to demonstrate that some heat enters his device and much more heat comes out. It is about the  5 to 7 demonstrations made  seemingly with no plan, no technological leit-motif. Actually, the heat coming out from, the device was never directly and reliably measured and a lot of useless complexities were measured instead. The word steam appears here again and endless discussions about it take place on forums- its quantity, quality, .liquid water content, color etc. however only and exclusively the total content of heat coming out the E-cats is of interest and relevant.- nothing else. And horribile dictu, Rossi seemingly does not want to perform a perfect test,. a real energy balance. He knows why.
Simultaneously doing tests and NOT doing tests has lead to an
Informational chaos in which trust in the performances of the E-cats cannot survive and the number of Rossi-fans is diminishing.\
His prestige management is pretty (auto) destructive –but he does not care much. Customers will decide not scientists and not forumists.
(Back to the tests- it also was a water heating test in February but I have serious doubts a normal tap delivering a flow of 1 liter per
second- no flowmeter used., why?)

And Rossi has done some useless things too. He has declared his Ni-H system has nothing to do with Piantelli’s Ni-H system. This remains to be demonstrated, to me who have asked on Steve’s blog in January and,- what’s more important- to the Patent Authorities who do not accept the existence of a mystic catalyst. It is well known that a catalyst is catalyzing something, some reaction but nobody knows what is doing Rossi’s catalyst. And it we are told that from all human beings, only Rossi ( and his 96 years old helper) know what this catalyst is.
Retired professor emeritus Sergio Focardi also claims ignorance re the nature of the catalyst- that means Rossi does not trust him- that’s again a combination of two opposites- comedy and tragedy in the same time.

Useless – in my opinion at least- Rossi answers a huge number of questions despite the fact that he obviously will not answer to important and relevant questions and these answers are evoluting and changing. What is his motivation for that? What drives Rossi?

Krivit’s reports have generated doubts and have enhanced and deepened pre-existing doubts re Rossi’s generators. But had not delivered certainties, nor negative, neither positive ones . it is not possible to state now Rossi has nothing, the E-cats do not deliver
any excess heat, are dead cats. First of all an other Ni-H system gives excess energy of tens of watts and can work in a self-sustaining regime. Why should Rossi’s Ni-H LENR be absolutely inactive? Perhaps the results of Rossi are not always the same. Perhaps his technology is not under control?  What about his collaborators; I had very constructive  discussions with the Defkalion people and have met there a really nice and smart partner for discussions.  On the Defkalion forum they have told me that there were already tested combinations of 6 E-cats for the kW types and 115 E-cats for the MW types. True? Rumors are circulating that there are still no E cats at this Greek company- and we have not seen any photos? What about Ampenergo? (nothing known). And what about Daniele Passerini who has inside info
and says that the E-cat skeptics and deniers will regret very, very much that they have not seen the Truth (good) about Rossi.
Too much truths, half-truths, untruths, anti-truth and counter-truths legends, rumors- all in a mixture miserabilis
I remember, somewhere Duhanov advices:
“ If you do not have sufficient data to take a decision. abstain to taking a decision.
If you have not sufficient information to answer a question, do NOT answer that XXXXXXX question!”

I think the same is valid for the case if you have too much fragmented information full of contradictions.
Do not try impossible IQ tests- sometimes they are not solvable.
And you will ruin your good opinion about yourself for no reason.

I am now patiently (but angrily) waiting till the end of October test in Greece. Because nothing can be done till then. It can be a birthday present for me.
The worst side-effect of this story is that I have acquired a phobia
not described in this great list:
It is the fear (invincible repulsion) from steam- not the stuff but the written word. It even does not have a decent Latin name  (vaporphobia is something else) so it has to be called fear of gaseous water or Gaseous Hydrophobia. (does not sound well)
I am very ashamed for this phobia because it is irrational
But I have seen this word too many times during the last weeks.….
Excuse me, please!


  1. Peter

    Excellent article which I think speaks for many of us who have been following the rather unique and fascinating Rossi phenomenon.

    I too suffer from Gaseous Hydrophobia - so extreme indeed that I refuse to even look at any of the comments regarding the hot gaseous stuff on Vort - I seem to have an intuitive sense that it takes us away from the truth - which may be stranger than any of us think.

  2. Thanks Peter, you are wise and ironic.
    I hope again in a happy end for this infinite story.
    I respect you and your opinion, a lot.

  3. I thank you, dear Daniele and to tell it openly I am happy that you are optimistic regarding this complex story. Obviously you know more than I and my colleagues of the forums.
    I have told many times that:"Differences in opinions attract smart people and repel only those who are not so." The experimental truth is that only extremely intelligent people can tolerate opposite opinions and can survive in deep ambiguity. It is an enormous satisfaction to see we two can do it!