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It is no secret that this newsletter is still far from the epidemic phase of success. Sill worse, it is not yet read in the natural mode -newest issue first, than in inverse chronological order. I want to change this and, inter alia, I am writing advertisments on Twitter:
Recently I wrote this:

Exploring the Web, you can make discoveries, but using INFORMAVORE's SUNDAY, your chances to make discoveries increases 1521 times”

That’s actually true, but  “1521” ia as realistic and exact,as, say “213” for the output/input performance of the Rossi - Focardi generator.
These figures can be well understood if you read the fine booklet
“How to Lie with Statistics” by Darell Huff- a very useful source.
One of the many NOT taught in schools.
In my opinion, to educate somebody means to make her/him to cope (rationally, creatively, pragmatically and fast) with any life situation encountered. I know well that the great problem of  Education is Counter-education, however there are lots of ideas. principles, methods, truths that are NOT taught in schools making the young generations vulnerable and victims of myriads of lies and bad memes.
I want to write a list of these absolutely necessary teachings – with a good taxonomy for them.

Some of my favorites: CIpollas’ Laws (compulsory), Critical Thinking, Edward de Bono’s 6 Hats,, Wicked Problems, the ornithology of bad surprises (Black Swan), 10,000 hours as seen
By Malcolm Gladwell, terrifying experiences as Zimbardo’s,
Memetics, Flow of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Galileo’s Rules for those scientifically oriented.
Being inherently generous and incurably modest, I agree that my Problem Solving Rules and 4 Modes of  Thinking should join
this extended curriculum.
Please help me to make this list really good. Thank you.

The next list will be what to unlearn- as astrology, numerology, vsmpires and paranormal, ancient unwisdom, celebrity cults and other killer cults, wisdom of the crowds, dogmas, miracles, baseless optimism (as shown by Barbara Ehrenreich), etc
Who has told this: “All great crises are crises of thinking”?
It seems our present thinking generates a chain of Crises. Or a rope
Perhaps used by our Hopes to commit suicide by hanging. Take care!




101 guidelines for the digital world:

20 years ago today (Aug ) the World Wide Web opened to the public:

Is Your Internet Connection as Fast as You Think It Is?
An FCC report says ISPs don't always deliver the speeds they promise, but are getting better at it.:


Microstructure Abnormalities in Adolescents with Internet Addiction Disorder:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Search needs a shake-up:

Can Microsoft make you “Bing” ?

 A Search Engine Match-Up: How Different Are Google and Bing?:

7 reasons why Bing is here to stay

Does Internet Explorer Lower your IQ?:
But this report cited above was faked!!!:

Wendy Boswell: Use the Web to do a free background check on yourself (or anyone else):



Web 3.0: The 'Social Wave' and How It Disrupts the Internet:

Milestones: “Flickr hits 6 billion total photos, but Facebook does that every 2 months”:           


Mike Elgan- ten things I hate about Google +:\

Google's Vision for TV Proves a Turnoff

One manufacturer reports that stores and distributors are returning Google more TV devices than they have sold:


Behind the numbers of Google+’s monumental rise to 25 million unique visitors

Developers believe Google+ can beat Facebook:

Google Realtime Research returning with Google+:


Google patches 30 Chrome bugs, adds Instant Pages:


Study Sheds Light on Auditory Role in Dyslexia:

Book-a-minute. Don’t have time to read it all?


Your brain isn’t programmed for the 21st Century. Here is why:


How the brain organizes itself during development:

How Music and Language Mimicked Nature to Evolve Us:

The Humpty-Dumpty Problem  Even when we understand their parts, living things are hard to put back together:

Archaeopteryx Knocked From Roost as Original Bird:

Rainforest Plant Developed 'Sonar Dish' to Attract Pollinating Bats:

The sloth’s slowness decoded:


African Rodent Uses 'Poison Arrow' Toxin to Deter Predators: First Known Mammal to Use Plant Poison in Defense:

Classic: the history of Universe in 200 words or less:



Industrial energy use and the human life history: Thanks to Harry Veeder!

Top fusion experiments:


Solar Cells Get a Boost from Bouncing Light:

The dark side of solar and wind power projects

Averting Bridge Disasters: New Technology Could Save Hundreds of Lives:

Computers, the Art of Technological Writing:


Humanity winning on global challenges yet world is unstable:

Center for teaching:


Exploring life’s origins:

Outstandingly interesting:

Fair Play -- A Question of Self-Image? Researchers Explain Conditions Under Which People Are Prepared to Behave Fairly

Are smart people really getting smarter?:

New Science Reference Guide From the Library of Congress: “Environmentalism: Resources for Kids, Young Adults, Educators and Parents”:

It is hard to make predictions, especially about the future:

Painting by numbers

Digital analysis is invading the world of the connoisseur:\

Hunters and collectors in a vicious cycle:

Some people are toxic- avoid them:



Business innovation, why it is so rare, so prized and so feared: Innovation: Why it is so rare, so prized, and so feared


The Rise of the Virtual Office

As the definition of the workplace changes, dramatic increases in productivity could be ahead:


The neurological signature of a leader:

17 Digital Marketing Experts Share Their Top Tips, Tricks, and Tools:

Three integrity questions for leaders:

5 ways to maintain the status-quo during times of change:

A management improvement blog:

Management Innovation eXchange:

Building tolerance for ambiguity:

The value of knowing exactly who you are:

The global debt clock
Our interactive overview of government debt across the planet:



We are living longer and longer- but is this always a good thing?


Lifestyles of the Old and Healthy Defy Expectations:

Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics: The More They Resist, the More They Divide:


Discovery Throws Light On Blood Pressure Regulation:


Nanofiber Regenerates Blood Vessels

A synthetic material may help to repair tissue after a heart attack, and aid transplants”


Bioengineered spinal discs to comnbat back pain:


Colon Cleansing Has No Benefit but Many Side Effects Including Vomiting and Death, Doctors Say:


Minority Microbes in the Colon Mapped:


Cooked Green Vegetables, Dried Fruit, Legumes, and Brown Rice Associated With Fewer Colon Polyps:

Restoring Happiness in People With Depression:

Feeling Anxious? 5 Scientifically Proven Relaxation Techniques:

Brain Chemical May Explain Why Heavy Smokers Feel Sad After Quitting:


The illusions of psychiatry;

Who Falls to Addiction, and Who Is Unscathed?:


Manage your recipes, the easy way:

Rate your recipes:

Dieting forces brain to eat itself, scientists claim


Mindful Eating: Researchers Are Making Every Bite Count:

New Science Reference Guide from the Library of Congress: Veganism: Eating Consciously and Compassionately:

New Freeze-Dry Method Good for Processing Fish:


Sugar Doesn't Melt -- It Decomposes, Scientists Demonstrate”

Quick and easy tomato recipes:

15 tips to use leftovers:

Gazpacho Ingredients Lose Vitamin C During Preparation (I regret thius I like Gazpacho very much.



Green burial project developing corpse-eating mushrooms:

Slideshow: From Vaccines to Cats to Pigeons, the CIA’s Most Bizarre Operations:       



Worldwide Cyber Espionage Revealed:

Bob Rankin- how do I report a spammaer?:

Google’s spam report page- refreshed:


Technology guardians of Internet are targets:


Bob Rankin : is your operating system secure?


Cracking Open Chrome OS

Researchers use the Web to steal passwords and other data from Google's Web-based operating system:

Wendy Boswell – ten ways to protect your Web privacy:



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