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Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds.  A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.  (William James)

I think superheroes are heroes with flaws, and in their flaws, there is a sense of humor. (Peter Segal)

I could not tread these perilous paths in safety, if I did not keep a saving sense of humor. (Horatio Nelson)

I don't think it's possible to have a sense of tragedy without having a sense of humor. (Christopher Hitchens)

Humor can make a serious difference. In the workplace, at home, in all areas of life – looking for a reason to laugh is necessary. A sense of humor helps us to get through the dull times, cope with the difficult times, enjoy the good times and manage the scary times.”  (Steve Goodier)

Peter Gluck - Septoe about Humor:
92. Recipe of humor: sex, stupidity shit, sadism, surprisingly.

Can you tell a good joke in which all the 4 S-words are absent? 


Who has started the LENR (Rossi-IH) war?

A few days ago, a LENR researcher whom I have always considered a good sciwntist
and friend- now supporting IH's position, however with civility- wrote:

I only hope for the field that Rossi seeks the path of peace and withdraws his accusations and law suit.
He has created quite a mess."

As it is natural, this researcher- as so many other LENR-ists is wanting peace and 
work in normal conditions, however I am asking if the war is indeed Rossi's fault,
only Rossi has to move for making peace? WHO HAS STARTED ACTUALLY THE WAR?

I have received an answer that is really amazing and paradoxical- in context. It comes from Dewey Weaver IH's front line man who explains the case:
How do you sit down for a reasonable conversation with someone who sues without warning? Rossi was planning this litigation for a long time and was apparently counting the days for when he could file the litigation."

So...Rossi, who according to the same Dewey Weaver has never obtained excess heat, has chosen unsuitable instruments, made flawed measurements- ergo is in
lost situation- OK, this Rossi is watching with sadism when he starts a perfidious litigation against a perfect company- an example of correctness and openness, possessing all truths, motivated by high ideals?.
Isn't this seppuku?

Rethinking the story, remembering the vocal and thorny messages of IH's supporters
I had a REVELATION. Just take in consideration the reports of the ERV after  3, 6 and 9 months, how the impossible, nonexistent and absolutely unproductive miserable fake plant was used as trap or bait for investors and ot FRossi said it is "stellar"-Ok, then we who take these arguments as serious- we are in the extreme danger to lose
our sense of humor- terribly bad! Please read just the quotations of MOTTO and-let's

I have asked Rossi who has started the war and his answer is natural and. I think
logically consistent. 

 Rossi answers re: Who has started the war?

Q- The part which breaks an agreement, starts the war and creates a mess. Was it you?

 A- The mess was created by IH not paying what is due. Leonardo Corporation is just making what any honest concern would make when a customer does not pay: ask for justice in Court. The reasons of our complaints have been put in evidence and published.

Q- There are  signs that IH knows that its position in the conflict is weak and 
the facts are not working speaking in their favor

A- Absolutely this is the reason they tried to assassinate my character by any means.

(I have to add that they also try to assassinate the characters of the 1MW plant, the ERV, the instruments and the measurements -plus of anybody who wants to keep a sense of humor, reason, reality and are doubting IH's story)

Q- IH people  speaks about terms and says you have started by going to Court before payment was due- Have they justified why not paying?

A- This is an other falsity of IH, whose evidence is in our complaint, that we deposited in court after IH rejected our request of payment that we sent to them after the ERV has notified both parties the Report of the 1 year Test; it is enough to read our complaint deposited in Court to find the proof of this.

Q- I have noticed an increasing trend - more and more LENR-ists consider that IH's position is weak perhaps not only in the coming trial:

I totally agree : in court you cannot chatter, you must bring evidence. All the clowneries they said about the ERV, about the flawed measurements, about the "Ghost ERV" now will demand evidence.

Andrea Rossi adds re sense of humor:

Lacking of honor is the fact that they have taken seriously clowns like Zoepfl, Rothwell, and made Weaver the president of a public fund.
Sense of reality lack is put in evidence by the fact that they take 150 millions from investors for one year thanks to my IP and suddenly, when the time to pay for it, they discover that my IP is not good 


1) The Increasingly Creepy IH op. Fred Zoepfl is Now Making Open Threats from the ECN Troll Dungeon! Targeting Sweden?

2) "Mad Dog” Fred Zoepfl of the ECN Dungeon Continues to Make Open Threats Against Swedish Involvements.

Реактор "Энергонива-2" Вачаева. Диссертация Павловой Г.А.

4) About the theory of LENR reactions in plasmoids, philosophical tempest

О теории LENR реакций в плазмоидах, философский штурм


Watching the dance of nano-particles
Date:June 7, 2016
Source:American Institute of Physics (AIP)Summary:
Life in the nano lane is fast and just got faster in terms of knowledge of fundamental mechanisms working at the nanoscale -- where processes are driven by a dance of particles such as atoms and ions one-billionth of a meter in size.

With thanks to Brian Josephson: 
Physicists discover new state of the water molecule


The Science of To-Do lists


  1. You have no reason to believe Rossi rather than I.H. or me. You have no data from Rossi, and no evidence. Even you should recognize that he has lied in the past, and that when refused allow the I.H. expert into the customer site, that was suspicious. Since that customer was started by Rossi's lawer, does no business, has no employees, and pays no taxes, you should realize it is fake.

    In contrast, I.H. and I have done nothing suspicious at all.

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    2. Nothing suspicious ?

      Are ya dreaming ?
      Your person alone is nothing else than suspicious.
      You went from the calorimetry "top boy" to the "I don't know how to wiggle my tail" lap-dog.
      And that's just my "keep at least some sense of humor" interpretation.

      Ahh my mood is starting to get better ..

  2. Yes Peter, it requires humor. I have tried to moderate the critic of AR as I think he is doing what most entrepreneurs would do in his situation. I have experience from being the boss of an investment company, therefore I am concern about that IH do not resolve the situation and deal with the next issue (opportunity). It does not make sense to keep resources tied up if they do not believe in the product. The other way around would be ugly and way out of ethics excepted of an investment company.
    Thus I have found Jed Rothwell's very aggressive condemnation of Rossi very disturbing. I became such a nuisance that Jed finally put me in the kill file (do not know what it is but . . ). That I think is humor. It is also a low mark of the discussion.
    I understand that Vortex mainly should address technology issues. However, as you often point out here on your blog - science is not worth much standing alone. I suppose that is hard to swallow for some people, which is of the believe that complimentary resources cannot make science stronger.
    I hope the kill file is unarmed:)

  3. One of my favorites:

    "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."
    The late Victor Borge (born, Børge Rosenbaum).

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  5. Enginer 48

    What I see from the

    ..1st stove pipe reactor, to the
    ..squarish covered in alum foil reactor, to the
    ..1st 1MW reactor with the additional top side mounted reactors, to the
    ..later much more compact 1MW reactors, to the
    ..IH built backup side wall mounted reactors, to the
    ..IH built central island 4 x 250kW slab primary reactor

    is continual product development.

    This is not now a scam works. This is how engineer driven R&D works. This development process did not happen from tests that produced no excess heat as then you have no direction on which to build.

    My engineers gut says this is real and nothing Rossi has ever said to me has ever caused my gut to have any doubt.

    In the end the only people that Rossi needs to convince that his reactors do indeed work are his clients. I do trust that one day soon my potential client's engineers and myself will get to complete our initial due diligence on a working 1MW reactor.
    3 • Reply•Share ›

    Bernie Koppenhofer Engineer48 • 3 hours ago
    A nuclear engineer has apparently presented a report to Rossi and to IH that has stated a COP of 50. Neither of them have denied such a report has been filed. The logical thing for Rossi to do is to get a customer to use the same reactor in the report to verify the COP of 50, and the energy dollars saved. For some reason Rossi does not do this, why? I have written Rossi and asked him that question. He answered saying he agrees, this has to happen. But no customer ever appears.

  6. Rothwell keeps boasting, bragging, and saying the same thing over and over again. It all amounts to the whinning of a pitiful excuse for a human being who has done nothing in his own life save being a scornful critic of all others. His history in the field of lenr is the same story playing over and over again like the defective old vinyl it is. There has never been a more prefect personification of a troll than Rothwell, the gimpy pallid computer nerd who sits in a dark room spitting at the world he has never had the courage to enter and participate in. Whether Rothwell's present victim Rossi is right or wrong is immaterial at this point the foul stench of Rothwell and those he attached himself to pervades wherever he goes.

  7. If Jed is right he will have to go to the top
    of Peters LENR heroes list.

  8. The following discussion is a suggested value added line of business for those LENR based developers that want to make plasma phase LENR reactors more efficient and productive. It seems to me that a small fraction of the energy produced by a hot cat class reactor is generated as heat.

    Other energy formats carry more energy away from the LENR reaction than does heat. These other energy formats are RF, visible and UV light, electrons, and magnetism. We know from comments made by me356, and Defkalion, that their reactors produce intense RF radiation. Rossi tells us that his Quark reactor produces intense light, electrons, as well as heat.


    For a savvy value added LENR developer, a lucrative and robust technology can be developed and productized that harvests and extracts a large fraction of the energy output of a LENR reactor via rectenna and like photo voltaic means.

    First of all, this errant RF radiation must be shielded to meet the requirements of the federal communication laws in many countries. It would be wise to convert that RF energy into direct current via highly efficient rectenna technology.

    An antenna system can surround the LENR reactor to absorbed the RF signals rectify them and load the resultant DC current into a super capacitor. A similar antenna system can be integrated into the antenna cover to convert the visible light and heat into DC current. This can be done using newly developed nanotube technology just on the verge of commercialization.


    First Optical Rectenna Converts Light to DC Current

    A wide spectrum energy harvesting system can be formulated using fractal rectenna technology which integrates a high efficiency rectenna system over the entire EMF output range of the LENR reactor. The industry leading developer will produce a highly absorbent single fractal rectenna system that converts the entire range of EMF emissions generated by the LENR reactor, rectifies it though a comment wave to current conversion mechanism and stores the DC current into a supercapacitor.

    The real money to be made in the emerging LENR market place is not in the LENR reactor itself, but in the energy conversion systems that make the energy output of the LENR reactor useful. Only a small fraction of the energy produced by the high temperature LENR reactors is heat. Most of the energy is in other EMF wavelengths and is currently wasted.

    A rectenna system is a cost effective replacement to the pipe choked steam generators housed in a large 40 foot container. The light weight and highly efficient rectenna conversion system will make automotive power plant development easy and open up of huge highly profitable energy market for the LENR reactor.

    For those skilled in the electrical engineering arts and nano-technology, if you are wise and want to profit from the upcoming LENR revolution, if you are really good at what you do and can produce a dominant product, formulate your ideas now and instantiate them into IP and hardware as fast as you can then submit your patents before the rush begins.

    1. Hi Axil

      When do we see your first own build reactor ?

      greets Max

    2. sorry it's t nod d :)

  9. It is disappointing to see the nature of several comments attacking Jed Rothwell in the blog followers section today.

    Too many of the comments attack him as a person rather than listen carefully to what he is saying and accept he has fis POV. We

    don't have to like people to hear what they say but jumping on them rather than logically analyzing the points made because we don't like what they say, tends to feed mob hysteria.

    Doug Marker

    1. He was the first to attack ad hominem and make rude accusations. Even here he said that rossi _lied_ once without any evidence. (Making a minor mistake, if any at all, is not a lie)

    2. Doug, in principle your right - and I fully apologize to Jed for my gut thinking and feeling.
      But he simply went off the path.
      Can't cheer him for sitting in the dungeon with the snakes and lizards (humor).

  10. Axil, as always, providing very interesting thoughts and lines of investigation. Again thanks.

    Doug Marker

  11. It's ooh soo easy to get drawn into the forum wars - spending all your time talking to people with an opposite belief turning every stone of argumentation backwards and forward. :D

  12. The Rossi saga has become a religion!.

    There are two sides, "the church of Rossi" and the "athiests".

    Just as in my studies of religion and the people involved, I see the same mind set. The "church of Rossi" has to abide by faith. There truly is very little hard, substantiated evidence of what he has. Just like religious people believing in miracles. They evidently do happen, but they are almost never truly confirmed. On the other hand, the "atheist" just cannot accept anything that is not 100% confirmed by the test standards they themselves often measure by.

    Both sides have become so entrenched, that for many, it is no longer about "truth". They have tied their personal "self view" with their religious standing. For many, a criticism of Rossi is a direct slander against them!

    It has become that any criticism of Rossi is an unreasonable, agenda based crusade backed by the mythical PTB, big oil, etc. etc.

    For the "anti-Rossi", many have come to the point where nothing that he says or is shown can be valid, regardless of the source or situation. Since they are "denouncing" Rossi, his claims are so big that if they are true, they will appear completely foolish when / if proven. So they become even more entrenched and verbally abrasive as time goes along.

    Just look at the creation versus evolution crowd. I see an exact mirror here. The evolution crowd calls the creationist "fools", "stupid" because they have faith and do not follow "the rigor of true science". The creationist call the evolutionist "deluded", "arrogant" etc. because they make up facts to support their belief instead of truly examining the big picture. That they have not more "real science" than they!.

    Neither side is willing to lay their personal faith aside and say "in the best interest, let's both look at both sides with open minds".

    Sadly the Rossi saga has become a religion!


    1. Hey Bob,

      You're right "church of Rossi" is praying hate all day long.
      The "athiests" - ahh you mean "artists" simply believe in the free mind.

      No one is entrenched.

      Criticism is - seeking truth.

      Yeah :)

      Is there discourse - both is true ?

      Exactly it should - but one side is not playing along ..

      No :)


    2. there is a problem which says that when a woodworker meets any problem he immediately reduce it to be a problem of hammer, nail and piece of wood. Since you are studying religions you identify the arguments of those who believe in rossi and those who dont to be emotional only. The thruth about LENR is now clear, LENR is a scientific phenomena proved (although conservative scientists still deny it, like in any paradigma shift). If LENR is true there us no special reason to suspect that Rossi found a practical way to use it. The ecats passed well neutral experiments (FERRARA experiment, LUGANO experiment, annual 1MW experiment). Now some of the non believers in Rossi don't have the dignity to admit that they were wrong ( based on these experiments) chose as their last
      argument the claim that all these 3 experiments are scams and that all the neutral persons who judged the experiments are either part of the scam or "idiots". Jed Rothwell is a very good example of denials of the the last typical: his ugly words make him sound pathetic and not convincing at all.

  13. Max,
    I read 4 blogs from time to time. Vortex-L, E-CatWorld, Ego Out(this one) and LENR Forum.

    From what I read, my view is that the "church of Rossi" has much faith in Rossi and is not swayed or refuses to consider theories that cast a negative light on him. All entities that are "against Rossi" are evil and criminal. I would not go so far as to say they are "hating" all day, but certainly are very prejudice! "Prejudging one before all the facts are known."

    The "atheist" often view themselves as "superior". More informed and have the ability to discern "truth" from no more than hearsay or vague, unsubstantiated tidbits. They really have no more fact to judge Rossi on than the believers have to proclaim victory on!

    Both sides have now become personal, with name calling, descriptive verbage as "stupid", "criminals", etc. etc. With no reason to do so. Neither side has proven fact.

    I will use Jed Rothwell as an example. (Hopefully I am not too far off the mark here Jed! :) ) Jed has a lot of contacts. He probably DOES know a lot more than most here in the so called peanut gallery and perhaps HAS seen actual data/facts/proof to back up what he says. HOWEVER... if he cannot publicly present his data/facts/proof, in MY OPINION, he should not publicly use abrasive words such as stupid and ignorant. I have not problem with him disagreeing. If his sources are NDA, then aggressive, abrasive wording should also be NDA!

    Critics often complain that Rossi posts such marvelous things but never gives proof that they exist. Well, one should not issue such pointed criticism if one cannot give proof that the harsh criticism is justified. I do not mean to say Jed cannot disagree, but personally, I would never publicly call someone stupid without presenting the facts proving it! (Really I would hope I would never call anyone stupid, perhaps uninformed, perhaps misinformed, perhaps naive.)

    So to recap, I do not give the "atheist" much more credit than the "church". They both acting badly in my opinion. (This is not to say that All Rossi supporters are in the "church" or that all critics are "Atheists". Just the ones that act so!)


    1. What Rossi himself reported already is stupid and ignorant. His own words condemn him. He claims the flow meter measures exactly 36 tons of water a day. He claims that even though the I.H. expert insisted on visiting the customer site, there was no need for that, so he did not allow it.

      The "customer" is obviously fake. Anyone who investigates will see that it is shell company, created by Rossi's own lawyer, which has no employees, has conducted no business, paid no taxes, and has no equipment that has been checked for safety. Obviously, industrial equipment that consumes 1 MW of process heat has to be inspected. Also, what would a chemical distribution company in a small warehouse do with 1 MW of process heat? Revelations like this -- which come from Rossi himself -- prove he is a fraud.

      You do not need any more information from him to see that he stupid, ignorant and fraudulent, but the data and equipment description from him is appalling and it includes much more proof of this.

    2. I must "rest my case"! Please consider the two above posts. 1) From Anonymous who has stated that the "ecats passed well neutral experiments". Stating Lugano as one. His "pro" Rossi stance will not allow him to consider that these tests are indeed in question and that there has been no real evidence.

      Jed, likewise has seen the Lugano report and has a complete different view. Stating it is greatly flawed and shows nothing.

      Both have a completely different view of Rossi. What facts is this based upon? Bad tests and also assumptions. Assumptions that shoddy test does not prove fraud (as stated) It can be indicative of fraud, but does not prove it.

      The religion is that one views all evidence criticizing Rossi as invalid or provided through biased eyes. The religion also views all that is even slightly supportive or possible is invalid or provided through biased eyes. It is really not much different.

      I must say, using history, Rossi does not have a lot going for him, based upon the very limited "hard" information I have. However, IH DID spend 10 MILLION dollars on Rossi. Surely they did due diligence and did investigative work that must have lead them at least to the POSSIBILITY that Rossi had something.

      Personally, I have not seen enough hard facts that I can draw an "definite" conclusion. I cannot call Rossi a fraud. I cannot state he has something. I can state his history is ripe with questionable tactics. I also cannot personally prove one out and out lie that is reasonably explained by language barrier, etc. (He may have, I just cannot prove it)

      So the religion has brought about inconsolable sides! I can truthfully say "I do not absolutely know the case about the eCat or Rossi". I tend to think he is probably a little deluded. I think he probably has something, but not a commercial ready 1mw plant. It may be 1.1 COP, it may not be.

      I can talk to people of either camp and it does not effect me because as Mark Twain once said when asked a question... "I will gladly give you THE answer.... I do not know!"

      Have a good day.

  14. The only theory that I have heard as to why Rossi's ecat doesn't work is that he is scam artist. I don't consider that much of an alternate theory. They have not produced one piece of evidence that the ecat doesn't work, other than various ideas as to how Rossi has performed some sort of slight of hand. The only contrary information I have read is regarding the computation of the COP factor in the Lugano experiment and that is in dispute. Constant belittlement of people that follow Rossi and find that what he has done and said shows promise, is tiring. Instead of approaching Rossi's invention and claims in a scientific manor he has been labeled a fraud with no justification other than a previous business venture Italy that went sour. I am not a believer in Rossi but I find what he has done so far extremely interesting and, yes, believable.

    1. Robert Dorr wrote: "The only theory that I have heard as to why Rossi's ecat doesn't work is that he is scam artist. I don't consider that much of an alternate theory."

      That is not what I.H. and I have said. We say that there were "flawed measurements" using "unsuitable measuring devices."

      "They have not produced one piece of evidence that the ecat doesn't work, other than various ideas as to how Rossi has performed some sort of slight of hand."

      That is false. No one has said sleight of hand is involved. The methods and instruments are absurd. They are grossly wrong. The instruments are the wrong types, deployed in ways that do not work correctly, and they produce meaningless numbers. For example (as has been pointed elsewehere) unless the pressure was 1 atm or less, the water was not boiling. Most of the enthalpy Rossi computed disappears from that alone.

      Also, Rossi has not given you one piece of evidence that the ecat does work. I just now gave you far more information than he has revealed. Everything I say is based on information from him, that he does not want made public.

      Ask Rossi why he has not provided any technical details.

    2. That's what you say Jed, but that's the problem, it is just what you say, you have provided no evidence other than what you say. Name the instruments, site the actual numbers, describe the faulty measurements in detail, not just what "you say".

  15. Rossi has invented an Earth-shaking technology. So let him build a steam generator and heat a building over the winter. ANY building. Heat the building and then show your electric meter, show how little input power you used.

    That would settle everything. No more mystery customers, no more flaky suspicious test protocols, no more claims. Just heat a building with it and then it will be settled. After doing that, he can auction off his technology to the highest bidder, and retire a billionaire.

    If he is not taking this simple route to achieving both personal wealth and planetary benefit, it's because he can't.