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Prior to Rossi, LENR had primarily been a laboratory phenomenon. Ross first announced and then publically demonstrated his technology in 2011. The announcement was generally ignored by the press as at the time as cold fusion, the original name for LENR, was believed to have been proved not to exist some 20 years before. (Tom Whipple- see paper 5) below) 


WHERE.? WHAT? HOW? WHY? WHY NOT? - basic questions of Cold Fusion LENR that have lead me to my basic starting ideas:


Obviously Science will have the last word and will say the essence, but just now, in this very critical- in a way "now or never" times engineering is the key.
I think that Andrea Rossi has built a working LENR device at the technological level-
you can think differently- no trouble, I have stated long ago that "Differences in opinion attract people and repel only those who are not so."(probably the greatest idiocy I ever said!) 

I have asked Andrea Rossi for a really short, one-question INTERVIEW.


You have found a Solution of the massive, long term Excess heat by LENR Problem.
What has contributed Science (as Nuclear Physics) and what has contributed Technology (as engineering, empirical trials) to the solution?


Good question.
I started from the inspiration given to us all from the Fleischmann-Pons  work. This has been their merit.
This means that I started assuming their theory was good and tried to replicate, but this was unsuccessful.
After that I studied theoretically the matter and at the same time made many different experiments with the available technology, therefore it is very difficult to answer, albeit your question is intriguing. Theoretical intuition and experimental error and trial process developed together like brain and heart in the development of a human being. Theoretical study has supplied ideas, for example the book of Norman Cook for me has been a gold mine; technology has been the fundamental base to make experiments.
Edison said that an invention is made  10% by inspiration, 90 % by perspiration: I think that good part of the perspiration is made by inspiration, I mean they grow up together within an inscindible dialectic process of synthesis.

Thanks, dear Andrea, yes SYNTHESIS is a word great as a whole world!

The Web-mirrored Rossi-IH disputes continues with niceties like" those who are continuing now to defend Rossi are naive (euphemism for mentally retarded), It is fine that the slogan is still "shutdown Rossi' and not "shoot Rossi and his supporters"

In the midst of the tempest we are not allowed to silence the voice of reason, equilibrium, wisdom. Read please what has Edmund Storms said: 


-We all agree that the LENR process is real. We all agree that significant excess energy can be made when unknown and rarely produced conditions are applied to certain materials.  I think we all can agree that the LENR effect can operate in NiH just as it operates in PdD.  The basic question is whether Rossi found a way to cause significant energy to be made by LENR using NiH.   All of his actions make sense If we assume he was successful.  

Put yourself in his shoes. You discover a heat source worth trillions but can not get patent protection for your idea. Your only protection is secrecy. Once the successful recipe is generally known, you have lost any claim to financial reward. The amount of money involved eliminates trust being part of any future business relationship.  Consequently, Rossi is forced to play a very dangerous and difficult game involving deception and in some cases lying.  This problem would not exist if patent protection were available.  

I predict this same problem will affect all efforts to commercialize the LENR effect.  A person only has two choices. If he finds a method to make a material nuclear active, he either has to make it know to the public and then gain mainly fame (aka Tesla), or keep it secret while trying to raise money to create a commercial product on your own.  Naturally, some exaggeration, fraud, and lying would be involved because people do not like to give money without knowing the secret, which cannot be revealed.  I do not excuse or support Rossi, but I do understand his problem. The problem lies squarely in the patent office and the DOE. A no win situation has been created by the skeptics. 
 I believe Rossi made sure he revealed nothing of value about his process and provided false leads to keep people from finding his method.  I believe he had not mastered the method well enough for commercial use and needed money to do this.  IH provided some of this money, but without being told the secret method to activate the material. IH does not want to spend 89M$ unless they know the secret, which is reasonable but contrary to Rossi's self-interest. So we will see the mud fly and watch one more father being eaten alive.  

Meanwhile, the CO2 in the air keeps rising and the fission reactors keep getting older and more brittle. 

Thanks, dear Ed! however I hope your pessimism is not justified. Isn't LENR  a gang of Survivors? (With some, temporary, exceptions.)


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8) Andrea Rossi- from now on we are ready to receive orders for 1MW plants with consignement in a few weeks
Andrea Rossi: "da adesso" pronti a ricevere ordini per gli impianti da 1MW con consegna in poche settimane.

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  2. I do agree with you Peter that Edmund Storms contributed a large amount of wisdom to this debate. I was positively surprised that this statement came from him, because of his background in the academia world. It really takes wisdom to see from one camp to the other. I am sure that everyone who has tried to see things from the other party's side has experienced how hard it is with all the obstacles we created over time.
    I am absolutely sure that the patent institution is obsolete. It is just an arena where lawyers can earn their keep. Protection to get a revenue stream going (think that is the base idea for the patent institution) is not possible today: secret patents!, big money ignoring patents, etc.
    As Edmund point out secrecy is the only option and to make that work you need to be borderline lying and at least exaggerate your position.
    Yes, there is a chance that Rossi, fooled as all. I do not think so. To many not so gullible parties has sworn that it works and thereby risking their position. There is no gain for Rossi, who would end up with more egg on his face than he can handle, and totally broke.
    I am sure IH are professionals. They have a dilemma because they have a massive set of rules to live up to.(i.e. SEC). I am sure they can handle the money ($89M)They cannot deal with the critic if they have no product or way to recoup their investment, going ahead would make heads roll in their organization. The previous ten millions are OK as it is part of what they are doing - risking investors money in difficult project and hoping for a great ROI sometimes.(Get one of ten and then at least break even on 2-3 out of ten.)
    I guess the situation is stalemate and I think Rossi will have to give in something to get negotiations going. IH are locked without something to show. Rossi has more freedom and can act.
    I hope we can handle the CO2 until those guys sit down at the table. They need a moderator.

    1. Dear Lennart,

      please write some publishable opinion paper for my Blog.

  3. You will see twists and turns from the good dottore. But you will never see a working e-cat.

    1. Not important, but you will see it and will use it.
      I bet.

  4. more and more I think that conundruml was unavoidable with that way to fund E-cat.

    the theory of IH "supporters" is that Rossi keep key part of the know-how.

    Rossi is known to trust nobody.

    I propose to analyse the problem in term of game theory and prisoners dilemma.

    when you have an upfront license like Defkalion or Rossi proposed, you have more or less a single chance dilemma.

    someone not trusting others, will immediately imagine to be screwed, and demand to be paid first.
    someone trusting humanity will pay even if his need are not yet fully satisfied, but can be later.

    in fact the IH/rossi agreement is an increasing stake iterated prisoner dilemma.
    each time IH paid first to see, and he did not obtaine fully what he asked.

    one strategy that is advised in iterated dilemma is "eye for eye" (donnant-donnant).
    when the prive started to be painful, IH asked after failure to deliver properly, the final delivery before final payment.

    there is another model.
    you pay small amount, but regularly, and you see what you get.
    you then have access to what is produced, pieve by piece.
    you can even get income from the partner's income, and thus feel that your success is his success.

    the fear is that onve you abandnned your know how, people will ignore you. but this is forgetting that competence, experience, knowhow gives value to people, to teams, to companies.

    of course you cannot be rich like Rockefeller, based on a monopoly, but anyway the short answer is that you cannot be rich by billions if you don't invest a billion.

    note also that if one license owner have agreement with many scientists and companies, and if he screw one, he will lose all other partners trust, and you cannot make business without some trust. having many partners is the guaranty that you will treat them well.

    it is essential that each actor who cooperate feel he need the other.

    maybe today one of the partner in IH/Rossi agreement feel he no more need the other, and just negotiate.

    I guess who feel he need nobody be cause he is the king.

    I wish to the few scientists who do cooperate, and for the investors who cooperate by investing, to show that even when you are late, if you cooperate you can go faster.

  5. Poor Edmund Storms is so profoundly ignorant and delusional that he hasn't even kept up with Rossi's latest lie. Rossi abandoned "nickel-hydrogen reactions" last year in favor of "proton-lithium-7 fusion" with no emission of ionizing radiation and no residual radioactivity. You would think that Storms, the LENR King, would at least show enough interest to be aware of the latest Rossi bs. I understand that he has tried to "duplicate" Rossi's results without success. Well maybe he should throw a little lithium in there. Or maybe take some lithium orally; it's supposed to be good for manic depressive disorder, so maybe it would work for delusional disorder as well.

    1. No wonder you call yourself "anonymous." It must help when you are being so slanderously rude in public to know that you'll never be held accountable for it.

    2. And "psi2u2" is SO much more revealing than "anonymous." Why don't you try pulling your head out of your ass before you make any more comments on "cold fusion"? BTW, in written form, it's "libel" not "slander" you dopey butt nugget.

  6. That was a poor comment of an anonymous guy.
    Besides the opinions did not make any scientific determination, I guess the subject just passed above you. It was all about human relations. The words that comes to mind are evil and clumsy.

    1. Lithium for you too, knucklehead. And maybe some lumosity.com.

  7. Regarding: LENR Lithium Size Matters

    This article hit all my hot buttons, but the assumed fundamental LENR cause: hot fusion is not valid. LENR is caused by nucleon decay into mesons. Muons will produce a fusion reaction in many cases but LENR fundamentally results from the disruption of the nucleus through the decay of protons and neutrons.

    These high pressure hydride formation processes must produce superconductivity which thermalizes gamma radiation. This process involves the compression of the hydrogen chemical bonds into a symmetric configuration through metallization of the hydride under high compression. Monopole magnetic flux tubes produced by Surface Plasmon Polaritons embedded inside a superconductive environment produces nucleon decay into mesons and subsequent nuclear reconfiguration. It's as simple as that.

  8. Hello Peter
    This is a comment from Ecat world.
    Don't worry about the lawsuit.
    awsuit in Europe and Rossi has a clear road ahead. Once he starts his production in Europe, the lawsuit will be a moot point. We should all expect very good news very soon!.
    Per Rossi
    Is the production and appearance on market delayed? By how much?
    AR: it will be accelerated, because they were a brake
    3) Does Rossi need new investors and money to get the production started?
    AR: no
    4) What obstacles other than remaining R&D are there now to get production and sales
    So he has the money.. he has the robotized factory... he has no obstacles... HydroFusion should be accepting binding purchase orders within the next month. No secret customers, no hands being tied. There is no need of any argument or discussion.... Simply wait a month and see all the binding Purchase Orders coming in. The certainly there will be multiple companies that will jump at the chance for HUGE free publicity of being one of the first to use 100% clean, affordable energy and to lead the fight against global warming!. So no more secret customers!

  9. The desperation exposed in Jed Rothwell's lust to be part of cold fusion is a pitiful tesstimony on the camp follwers of this field. Petty, angry, hostile pissants forming the that Rothwell so prefectly represents far out number the real participants in the field. Rothwell has demonstrated his arrogant vile character over and over for decades the twisted creep that he is so clearly proven to be by his own words.

  10. Where I come from we call that being brave and outspoken and then hide in mummy's skirt. Great job anonymous. You could change your signture to 'coward' - fits better.