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Double Editorial- re the LENR BRAINCHILDREN presented yesterday..


Dear Professors,

This is an Open Message to you

1. I think you were aware about the risks of associating with Andrea Rossi but also about the importance of a positive report. There is no return, no pardon, no mercy- if you have started (twice) you must continue.

2. Your optical calorimetry is black, actually incandescent, art and you surely knew that any possible error will be magnified till it it is greater than the Report itself. So you have to prepare supplementary and alternative proofs; perhaps you have to collaborate with Alexander Parkhomov who has appeared as a savior for your Report.

3. Andrea Rossi says he is indebted to you for your work, everybody  who knows you more closely says you are working hard for the Cause- 2000W and 1.5 MWatt.hours are wonderful data
generating big hope and great expectation- I dare to think it is your duty of honor and of genuine professionalism to CONFIRM these data.
Thank you in advance for the care and education of your Brainchild!


Dedicated with respect to Dr. Edmund Storms, leading LENR researcher, author of the best LENR books, erudite the most knowledgeable scientist of the classic LENR field.

1. Storms' theory /model is self-consistent logically, is logically built, but it is based on erroneous premises, assumptions and perceptions and on self-limited, selected, non-global experimental facts.
The author believes in the unity and unformity of LENR and therefore considers that the already known facts from the PdD LNR systems can solve the problems of all LENR systems using transition metal- light hydrogen too (as NiH) including the systems with enhanced excess heat release- I call these LENR+. I believe in the diversity and differentiation of the LENR systems

2.  2. All the three basic assumptions of the model need to be demonstrated and cannot believed without examination. These assumptions are: 
a). The process does not conflict with any known natural law in chemistry or physics.
b). A single mechanism causes all observed behavior with the nuclear products being determined only by the reacting elements, which include the isotopes of hydrogen
and impurity elements in the material.
c). All isotopes of hydrogen can be involved in the process.

a) Nothing can exist being in conflict with the Natural Laws so this is not significant in not specific- it is just a message to the hostile skeptics. The real question is WHICH natural laws are used by, applied to LENR? For example, Nanoplasmonics is ignored even as a possibility.

b) Why only one mechanism for all the LENR systems? It is absolutely no reason to have the same mechanism for such a great diversity of systems, in such a broad range of temperatures, for so many approaches and devices. There can be some general features but this will not interfere with the necessity  to judge and consider different system very specifically.

c) Heavy hydrogen and light hydrogen have dissimilar behaviour in different systems (H does not work with  Pd while deuterium is a stopper for Piantelli’s NIH system.

3. I strongly disagree with the cracks as NAE model.
I have anticipatedly agreed with the NAE concept, see please: , I agree with the idea that NOT the normal material lattice is the place where the unexpected reactions take place but I oppose to the 
random, simple, unpredictable, intractable and destructive nan-ocracks inside the lattice- smart, manageable, actionable, dynamic and constructive nano-structures on the very surface. Like nano-antennas.
Ed Storms starts with the right idea however - in my opinion- goes in the wrong direction- inside the broken, ruptured surface. Just to remark that for high intensity heat release (say 1kW/gram) the metal would evaporate if the loci are "inside" This is an old discussion:

4. I am unable to find the smallest "raison d’etre" for the Hydroton - a linear molecular structure made of hydrogen atoms  not interacting with the walls of the crack- however LENR is very material-specific. My limitation or the theory's?

5. I think nothing supports this idea of Ed Storms:
 “The observed heat energy results from fusion involving all isotopes of hydrogen, with D+D producing helium-4, H+D producing tritium, and H+H producing deuterium."
For the NiH system please look to the papers of Piantelli et al from:  please also consider Piantelli's new patents. NO chance for simplistic H + H reactions.
6. The theory is technologically hopeless, solves no problem of understanding or scal
e-up or development. How could it explain the results of the Lugano Test- 2000W/gram metal- ultra-fast cracking or thousands of hydrotons per second? I don't know about any application of it experimentally with some progress. attained- and in different forms the theory is with us for at least two years.

7.  The Storms theory contradicts my own dearest ideas as interestingness- complexity, unknowns always more important than knowns in problem solving, then surface dynamics, LENR+ 

I have long ago lost my infallibility, so please take what I has told here with pounds of sea-salt,
however the fans of this theory have an inclination to deny the existence of enhanced excess heat systems. Therefore I dare to think, why not restrict the theory to PdD wet systems where it originated?

A few potentially useful Quotations

Nature is the source of all true knowledge. She has her own logic, her own laws, she has no effect without cause nor invention without necessity. (Leonardo da Vinci)

Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end. (Leonard Nimoy)

Logic: The art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the human misunderstanding. Ambrose Bierce

Most of the mistakes in thinking are inadequacies of perception rather than mistakes of logic.
Edward de Bono

Logical thinking is that safe and beaten path on which you can go from one swamp to an other. (Karoly Simonyi)

 Based on logic, we cannot distinguish the possible from the impossible (One of the many Laws of Murphy)


A long video about Parkhomov replicating Rossi
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