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The young man knows the rules, but the old man knows the exceptions.
(Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.)

My old Ego is trying hard to tell you what he has learned and still learns however deep inside my conscience my young Ego is a fierce critic of my ideas and deeds.
Yes-men are useless so perhaps this state of permanent internal contradiction is not intellectual schizophrenia but, on contrary a form of hidden harmony between things that are not opposite but complementary.For discussion about theory it is better to start with the young Ego because it is more thirsty for significance and sense, logic, rationality, unity., universal laws.
The old Ego suffers from depression due to the many cases of perfect logic connected to unrealistic assumptions. He has learned that interesting times means bad times and interesting problems are many times much too interesting to be well solved. 
We are focused today on replications and both Egos agree these are problems of rules, not exceptions, of discipline and not of creativity. I hate the word, abused in many languages "humility"- but for replications it is OK.
We have today interesting news that are not all exactly what they seem.

The great sensation of the day: 

Mr. Putin, is the announcement of a new energy source, imminent? Putin, รจ imminente l'annuncio di una nuova fonte energetica?
(post di Andrea Rampado)

Andrea Rampado: private Ukrainian Lab Replicated Parkhomov, Detected Neutrons

The paper was immediately signaled by the Russian Cold Nuclear Fusion and Ball Lightnings 
website too:


This is a very interesting work, but it is not a genuine Lugano-Parkhomov replication. To make replication means first of all to have the same aim, the same target and at Lugano and at Parkhomov this was excess power, excess heat at very high density. The Ukrainian team/company is searching for other things, as the author has answered to me:

"Hello Peter, I try to be pragmatic)) Scientists I visited, they are not working to produce energy, it is not their primary purpose. Their purpose is to provide a source of neutrons economic.
The calorimetry system I've seen, I do not think reliable, on the contrary, the systems of neutron measurements that I have seen, are among the most precise and advanced"

The results are very interesting but for the time given, I think it is not allowed to mix them in any way with the Rossi-Lugano-Parkhomov data. Another goose in another bag, as we say here.
Experiment but not real replication.

From the LENR-FORUM:

For more information about the Ugo Abundo replication check this link:

Everything looks fine just for the start adding of nano-iron and working at lower tempearures 

is planned, i.e. this begins as a Warm Cat, not a Hot Cat experiment. Based on what I have seen till now, I think for the Hot Cats, temperature (>1100C) is the most important factor and thr TRIGGER, the recipe can be reduced the the basic factors- nickel and H releasing metallic hydride. (This can be an error)

For more information about the Brian Ahern attempt, which is currently in calibration, check this link:
http://www.lenr-forum.com/forum/index.php/Thread/1181-Brian-Ahern-Parkhomov-replication/ Something happens just now!?

Advantages of Using of Furnace Based Model for Rossi-Type Reactor Replication (Pec Ypc)                                                                                                       http://www.e-catworld.com/2015/03/17/advantages-of-using-of-furnace-based-model-for-rossi-type-reactor-replication-pec-ypc/
This is a variant of wireless reactors, let's see how the problems of control and of excess heat measurement will be solved. How can the tst be made actionable!

Strange event: Jack Cole succeeds to melt an alumina tube:
Waiting for details.

Cold Fusion spreading like wildfire

Andrea Rossi does not like the electron capture idea and says this convincingly
Andrea Rossi
March 16th, 2015 at 8:16 AMApril:
The electron capture happens ( very rarely) only when the atomic nucleus contains a superabundance of protons, which is not our case. The theories that try to explain LENR with electron capture contain basic errors, about which I already have written, due to lack of knowledge of elementary Physics laws and can only add confusion to an already complicated matter. My sensation is that among most of LENR “experts” ( either positively or negatively biased) is maintained the following equation:
Physics pages written : Physics pages studied = 100 : 1
This does not help.
Warm Regards,

Andrea Rossi
March 16th, 2015 at 4:35 PM

Ing. Michelangelo De Meo:
I repeat the answer already given to the comment of “April” few hours ago.
I could also add:
E = BSc^2
where BS stays for Bull S….
Should this equation be true, with the theories I read regarding electron capture in LENR we could move all the high speed trains of the world for millions of years.
Not to mention the tragicomic reference to ” very fast changes of pressure”: what does mean very fast ??? Where are the numbers? Where is the Math ? In these reactions one second is an eternity: the average halflife of a virtual particle is 10^-23 s !!! Who controls if a reaction is faster or slower? It appears clearly that these guys have no idea what is a real experiment, what is a real machine, what is real work…in this paradisiac
I suppose to have made clear my opinion.
As my friend Sergio Focardi many times said: ” To understand LENR is not necessary to make exotic Physics, is enough to study seriously the existing Physics”. And I add: ” Without bias”.
Warm Regards,

A positive paper about BlackLightPower and Randy Mills:
THAT ‘MILLSHATTAN PROJECT’ JUST ACROSS THE HUDSONhttp://atom-ecology.russgeorge.net/2015/03/16/that-millshattan-project/


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