Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Happy Birthday, Peter!

May your life be long and healthy
And your home happy and wealthy
Hope you get better some day
We are here and... plan to stay!



  1. Sorry, I was late to see
    That you, Peter celebrated your birthday
    Georgina, congratulate him from me
    I wish him years to stay
    And witness the new fire being lid
    Please tell him to remember
    That Rossi in last week of November
    Will demonstrate his e-cat QX kit!
    It's a 60W 3 QuarkX cluster
    And publication buster.
    (I hope)
    Please recover Peter!

  2. Ecat World covering Dr Rossi QX demonstration.

  3. E-Cat World will be publishing its new content to the domain for that time being.
    Demonstration of DR Rossi QX LENR device almost ready to start.

  4. Hi Georgina, can you tell how Peter is?
    Is any sight on improvement?
    Please tell him he isn't out of my thoughts and convey him my warm regards. Thanks Marc

    1. Dear Marc,

      Thank you for asking and sorry for my late reaction - I was travelling quite a lot lately.

      Peter is back home, feeling better but still very sad because he cannot get back to reading and writing again... I just posted an update I've got from him.

      Looking forward to hearing news from his good readers.

      Best regards,