Monday, September 25, 2017

Kind request for an opened question

My dear friends,

I am old and very ill and I want to take some conclusions of my life.

The most important question I know is if cold fusion has become a technology or not.

Years ago in a phone conversation with Arthur C. Clark, who called me from Sri Lanka I have predicted that the cold fusion will be a useful source of energy that is a technology.
Today I have no idea if I was right or not.

It depends first on Andrea Rossi. If Andrea has indeed a working technology then I was right. If not then we have to wait. I don't know who has the absolute correct answer. Please convey this to Andrea and I am waiting he should tell that to our mentor and friend, A.C. Clark, genius of the first rank, I told the truth or not. This is the most important question for me. Andrea and others can inform people and give any details and publish them in my blog Ego-out which is now administered by my blog associate Georgina and who takes care of my intellectual inheritance.

I can see only with my left eye and I cannot read and cannot write. I am very sorry but my career has ended. Please help me. My daughter will inform me about the situation.

Thank you,


  1. Hi Peter
    Sorry to hear your career is over.
    I looked to you as a Leader in LENR.
    I hope DR Rossi upcoming presentation
    in a few weeks will be positive.
    I will post a link to your request on other blogs.

    Your Friend

  2. Hello Peter
    I posted your request on Rossi blog and A.R.

    Andrea Rossi
    October 1, 2017 at 4:04 PM
    Thank you for this message from Peter Gluck.
    I am very sorry for what happened to his eyes and I strongly hope that he can have the possibility to improve his view. I strongly hope.
    As for what concerns the status of my technology, I gave and am giving all the possible information about our working technology here and in our website
    Peter has direct access to me and he does not need to send for me by anybody: he can contact me personally when he wants: I will be delighted to give him first hand news.
    Please forward him my best wishes and my strong appreciation for his intellectual honesty.
    Warm Regards,

    Best Wishes

  3. Thank you for the active support!
    Will keep you updated...

    Kind regards,

  4. My Dear Peter.

    Sam and I (from send you our grateful thanks for the work you have so selflessly carried out in pursuit of a better world. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Figers crossed for a good recovery. Alan (and Sam)

  5. Message from another friend.

    Peter -
    Wszystkiego najlepszego


  6. Kind feeling to Peter.
    We will make it happen,even if it is complicated...
    people are complicated, not physics.

  7. All the best for you, Peter. You and I know, that we have a very different view of what cold fusion is.

    But that is not so important. We are all human, and thus all ultimate wrong.

  8. Very sad news from peter..
    His work/reports was the only one really interesting because no polluted by bloggers who use forums to make sense of their frustrated follower life.

  9. Dear Peter,

    You have been an inspiration. Thankyou for all the time and intellect you have given to this field.

    LENR is real, it will someday be practical.

    Bob Greenyer

  10. Dear Peter,

    You have been an inspiration, thankyou for your intellect and all the time you have given to the field.

    LENR is real, of that I am now sure. There are methods to transmute matter that can be done with low input energy, even on a grand scale. In time we will learn how to use it for peaceful applications.

    Soon you will be in a position to know everything, say hi from to Arthur when you get there - his writings also inspired me and changed humanity.

    Kind Regards

    Your Friend


  11. Dear Peter
    I've been a relatively silent Cold Fusion watcher, off and on, and have followed your blog, also off and on for a while. You are a bright light, an example of informed optimism, and have made this world a better place. It's from people like you I am learning a 'better way'. I've just heard of your health issues. May your spirit somehow soar even as the body - having so faithfully served you all these years - stumbles and protests the assaults of time.
    Warmly from Toronto Canada,
    Mark Underwood

  12. Дорогой Петр! Поздравляю тебя с 80-тилетием и желаю здоровья!
    Сергей Цветков.

  13. I know you said know videos Georgina.
    But if he is up to it Peter would get
    a lot of this video by listening to it.

  14. Hi Georgina
    I do not know if Peter seen the Nov 27 QX
    demonstration but tell him it looked
    convincing to me that DR Rossi has achieved LENR.

    Peters friend


  15. QX demonstration was November 24 not 27.

  16. Hi,
    I was not checking in here for a while will tell him the good news asap!
    Thank You,

  17. Feel better Peter. It is a privilege to have known you and interacted with you as a friend. You're an inspiration.