Friday, April 17, 2015


Finis coronat opus - the ending crowns the work- in this case ICCF-19 which is over, however MFMP performs a Parkhomov replication just now in Padua- you can see it in live!


Steve Katinski and David Nagel have founded LENRIA, the Industrial Association for LENR- watch! Great slides!

MFMP will try to make replication attempt in Padua (IFFC19)

ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #8: Day 4 Review):

Andrea Rossi
April 17th, 2015 at 8:41 AM
Quinton Heri:
I want to complete my answer with an update regarding Dr Parkhomov.
Yesterday I, for the first time, had a direct conference with him on Skype. He was in Italy for the ICCF with his niece Ecaterina ( nomen omen: Ecat-erina) who translated from Russian to English for him.
He explained to me the scheduled replication he is organizing with more reactors he is preparing and I have been positively impressed by his professionality and his intellectual honesty. He is humble, doesn’t speak too much, has all the signs of a strongly working person. Typical Russian. He honoured me inviting me in Russia, where I will go as soon as I will have completed the 1MW E-Cat test.
Warm Regards,

Before this he wrote:

Andrea Rossi
April 16th, 2015 at 7:11 PM
Quinton Heri:
Yes, I have been informed about Dr Parkhomov and it confirms my impression that the work of Parkhomov is very important. He has in common with me the fact to be a hard worker.
Warm Regards,

From Jim Sweeney's fine blog. Attention here are the statisticl data regarding the
participants at ICCF-19:
Gala Dinner & Friday' s ICCF-19 Windup:

Letters to the Russian Government / V.V. Putin - the issue of cold fusion

ICCF19 — Live Thread (Update #9: MFMP Running GlowStick Test — Live Video Stream)
Direct link to video:

In diretta dall'ICCF-19 di Padova tentativo di fusione fredda "metodo Parkhomov

Parkhomov's nickel and LiAlH4 !

COLD FUSION NOW- Science from ICCF19


Learning how and where to invest from Bill Gates, Google and similar giants:

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