Monday, August 4, 2014


For a new, growing company that tries to develop a novel energy source- S (Strengths) W (weaknesses) and O (Opportunities) determine future life, from beaten to prosperous; however T (threats) is about survival, about continuation or disappearance.

I have performed a SWOT analysis – quite preliminary- of the
E-cat years ago, I want to repeat the action now.
SWO- depends on the performances of the energy generation process: intensity, reproducibility, constancy, reliability, continuity (long term), efficiency (COP!), safety, cleanness,
cheapness, possibilities to further scale up and diversification of applications, no risks and low maintenance, acceptance by the bureaucracy. To not forget the real possibility to convert lowly thermal energy in high currency electric energy. Plus other things that can be discovered/revealed only by hands-on thinking beyond the limits- practice – hidden Black Swans.

As told, these are ideal conditions and all the known energy sources that had been, are, or will be used, fossil, renewable, old, new, existent or just imagined- fulfill these requirements- more or less. The real performances determine Rossi’s necessarily hybrid answer- positive and (not or) negative results and the directions of future research. We can only hope the positive things- as intense long term enhanced excess heat well tempered at high temperatures–will be dominant.

Obviously, Rossi plus Industrial Heat surely are aware that T from SWOT is vital today. T is about terrible things as treason, takeover, theft- these can be very dangerous. The company must protect its intellectual property. This is now a critical task, not easy at all.

Alas, gone are the good ugly days when detractors like Steve Krivit, Gary Wright, Mary Yugo, Joshua Cude etc- all writing well and convincingly and full of hatred like the snake’s teeth of venom, have been so helpful in keeping industrial espionage away- almost for free. With detractors gone, tired, lazy, retired or converted to LENR+ believers- who knows?  - good bye free protection!

Other means have to be used- silence is the most handy. Go in dark, communicate only with those who can help, temporarily eliminate mass-media and kibitzes, postpone scientific communications and let people asking in vain what happens.
Be invisible for the time till your generator is fully operational.
Let news - highly exaggerated news regarding the imminent death of the company circulate freely; do not care. In this stage the network of your partners, customers, true friends, is already woven and can serve as life net- in case.

Silence is not made for Rossi- ha can be far from perfect but he likes people and is structurally, a showman, likes his blog and needs communication. Or the illusion of it.

We can take for sure that both Rossi and IH like nice, curious,
Ecatphiliacs and Ecat fans- however not so much  as creating problems for themselves; these friends will receive, interesting, even captivating news but nothing essential till the much expected Report of the Professors regarding the long term functioning of the Hot Cat (not the 1MW Warm Cat). In meantime –as an ‘Apage Satanas’ formula it is obsessively repeated that the results can be positive or negative, without
defining what does this mean. By the way, only poor masochists
are able to continue chasing negative results for months.
For me the big question is how much will this Report say about ash, about the real reactions that generate heat. In which extent will be the old cold fusion paradigm shattered? It is normal that no know-how elements will be disclosed.

Rossi has not revealed his technological principles, has patented processes very loosely connected to what he really does and knows, and has made a disproportionately great fuss around the unpatentable stuff- very wise, and 99% of his fans believe his patenting strategy is unjustly oppressed.

ADDENDA- an other means of protection- patents.
(take care please this part is not very important and what I say can hurt your feelings, read it at your own responsibility.)

In 1980 after some 10 fine (I don’t dare to say ‘glorious”) years
of work as research leader at OLTCHIM see: we were forced to move to a big city, Cluj where the parents of my wife took
care of our son, incurably ill. It was no choice; our new workplace is shown here:
The institute was specialized mainly in syntheses at the lab level
and because I did not accepted to lose contact with industrial
research, I have established a long term collaboration with OLTCHIM to study the trends and improvements in their technologies. In great part, this was based on reading, understanding, evaluating and classifying a lot of patents for processes. I am emphasizing “processes’ because for “product patents” the things are different.
My main source of patent info was the Referativnyi Zhurnal Khimia- the Russian equivalent – really good- of Chemical Abstracts. I had to read a lot of patents found lots of ideas; some were compared with offers of the companies, tested in lab,
pilot plants, or compared with what the competition says, converted in research projects etc., etc. The list of translated and analyzed patent abstracts and patents in extenso became very long, we had many failures and a few successes. I am workaholic and I enjoyed this activity. I think it gave me the possibility to learn a lot about creativity, inventiveness and problem solving. However some of my conclusions seem negative; actually they are just realistic:

By studying the patent literature of a process, you learn the mythology, not the history of that process.”

Now I will add this in a new form- more adapted to the “protection by fantasy patents” issue
Paraphrasing this quote: “One great use of words is to hide our thoughts.” (Voltaire)
we can say:
“A good use of (some) process patents is to hide our real processes”

You will decide if these principles are relevant for the subject of this writing.

Notice: my patent search and other activities were brutally interrupted by an event that has changed my life for ever.
It is so well described by the tenor part of my all favorite opera duet:
It has happened on March 24, 1989- the start of a great, and till now, rather unhappy, love.

Un dì, felice, eterea,    One day, you, happy, ethereal,
Mi balenaste innante,   appeared in front of me
E da quel dì tremante   and ever since, trembling,
Vissi d'ignoto amor.    I lived from unknown love.



  1. Peter,

    Interesting that you raise the matter of patents. As a reminder to other readers, the EPO had advised Andrea Rossi on 19-Oct-2012 they planned to reject his application for a LENR patent. Then on 20-Dec-2012 they granted a patent for a LENR reactor to Piantelli. In April 2013 Rossi filed an objection to the granting of the Piantelli patent and month on month (right up to June 2014) has been filing documents in support of his request that the Piantelli grant of a patent be overturned.

    The above activity has now been going on for over 18 months. So, as of today, Rossi's patent has still not been finally rejected and Piantelli's not overturned.

    It seems clear to me that much of the activities of Andrea Rossi over the past 18 months are directly linked to this battle he has going to get Piantelli's patent grant overturned and to prevent his patent application being rejected.

    I will leave it to readers to add speculate as to Andrea Rossi's motives but will add that IMHO, Andrea Rossi has been doing all he can to get someone to back his LENR claims but thus far hasn't succeeded. If he had then he would have used such evidence to attempt to reverse the pending rejection from the EPO. It seems to me he has a vested interest in dragging his claims out for as long as he can. The moment he stops, it would appear that the EPO could finally reject his patent and that then lays open their rejection of Rossi's opposition to the grant of a patent to Piantelli.

    Piantelli's saga -

    Rossi's saga -

    Some observations:
    The battle over the patents does not appear to prove one way or another that the technology does what is claimed.

    Should Andrea Rossi have his EPO patent finally rejected, he will have to deal with some very angry investors to whom he sold licenses to resell 'eCat reactors' (via Mr Roger Green). Andrea Rossi has not explained the rights and status of those investors who purchsed rights to resell, allowing that he says he sold the rights to the US partner.


    1. Welcome back!
      yes it is a complex patent story - the ugliest point was the ferocious attack against the Piantelli EP-Patent via Stremmenos.
      I have asked more times: what would Rossi do with a good patent
      that describes well the process used in practice by IH now.
      He needs a kind of vanity patent that reveals nothing about reality.

  2. "Alas, gone are the good ugly days when detractors like Steve Krivit, Gary Wright, Mary Yugo, Joshua Cude etc- all writing well and convincingly and full of hatred like the snake’s teeth of venom, have been so helpful in keeping industrial espionage away- almost for free. With detractors gone, tired, lazy, retired or converted to LENR+ believers- who knows? - good bye free protection! "
    Peter, I am sorry but that is silly. The reason Rossi was "protected" from competition is because he never had his ecat properly tested. The Swedish scientists did a horrible job. They bungled it, leaving many ways for Rossi to cheat. And of course, Rossi's reputation as a convicted felon and an unreliable contracting agent (the DOD thermoelectric fiasco) didn't help him either!

    Rossi's detractors aren't "gone". Rossi is doing very little of note these days except predicting that the latest test results could be "positive or negative". He only left out "indeterminate". So what is there to detract from-- neither Rossi nor Industrial Heat has done anything of note in the past 18 months! Let him announce another botched test and I am sure the usual critics will be happy to comment.

    The exception is Krivit. He did a comprehensive job of documenting Rossi's criminal past, Rossi's cheating of DOD out of millions for thermoelectric devices which never worked, and his faking the steam on the ecat videos. Krivit's articles remain on his web site and Rossi has not sued him not challenged the findings and conclusions in any way. That should tell you something!

    By the way, how is Defkalion doing? Far as I can tell, their web site is completely gone and their account is suspended. How long has that been? Several months now, I think. Hardly the sign of a successful company is it?

    1. Mary,

      How would you go about testing a machine that radiates RF much stronger than an MRI? Would you use a thermal camera to measure temperatures?

    2. Axil,

      I don't understand the question. Did you mean a magnetic field or RF energy? RF energy is measured with a field strength meter.

      You can use a non-contact infrared thermometer or imaging camera to measure high surface temperatures. Your question has a point?

      I have a question for you. Did you read Rossi's newest example of foot-in-mouth disease on his bizarre blog he calls JONP? It's this bit of idiocy and ignorance:

      Because we need to drive the reactor for safety reasons and we cannot drive a reactor by means of itself.
      Arm Regards

      REALLY? Why can't you feed back a small amount of drive energy through some control mechanism from the output of a highly exothermic device? I can think of several ways to do it reliably. Rossi can't?

      Of course he can't. All the power output of the ecat comes from the mains line. And the only reason the output seems larger than the input is because of deception in the measurement method. At the output in earlier ecats and at the input in the current so-called hot cats.

    3. Rossi controls his reactor through heat. He does not have a way to regulate heat output to avoid meltdown. He does not have a way to produce electricity from heat in every contingency as a control mechanism to run stand along.

      This lack of understanding of the Ni/H reactor makes your opinions worthless.

  3. Dear Mary,

    Believe me or not I am really happy to hear from you.
    We have that already discussed and you know well it is silly saying it is sily.
    It is otherwise not more time for words- just for facts.
    Rossi's report (I am explaining what negative means) and DGT's genarator will appear and then you have to explain that they are not real. Or not and
    then LENR/HENI is in deep trouble ad my inerancy will become volatile.
    If you want write more and demonstrate you and pals were a great threat for Rossi- please; I have told sincerely you are writing well

    1. Peter,

      The reason we (the skeptics) are a threat for Rossi and Defkalion is that we can see through their deceptions because we are looking for them. You are much too well meaning, kind, and trusting so you are not looking for deception and therefore not finding it. Too bad.

    2. Dear Mary,

      Skeptics is mild euphemism, the best word is "bravos" but it is not well known by many...
      This is wishful thinking- what has poor Rossi lost due to the attacks against him? Was he shut down as Gary wants? Has he lost supporters, friends, potential customers? He seems to be alive and well- and the report will come; do you think it will be 100% negative- no trace of excess heat for 6 months/ or 100% scam- energy stolen via invisible wires from a secret source?
      As regarding DGT, they know only you from the Big Four- they like
      you. Be sure you will receive personal invitations for demos and celebrations- I am not joking.
      PS in an other message- you tell about safety of E-cat (to Axil)
      You (and I) do not know well how the reactor works- no real data
      so what we think and speculate can be irrelevant. Thngs are not what they seem- and Rossi will not tell anything about know-how;
      have s bit of empathy for him/the Ecat. (but I hope you will use
      a Hyperion to heat your house)

    3. What has Rossi "lost"? Well, I don't know what he lost but I know what he never found.

      He is not mentioned in a main line journals and newspapers except negatively (for example the highly critical Popular Science article).

      He has never had a refereed peer reviewed main line journal publish anything about him.

      His best result so far in investment is a ridiculously trivial $10 million from a "woowoo" investor (Vaughn) and a paper company (Industrial Heat) which has no web site, no known lab or factory and has said nothing since their initial news release. Is this really what the most important energy invention of the past four centuries deserves?

      Peter, we don't know how the reactor works but physics is still physics and heat transfer is still heat transfer. You don't design a highly exothermic heat source without forced cooling like Rossi's hot cat is made. It's absurd. And you don't need a "safety heater" for such a source but if you did, you could get all the energy you'd need from the device itself (remember Rossi's design yields, as Rossi used to say, a 6:1 ratio of output to input power continuously).

      Rossi's extravagant and unproven claims only appeal to those who don't understand the most basic heat transfer and fluid flow principles. Surely, you are not among those, are you, Peter? I sure hope not!

      Think, man! If Rossi had what he claims, he'd have billions in investments. And the ecats would not look like the piles of junk they seem to be. And they would need no input power.

    4. Dear Mary,

      Rossi' s process was considered a cold fusion daughter, a new form of LENR- enough told.
      I have told you that in this in stage words (yours, mine) cannot change anything.
      Technology development is not easy and not fast.
      Let's wait and see,


    5. OK, Peter, wait and see is fine. So how long do you think it will be until a Hyperion will heat my house or an ecat will power my boat?

      More realistically, how long do you think until either "product" is endorsed by a major testing lab or government regulatory agency?

      One year more? Two? Ten? What?

    6. The correct question now is- Hyperion will heat your house and the
      E cat will be used in your son-in-law's factory. Prediction difficult however I think less than a year. Let's keep in touch.

  4. Dear Peter Gluck,

    it is not only a patent battle, it is in addition an ongoing kind of dirty war between at least two investment bank companies and millions of US dollar.

    1. Thank you- this will continue as the name of the company shows
      and has chances to become really important. Let's follow it.

  5. Mary wrote:

    I don't understand the question. Did you mean a magnetic field or RF energy? RF energy is measured with a field strength meter.

    The Ni/H reactor is a technology that has never been seen before. You have no expertise to evaluate it. Your experience is not applicable to it. For example, the criticism of the remote detection of temperature by many is pointless based on the ignorance of the reason that makes it necessary. You have not even reached that level of uninformed criticism.

    All you can say in endless repetition " It just doesn't work". Any parrot can reach that level of competence.

    1. Dear Axil are you serious?

      Do you know what a black box is? If you don't, go get an education and find out.

    2. The details of the inner workings of the LENR black box may not be known to the tester, but how the black box might affect the testing instrumentation is critical to understand. A black box may emit EMF radiation and/ or subatomic particles that can disable or bias testing sensors and/or recorders. Mary cannot transfer her purported experience that she got from many years of testing coal fired boilers to this new and alien technology. It is surely true that Mary cannot rightly pontificate her all-knowing negative opinions based on that archaic expertise to the testing or the functionality of the Ni/H reactor here on this forum.

    3. Axil, did you EVER do ANY lab work involving instrumentation? You don't seem to have any understanding of calibration and blank runs. Such runs reveal whether the instruments work properly and whether the measurement method is valid. Such runs were STUDIOUSLY and RELIGIOUSLY **EXCLUDED** from all Rossi experiments except the last one where the cheating had to have been in the input power.

      My experience with coal fired boilers? Are you some sort of dreamer? I have never SEEN a coal fired boiler outside of a museum. My experience is with flow and envelope calorimetry using modern instruments. And I guarantee you I can tell when they work correctly or if they don't. An Ni/H reactor? Nobody has ever demonstrated properly that such a thing even exists.

      I did not criticize the imaging thermometry the Swedes did. I did criticize the idea that a highly thermogenic device would be designed without a cooling system other than static ambient air! THAT is PREPOSTEROUS and monumentally incompetent. And I also criticized the silly Swedes for not using proper methods to measure the input power to Rossi's funny tube furnace he calls the hot cat.

      Better stick to word salad about particle physics, Axil. You can fool more people with that!

  6. Peter. I am saddened that rather than doing a serious review of where you put your faith you simply jump ship and climb on to another sinking boat.

    Just a few months ago you were saying how the Hyperion was going to change the world. and now the Defkalion have vanished or at least their website has you simply jump on to the Rossi bandwagon. Which if I recall in the glorious Defkalion heyday you were rather critical of (imsmc).

    Do you not think you need to seriously consider what you accept as proof.

    "Believing it is so doesn't make it so"

    1. Dear Chris,

      I thank you so much fr your concern. I am not jumping on any new boat it seems you have not read my blog- no problem I am not writing too well- but I have written about classic PdD, about NiH created by my friend Piantelli, about DGTand a lot about Rossi; because i dared to say he has enhanced excess heat- i have lost more friends..
      If you read with are what I wrote about how has Rossi to communicate now you will see that non-communication is the best . As I said it to Mary, the age of words in this field is over- only facts have to be taken in consideration. Expected facts fpor Rossi- 3rd2ndReport and 1MW plant visitable by non-spies, Hyperion- fully working from DGT. Focus, ignore kibitzes and predators.
      What should DGT tell in the meantime? They are no writers, no research institute no journalists just a company creating a new energy source. Not a minor task.

      I am asking you a favor: the quotation "Believing it is so doesn't

      make it so" seems me to be a translation of some ethnic proverb
      probably Italian. Can you please tell which!?


      Best wishes and have patience, no alternatives to it. Gain power by accepting reality!

    2. Dear Peter,

      Serious companies do not discontinue their web sites on the verge of making a world shaking product announcement. Serious companies do not delete, as Defkalion did more than a year ago, their forum containing serious discussions and reports of claimed tests which never happened. Serious companies do not behave like clowns which Hadjichristos did when he "offered" me a test he never intended to have performed. And ask him why he never allowed Henning Dekant to see his "lab".

      Rossi has now become a comedian. LENR is going to be QUAR? Hilarious. No wonder the guy is derisively called the blogger clown (and Il Douche) in the only remaining popular ecat forum which allows open discussion about him.

      Peter, Rossi promised a megawatt "plant" visible to all at a customer location in 2011! Peter, what is it Rossi calls a "megawatt plant"? It's a loose and sloppily assembled collection of junky appearing "modules" each of which is simply a 50kW "ecat". Why doesn't Rossi simply ask a world renown institute or university to officially test one of those modules? It's very simple to do and takes a few weeks. And so far, nobody has done it properly with adequate calibrations and blank runs.

      I am afraid that if you are waiting for Defkalion and Rossi to deliver LENR (or whatever acronym Rossi dreamed up lately) you will be waiting until infinity.

      Please, Peter, ask them for valid data taken by credible people in a proper manner -- not for claims!

    3. Dear Msry,

      Serious companies create valuable products pr devices. They choose the PR strategy as they want- it is not relevant - if they
      launch the product, it is OK. If not, then they are in trouble.

      Rosssi is in the same situation- as regarding LENR I am just writing a new paper. I cannot imagine how you and the other Rossi eaters are unable to get info about IH and about the long range test. Actually you help him...

    4. I don't understand, Peter. The reason I and the other Rossi eaters (did you mean haters?) are unable to get info about IH and the long range test is that Rossi and IH do not supply it.

      Anyway, no "long range test" is necessary because no acceptable short duration test has ever been done, in spite of the fact that doing so is comparatively easy.

      So, in your view, Peter, what have the renown Swede and other testers been doing for the past year? Have they been sitting in a room watching a hot cat run? Taking data by hand or (silly people) with a video camera? How many months or years does it take to analyze simple data about electrical power input and thermal power out? It should take days. Weeks at most. Where are the results of Rossi's testers? And where are the results of Defkalion's many many tests from the hundreds of companies they claimed (in their forum) that they worked with? By the way, can anyone name a single company that tested or bought either Rossi or Defkalion products and is willing to be interviewed about it? Why not?

      I don't mean to torment you, Peter. I am just trying to figure out what you can possibly be using as data from which you draw your overly optimistic projections!

    5. Dear Mary,

      You are not tormenting me at all, but i fear you are doing this to yourself. I am convinced that the new report is ready, Rossi and his associates have it, just the paper is going through a drastic
      peer review. It is easy to imagine what means to a mainstream scientist - physicist to witness a CF daughter process!
      Yes I can name companies that have tested DGT's process- do not worry for them. Having n NDA- they will not confirm it. Having
      a gentlemen's agreement with DGt I will not tell you the name of the companies.
      There is no other alternative for you than to wait- for the Report and for the Hyperion live.
      In meantime, please put killer questions, find new details of Rossi's past, attack Defkalion, be active. Thanks!

  7. The Rossi/LENR attacks have been so convoluted and narrow as to guarantee an ulterior motive. Washing the miniature minds of mainstream science with warnings of crackpotism and pseudo-science is great for avoiding espionage. It also sends another warning to the science sheeple: fringe scientists get no grant money. Thanks for your efforts Peter.

    1. Let's talk about Rossi for the moment. What is convoluted or narrow? The guy is a convicted felon who cheated the DOD out of millions as recently as 2004 and who now shows us a bunch of sorry-looking plumbing surplus reject parts and says they are a fusion reactor. His proof? Badly conceived and performed demos without controls or calibrations and a silly show by inept Swedish professors of doubtful talent who let Rossi get away with doing the farce in his lab using his power source and measuring equipment.

      So please, Anonymous, how the attacks either convoluted or narrow?

      The "miniature minds of mainstream science" are the ones who brought you such trivia as the germ theory of disease, Newton's laws of motion, Einstein's theory of relativity, airplanes, electricity, radio, satellites, trips to the Moon, modern medical miracles and so on, you ignorant twit.

      Why should fringe scientists with no decent evidence after almost thirty years and millions in funding expended by F&P and others, why should they get more public funds? If you think they're good, give them your money, Anonymous.

      Espionage? Don't flatter the likes of Rossi and Defkalion. Except for a few amused skeptics like me, most of the scientific world doesn't know about them and those who do don't care in the slightest. The main interesting portion of this whole affair is how otherwise smart and well meaning people get flummoxed and bamboozled by the sorry perpetrators like Rossi and Hadjichristos.

    2. Dear Mary,

      Your negative odes for Rossi need to be repeated with variations
      otherwise they become annoying and lose charm and efficiency.
      Is he really a CONVICTED FELON? The Petroldragon affair was
      an ecotechnoblunder much more than a scam. I don't think DOD
      is a defenseless victim organization that cannot react when its millions are stolen. Tell it with other words, prego!.

      Who and what gives you the right to insult Swedish and Italian people who happen to be professors? How can you demonstrate
      their incompetence and ineptness- what proofs have you for this?
      They will lose their jobs if you can show this!
      Or do you think the explanation is corruption, Rossi pays then to
      lie saying that the totally inactive E and hot-Cats give excess energy? Do you still think the energy is stolen from a hidden source? OK, but please do limit your personal attacks.
      "Sorry perpetrators" sounds almost well despite its oxymoronic
      character- but please enrich your repertoire, Mary, otherwise
      you will go in oblivion as one of the many "ineffective depressed
      sadistic bravos" or the "tireless critic maniacal with Komodo Varan bite"

      Better accumulate your mental energy for breaking in small pieces the second report of the Swedish profs.


    3. You ask a lot of good questions, Peter.

      Petroldragon was in fact a vicious scam. Per Italian newspapers uncovered by Gary Wright, Rossi had arranged for the placement of a tube between his toxic waste tank and an irrigation canal. At night, he would dump his wastes into the canal, poisoning it. His jail sentence was 8 years. I think he deserved more inasmuch as he could be the direct cause of malformed and sick babies and adult cancers.

      As for the DOD affair, much of the time period involved, Rossi was in an Italian jail so he could not be found. In my estimation, the DOD decided that it was too much trouble to bring him to justice. It's also probable that his contract had a "best efforts" clause. And then, there are statutes of limitations. But to verify the embarrassment of DOD, notice that they removed their 150+ page report -- it disappeared from their web site! But Krivit kept a copy. Let me know if you want the internet addresses.

      Now are the Swedish professors incompetent and negligent? What do you call scientists who, despite repeated internet discussion about this issue, refuse to ask Rossi about performing blank and calibration runs on his early demos even though it would be trivially easy to do so? What do you scientists who ignore the dryness of steam? What do you call them when they call an experimental test "indipendent" even though it takes place in Rossi's lab, with all his equipment (or Levi's) and using his methodology? Worse yet by far, Rossi supplied all the input power! Do you know how easy it is to cheat on that? Have you seen the so-called " cheese " powered motor video on the internet?

      I don't suggest that the Swedes are crooks. Just that when it comes to experimental designs, they are dummies! That's fact, not personal attack. If they wish to justify their ignoble behavior, please ask them to respond!

      As for Levi, I have no explanation other than that he is in on Rossi's scam. Otherwise, he'd have to be so dumb that even I can't believe he's that dumb. If you need some further explanation about that, it has to do with his flow calorimetry tests and his lack of repeating and documenting them. I'll be happy to provide more evidence. Or see Krivit's several excellent videos about it.

      I'm not throwing insults around. I am quite prepared to defend my views that the Swedes acted irresponsibly and negligently and that Levi is either a crook or a complete idiot. Very sorry to be so direct, Peter but you did ask. I'll be happy to debate all these issue with Levi and the Swedes here or anywhere they choose.

    4. what are you smoking mary ?
      you invent fact the the justice did not find.

      the client were found real, and the only pollution was because of the strange sabotage of a tank after many years, when there was discussion about the cost of remediation...
      Mafia of waste is what you should consider if you were sincerely curious as you are when you try to indict Rossi.

      tehre is many article about what happen,ed gathered in tha thread

      key moments are when Rossi is innocented of what you say.
      8 years of prison is overturned and declared null.
      most accusation were very strangely found absolutely bogus... fake billing that turned real... documents missing thare were prensent... most observesr would conclude there was some hunting...

      for TEG it is simpley, you make a nasty conspiracy theory based on nothing real, from one more failure to industrialise TEG from anisotropic nanostructured material...
      MIT currently is doing the same... as usual problem is the cost.

      anyway what you say is useless, since the test report already shows it works, and TPR2 will force you to shut up...

      sure there will be crazy critics by desperate brians, the kind you critics on the LENR side and that in fact you are member of.

      just for the naive people around, if you were rational, given the dissenting data, you could have an opinion, suspect a problem, but being sure is impossible...
      why are you so desperately sure of something that justice overturned, that the US army did not critic, that is confirmed by scientist, recently supported by Elforsk boss facing your clone critics ?

      simply because Rossi is an evidence of cold fusion academic fiasco, that consensus science is bad science, the skeptic community is as much a gang of true believers as is the free energy community.


      Wow, Alain, what nonsense you write! Let's look at the
      thermoelectric device scam. I read all of the appx 150 page
      report from CERL/DOD about this fiasco.
      Rossi wrote in the proposal that a highly efficient TEG
      (thermoelectric generator) had been tested by the University
      of New Hampshire. But nobody can find such a report. CERL
      did not include it in their report. No professor is named. No
      publication is named. No data are presented. It is certainly
      what I have come to call Rossifiction -- pure lies.
      You know why it is certain that no such device ever existed?
      Because it alone would worth millions if not billions of dollars.
      If such a thing could be made, Rossi would have remade it
      and sold it.
      To this day there is no Seebeck effect technology which
      produces Rossi's claimed efficiency and low cost. Imagine
      what a prototype of such a thing would be worth in 2004, ten
      years ago!
      So where did the devices Rossi delivered to DOD come
      from? Not from Rossi! Gary Wright traced them to a San
      Diego company which in turn bought them from a Russian
      company. And the parts were rejects! Rossi could not even
      be bothered to fake working parts!
      Here is Wright's statement:
      "We contacted Hi-Z Technology, Inc in San Diego, California.
      At first they were hesitant to answer our question if Rossi or
      Leonardo Technologies Inc. had in fact purchased any
      modules. After awhile they did confirm that Rossi had
      purchased a few modules from them.
      It is our position that not only did Rossi purchase enough
      working modules to make his device that he tested at the

      University of New Hampshire but he also purchased enough
      factory rejects to build the 27 modules, but from Russian

      A valid question is why DOD did not sue Rossi or otherwise

      complain. The answers are probably that they could not find

      Rossi (he was probably in jail in Italy when they looked) and
      that Rossi had written a best effort clause into their contract.
      Those are guesses.

      What is certain is that DOD was so embarrassed that they
      REMOVED their 150 page report from the internet and from
      their web site. The only place it can still be found is on
      Krivit's web site here:
      The project had a direct cost to the tax payers of more than
      $2 million and an indirect cost to DOD for manpower and the
      building of an elaborate test facility of another appx $5 million.

      It was all a scam and Rossi was the scammer.
      If you disagree Alain, instead of your usual incoherent
      babble, please find:
      - who tested a highly efficient thermoelectric device at the
      University of New Hampshire?
      - where is the report?
      - where is the device?
      - why was the high efficiency device not provided to DOD by
      - who saw it, who tested it, and where did they report?

      If you can't do that, then admit it's a fraud, a scam, Alain.

      Remember Alain, provide information please, not the usual
      incoherent rant!


    6. I think Alain will reply.
      Mary has written that Rossi was convicted to 8 years jail, Alain has shown that this is an outright lie. Mary does not answer to this. tells an other story- very weak also, DOD is not a welfare institution.
      Mary again says Rossi was in jail she lies as easy as she probably breathes.
      A warning - Mary please abstain using expression as "incoherent rant" for opinions not matching yours it is false and bad manners.


    7. the erstenc errata from mats lewan gives a clear description of the legal outcome.
      yes Rossi broke some new laws on waste management by missing some newly require permits.
      No Mary, Krivit, Coyaux, Sverigue radio are fully righy, it was a real busines, with real clients, and real products...
      illegally managed but real.
      rossi was fined and jailed for not having those permits

      for the TEG if like me you were following the thermoelectric news among other
      you would know that there is ethernal claims of 20% efficiency but huge cost problems, anyway the try again

      they seems not far, as Rossi was claiming

      anyway your method of argumentation is very interesting.

      you take as evidence the fact that you cannot access a document.

      the report was not bad, it was what is reported about the numerous similar tentative

      the report by the way is there;jsessionid=85F0DB28A1F89AD52E71EF6799AC8F67.enterprise-15000?qu=Plants+--+Alaska.&qf=AUTHOR%09Author%09Holcomb%2C+Franklin+H.%09Holcomb%2C+Franklin+H.&d=ent%3A%2F%2FSD_ASSET%2F1002%2F1002481~~0~1&ic=true
      I found it in 1 minute, beside Krivit.

    8. Another bandwagon jumper. Now that defkalion have sunk below the waves you move on to grasping other straws.

      In your 1 minutes research did you find Rossi's other charges...

      Illegal dumping (cleanup cost millions)
      Money laundering - illegally shipping 2 tonnes of gold
      Tax evasion - creating false invoices

      And he spent 4 years in prison and was never acquitted. He got off lightly is the truth in this eco terrorists case.

      And you claim the thermoelectric fiasco was "not that bad"
      most of the devices failed. the remaining ones performed strangely just like shop bought ones

      If only science could perfect the reality distortion field you have around you. Peter seems to have worked it out. perhaps the two of you should patent it.

    9. what you describe is covered by the errata.
      illegal dumping is in fact the storage without permit.

      about false invoice it seems to be the kind of accusation that were reverted by evidence at the last trial.

      most of the jail was before trial, but it seems the 4 years are not real.

      about TEG as it is repeated and your biased brain cannot accept, it was a test to industrialize by various method, various manufactured , a not so innovative expensive method (using anisotropic structure).
      it failed and most similar tentative failed.

      do you have evidenc.

      I have evidence that Rossi was cleared of the bigges charges at his last trial, because the facts don't exist.
      the business was real, even if hi did not have the recently required permits...

      you cannot say without being dishonest that he is a fraudster...
      a pathetic businessman, you can, a bad inventor, why not, a polluter, why not, but the investigation shown his business was real.

      for the gold do you have evidence not of the accusation (accusation were mostly wrong and malevolent, as if... no ...) but of the last justice outcome.

      you have invented evidence, you mix accusation for reality, you reject facts... classic.

      anyway it is a null argument, since the test prove it is real, not obly because it produced heat, but because all accusation of fraud could have been detected by the scientists who have unplugged the cables, and could check anything proposed as fraud.

      your arguments are null.
      recent defense of the protocol by elforsk, while the report was under review , by the boss of elforsk himself shows that :
      - the experiment is real or he would not defend it
      - the result is positive, or he would be silent

      the delay to review the report show that it is very annoying, which mean positive.

      it is funny to see people who pretend to be investigating hard, trying to deduce realit from fact, ignore so blatant evidences...

      by the wayy I imagine that like any educated and informed people you agree that Cold Fusion is proven ?

      or is it just to protect your mythology anti-LENr that you just cannot swallow E-cat tea kettle ?

  8. Yes he is convicted felon. It is laughable that you write it of as ecotechnoblunder. It was nothing less than a deliberate fraud intent to cash in on the increasing cost of disposing of waste. He was convicted and spent time in goal. he did get out of other charges because the law hadn't caught up with such deliberate acts of what we now call Eco-terrorism.

    Your ability to rewrite history in your own mind explains why you accept the unacceptable. It only fools you and your ilk.

    The quote "Believing it is so doesn't make it so" is my own utterance but I don't know if I am the first to say it (in that form anyway).

    1. Chris, if some criminal is convicted, this is for a certain time- say 6 months to life- for what time was convicted AR? (It happesns the greatest oligarch here , the Romanian Berlusconi was just convicted for 10 years)

      It happens that I have done studies on thermal decomposition of polymers and rubbers and some other materials- this is the reason
      for which I consider Petroldragon a bad, dead, impossible idea.
      Those authorities who have accepted the plan were stupid and this is a mystery Italians had then the foremost specialists in polymer

      I think the history of CF/LENR has to be rewritten but Rossi is an outsider. It is incredible what can people like Mary and you believe about human credulity- but please think what you want about me.

      To your saying- I have concluded it can be: " Credere non e realta"
      but it can be a meme surfacing in your mind, or, why not?, an original phrase.

    2. So you accept that Rossi was lying about petrodragon. So why beleive him now? why even give him the time of day? all you are doing is making it easier for him to sucker more investors.

      Now that Rossi has sold rights to the ecat for a paltry $12M what happens to the other licencees? we know one has already been refused the right to sell the never seen 1MW generator. I suppose he can just let their licences lapse and never have to worry about their losses. Not that he would anyway.

      And if the ecat is so good. why give it away for a paltry $12M, also why does he keep saying positive or negative? I mean he was heating his factory with them in 2011. Or is that joke getting old now?

    3. maybe this have link to experimental evidence from the test report, from Cherokee fund investment, from the fact that Rossi is now an employee of IH, like he was an employee while testing TEG of the army corp...

      some details that have difficulties to reach your brain.

      unlike you some people have tendency to trust more evidence than hypothesis

    4. Our friends Mary and Chris are spectacularly inefficient in attacking Rossi- his past is not more interesting- if the HotCat or the ECat will
      demonstrate massive excess heat beyond any doubt. then Rossi's past will become irrelevant.

  9. To Alain about Rossi's eight year original sentence for Petroldragon:
    Sentenced to eight years' magician of oil "
    Costa dear to Andrea Rossi bankruptcy refinery Lacchiarella turned into a warehouse of toxic sludge In vessels of 57,000 tons of poisons Omar The reclamation cost more than thirty billion

    Claimed to have the formula for transforming waste into "black gold", only managed to cause an environmental disaster sentenced to eight years' magician of oil »Costa dear to Andrea Rossi bankruptcy refinery Lacchiarella transformed into toxic sludge deposit ONLY FIRMAMILANO - L 'last miracle of Andrea Rossi, the self-proclaimed inventor of the formula to turn toxic waste into fuel oil, had been on the accounts of "Omar" Lacchiarella, the' ex-refinery detected by Petrol Dragon in which the 'entrepreneur had stored 57 thousand tons of toxic sludge. The companies had paid tens of billions to get rid of waste, but the bankruptcy judge appointed after the collapse of Omar, in 'August' 95, he had found not one penny of assets. Only debts. Yesterday, for l '' alchemist ', came the day of reckoning: a sentence of 8 years in prison for bankruptcy fraud inflicted expedited by the court of' preliminary hearing, Enrico Tranfa. L 'investigation initiated by the public prosecutor Marco Maria Maiga had revealed a systematic process of bleeding the company's assets by Rossi by withdrawals from current accounts of the company for personal expenses (35 million pr agencies for the care of his image, 50 million allocated to the mother-in-law), the "cosmetics" on the balance sheets to hide the losses. Even the 'purchase of the shareholding in the' Granda Service, "an 'other waste disposal company Pianfei (Cuneo), was made for a figure disproportionate to the actual value. The masterpiece, however, was the sale of the 'area of Lacchiarella just two months before the bankruptcy judgment of Omar: estimated 5 billion, was sold to the Trust Company Srl in Cremona 476 million. All in bills, never paid the rest. The prosecutor had also indicated Omar as a means for conducting illegal activities (Rossi is also investigated in Monza and Varese for tax and financial crimes as the holder of other companies in the group Petrol Dragon), in order to divert huge profits all 'foreign already in '94, in fact, the share capital of Omar appeared headed to a company based in London and Liechtenstein controlled by Rossi. L 'former "magician" of oil, arrested in Rome in late May after a year in hiding in the United States, shall indemnify immediately 800 million, while it will be a civil case to establish the reimbursement to the ministry of' Environment, the Region and the City of lacchiarella of more than 30 billion disbursed to dispose of the sea of poisons never become oil. Marco Castoldi NOTEXT
    Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal"

    1. Mary,
      you well know, more in detail than me for example that Rossi was
      absolved from all the accusations see e.g "La pietra filosofale del signor Rossi" but also many other papers and Lewan's book.

      Telling lies has rules do you think here repeating the same lie ad infinitum, it will become a truth? Have more respect for yourself, please.
      Rossi is not an angel, OK but till you cannot find a document telling he was jailed in prison X for years from 19XX to 19YY- please discontinue writing here. You are insulting my blog and humnan intelligence with this repeated falsity

    2. the final sentens is cited in the thread I let for your inspection
      including the furious article by a journalist unhappy that he was cleaned of all.
      It seems not of all, but of the main accusations.

      "ndrea Rossi Acquitted of Recycling toxic waste
      The prosecutor had asked for a sentence of three years and a half Silvia Underwire: polluter gets away

      MILAN - Acquittal "because the fact does not exist" for Andrea Rossi, accused of conspiracy to commit money laundering of toxic and hazardous waste, piled in the 80"'s between Hoofddorp and Lacchiarella. This story Rossi was arrested in 1995, when claimed to be able to turn that waste into oil. He remained in jail six months. In this process, the prosecutor had asked for a sentence of three years and six months. This is the third acquittal, the other two had obtained at Monza and Ariano Irpino, where they were transferred to two sections of 'investigation. After years of investigation and controversy, Rossi was finally sanctioned only for minor events related to non-compliance with the authorizations he had obtained for the disposal of waste. Appeal is still pending in the trial for fraudulent bankruptcy due to the collapse of Omar, the company that took over from Petrol Dragon refinery Lacchiarella and meant to be distilled waste: for this process, in 2000, Andrea Rossi was sentenced to summary proceedings by the Gup Milan to eight years in prison. To rehabilitate approximately 70,000 tons of waste accumulated in 'system, in ten years the Lombardy Region has paid about € 41 million. 'L' acquittal of Rossi clearly shows how the principle of "polluter pays" principle is often applied in reverse: the polluter earns and gets away with it, "said Silvia Underwire Clementi, regional director of An. G. Gua.
      Giuseppe Guastella
      (27 November 2004) - Corriere della Sera"

  10. I watched every video and article I could find on the e-Cat and finally came across his history ( I remembered a video where he didn’t want to discuss his past. That was the first alarm bell right there. I went back and watched ( and can see how easily he could fool people. Little things don’t add up which make me very suspicious. The Ammeter shows 3.4A. He doesn’t show the voltage we have to take his word at 220V for Italy. It could be 660V. The wiring inside the control box just look like he has thrown a pile in there to look complicated when the real power cable goes in at the back on the bottom and probably goes straight back out to the running e-cat. I suspect it’s just a heater element in the e-Cat. The pump is on a different circuit (the power board runs to a different GPO) and is not included in his calculations. The amount of steam is less than my kettle. We have to take his word that they are going through 7kg of water an hour. I smell a rat. As for his 1MW plant why was there a massive diesel generator running and making it hard for people to hear their own thoughts. Whats it powering? Is it because mains can’t supply what he need to run the 1MW plant? He should be investigated before any other big businesses are sucked in. I think I read he has experience in thermoelectrics which makes me think it would be simple for him to hook up a TEG ( and run it stand alone and really knock the socks off everyone. To many questions and not enough answers. I bet he put in the Cu in the night before the test. I wonder who else is in on it. I’m done with Rossi. I’ll look for LENR elsewhere. I say he’s a snake oil salesman and I’m confident it will eventually be shown he has wasted mine and your time, and hard earned $$$ of the investors if they are real (who knows they may be in on it).