Wednesday, November 28, 2012


A Water Bottle That Can Fill Itself Up:

Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs:

 Materials Science: One Size Cloaks All:

The daily routimes of famous writers:

Great Quote: On System of Management by Deming:

Busting 3 Common Brain Myths:

Bookworm wrap-around chair beckons bibliophiles:

Reading, Writing and Playing Games May Help Aging Brains Stay Healthy:

Filtering Spam: New Method to Rid Inboxes of Unsolicited Email:

New insights into how the brain stores memories:.

Advocating Humanism In The World's Most Religious Country:

SPECIAL Human Stupidity  By John Creanga~ Year 1874:

Model Sheds Light On Chemistry That Sparked Origin of Life:

Google Advanced Search Shortcuts:

Why bio-inspired deep learning keeps winning competitions:

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