Thursday, November 22, 2012


It Pays to Cooperate: Yeast Cells That Share Food Have Survival Edge Over Freeloading Neighbors:

Solving the Mystery of Aging: Longevity Gene Makes Hydra Immortal and Humans Grow Older:

The Cult of Singularity

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Dark Energy' -- Life Beneath the Seafloor: Scientists Present Recent Findings On the Subsurface Biosphere:

Presenting 101:

Algae Can Take Energy from Other Plants:

The Mind of the Cosmos: How Humans Found Our Way Back to the Center of the Universe:

Nanotechnology Simplifies Hydrogen Production for Clean Energy:

Evolution of Human Intellect: Human-Specific Regulation of Neuronal Genes:

Beneficial Microbes Are 'Selected and Nurtured' in the Human Gut:

Human Obedience: The Myth of Blind Conformity


  1. A human intellect devolution:

    Human Intellect Evolution/Devolution

    A. Evolution of Human Intellect!
    All life, all organisms, are evolution products of RNA nucleotide genes, the prime organisms of Earth life.

    The drive/goal of evolution/replication of ALL organisms is natural selection, which is the drive/ goal of every mass format to enhance its constrained energy, to intake energy or its energy be taken in by other mass formats. This drive/goal derives from the on-going expansion of the universe, which is the conversion of mass to energy going on since the Big Bang.

    Intelligence is learning from experience. Organisms who learn from experience what culture, habit, is good for them survive and adapt the culture, the habit. See Darwin and Pavlov. Likewise the RNA nucleotide genes, life’s prime ORGANISMS, modify their expressions in accordance with the results of their culture. It is culture that modifies genetics. Genetics is the progeny of culture.

    See “Seed of Human-Chimp Genomes Diversity”
    And see “Update Comprehension Of Universe-Life Evolution”

    B. Evolution of Human Intellect?
    “Evolution of Human Intellect: Human-Specific Regulation of Neuronal Genes “

    C. Now draw your own conclusion. In culture/genetics, what drives what? What’s the horse and what’s the wagon? What’s evolution and what’s deterioration of human intellect?

    Dov Henis
    (comments from 22nd century)

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