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Interview conducted by Peter Gluck with DGTG management
(2012-06-25 Via Skype

When was your company established and with what purpose?

Praxen Defkalion Green Technologies (Global) Ltd. (DGTG) was established in 2011 for the sole purpose to become a global player in the emerging field of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR).
DGTG is registered in Cyprus.

What was the experience in LENR?

A collection of leading scientists on the theoretical approach was gathered under our umbrella after the break up with Andrea Rossi with the aim to establish proprietary technology in the field.

Were you successful?

Research and Development is the name of the game and we have excelled to the point where we can see a valid and functioning commercial product for a variety of applications within the coming months. Third party tests from internationally acclaimed entities as well as leading global technology players in both business and academia have been actively supporting our work.
Success is always relative and is not only a one off occurrence; it is an ongoing progress and we are very excited each and every day. The LENR field has reached a critical mass of research and understanding. Laboratory tests have been validated recently by several inventors and scientists in Italy, Japan and America. Our results in Greece are considered to be the most advanced. We are nearing a huge success with an international energy ‘breakout’.

What is the company’s view on the immediate next steps in LENR?

Over the last 15 years we have seen solid, unambiguous evidence supporting the existence of LENR as a new thermal energy source. The time has come when this must be proven and publicized. Soon the world will receive public announcements towards the fact that LENR is real. This will undoubtedly change the mentality of investments towards energy R&D, which to date have been
dealt with as fringe science. DGTG is at the forefront of this new era of clean, green and inexpensive limitless energy.

At what stage is the company’s technology?

DGTG is currently finalising an industrial prototype ready to be presented as a
commercial product for market entry within 2012. Our products will provide all people – end users – with a viable, low cost and green energy source, as a solution to the world’s energy needs. Of course, while we are working behind closed doors on many fine tuning aspects, we are pursuing a regimented business plan approach which extends far beyond the nature of the technology.

How do you expect this disruptive technology to evolve with the
mass media?

Currently, LENR technology is little known beyond those who are ‘in the field’. The market does not seriously expect it to be commercialized soon. That perception will soon change. Starting with the publication of the first independent validations of our technology and continuing to grow with the first LENR products
soon to be introduced to the market, the mass media is expected to bombard the public with analysis of future LENR applications (especially as it everyone is stressed by the increasingly high costs of energy, environmental concerns and the scarcity of traditional energy sources).

What implications on existing energy sources do you expect LENR to have on a global scale?

It is unlikely that the commercialization of LENR technology by DGTG and others will have an immediate significant decrease in fossil fuel consumption. It will, however, have a very dramatic psychological impact. Investors will see the medium and longterm implications of significantly lower energy prices, and
consequentially lower the assessed value of soon-to-be obsolete
energy infrastructure, conventional energy companies, and longterm contracts for their relatively expensive products. As more resources will be devoted to new and better ways to exploit the LENR reaction, the price of energy in the future’s market will drop, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and reducing the
negative environmental implications related to emissions.

How does DGTG expect to meet market entry challenges?

DGTG launch-strategy for this technology is focused on minimal risk of failure encompassed with fast speed, wide-ranging applications, many countries, competitive pricing, protection against industrial espionage, as well as international political support. There are far too many applications for this technology.
There is likely to be a logical evolution of market opportunity based on the ease of adoption and value of the technology to the other options it would be replacing, or enabling new uses.

How do you feel knowing that you hold the potential key to global economic change?

There are those who could have escaped into thought paralysis from the magnitude of this project’s implications. Indeed, we have been offered large sums of money by entities who wish to use this technology exclusively, which would have given us and our grandchildren financially carefree lives. However, while our core
team values profit and growth, we are sincere and committed to ensuring that this technology will have global social benefits.
Succeeding in this principle has just taken more time than expected.

Can you give a brief overview of your business development and global interest?

Many companies from 78 countries have already approached DGTG with an interest to become exclusive licensees to manufacture our Hyperion products, or to initiate joint R&D projects for new applications, or simply to purchase the thermal output of our units. They represent the following sectors:

• Fertilizer manufacturing
• Cement
• Drying kilns
• Food & Beverage
• Industrial heat and steam
• Commercial heat
• Electricity co-generation
• Domestic heat
• Household use
• Water desalination & purification
• Power production - Utilities
• Steam turbines
• Car propulsion
• Light aircraft turbines
• Marine propulsion
• Light aircraft

Can you explain your business plan in greater detail?

DGTG is primarily a technology licensing company with expected revenues being generated from OEM License Agreements and Joint Venture companies for further R&D of our technology.
The first category is simple. Our own product development will introduce a product we call the Hyperion. This Hyperion will be manufactured under license by other companies in as many countries as possible. DGTG selects one company as OEM from every country on the basis that they understand energy, have
manufacturing capabilities, are capable of handling national sales and distribution networks, and of course have the ability to incorporate technical support therein.

This means that you are working with very large companies?

Not really. We do not mandate that all of these actions be done by one company. We know that there will be partnerships to ensure the best outcome. We simply do not want to be part of each country’s modifications. Our aim is to assess each company’s ability to manage of these needs successfully.

I see. Please continue.

Licenses to build and sell Hyperion products are sold to companies with exclusivity in a given country for Euros 40.5 million. This represents one factory with maximum capacity to produce up to 300,000 units annually; (varying capacity and numbers of factories will change the license fee accordingly). DGTG shall guarantee to each of its OEMs that no other contracts will be licensed to
competitors in that specific country, and that the full transfer of knowledge on the product and its production will be transferred through training and transfer of knowledge. DGTG shall provide a full Transfer of Knowledge to each OEM Licensee concerning production, maintenance, installation, training and recharge
Hyperion products.

Are there many countries interested and how are you managing all the checks?

We have received interests from more than one thousand companies from 79 countries. It is very exciting and truly challenging to manage communication with them all. In actual fact, although at first we intended to conduct due diligence
(physical and documentation) we realized that finances and time restrictions did not permit us. So, we have relied our efforts on understanding the commitment level of each company through various other means. For sure, after the announcements of our technology’s validity, there will be an even greater demand on our work. The strain on our company’s resources will depend on the
breadth of our financing and the nature of our partners; which is currently being discussed.

Can you tell us who your investors are and what partners you have?

We have always maintained a high level of secrecy on our potential investors. Primarily due to the fact that such announcements are scheduled only with the presentation of the product. Of course, there are other reasons for keeping silent
as well, which touch on the strategic aspect of this geopolitical project. The entities behind our success will all receive the successful recognition at a time that is mutually agreed.

You mentioned that there is a second business approach

Yes, it is the Joint Venture companies we are discussing. DGTG technology, proprietary know-how and knowledge will be used in several specific technology application areas with interested global players in the form of Joint Venture partnerships, where R&D is coordinated in Greece. Interested companies can partner with DGTG to use its core technology as an energy source through joint R&D to prepare specific new products according to their expertise as global leaders in their given industry, with global distribution rights thereafter. We have done enough innovation and by no means claim to have expertise in other areas. This project is successful because we believe in a win-win approach building on synergies and incorporating the sphere of influence to many sectors.

And is there an interest from companies?

DGTG is currently discussing possible partnerships with globallycompetitive companies: marine propulsion; water desalination; automobiles; small aircraft; mining/extraction and refining; telecom towers; cooling/heating; green-houses. Niche market applications for joint venture companies in R&D applications are
assessed many but we are still in early stages. We must first finish with our robust, tried and tested, operational Hyperion and then embark on these agreements. Nonetheless, as a business, we are entering into talks from now. Large companies are complex, careful and need their time. We understand this and are building our bridges from now.

Interesting, but what about companies that will want your energy for their own needs, such as multinational companies with factory locations globally? Where have you included them in your business plan?

Yes indeed, very important. Companies operating multiple locations around the world with large factories / installations having large energy needs will be serviced as large accounts. Tailor-made technical solutions will be given applicable to each company’s energy needs by DGTG and through our OEMs in
countries where applicable. Pricing agreements will be based on the volume of energy consumed (although this has yet to be confirmed). This category of accounts represents energy solutions that do not need distinct modifications on Hyperion units but rather, modifications on heat management and interoperability
for large units in the MW range.

Your business plan seems solid but what about your revenues?

DGTG’s revenue source will be from the sale of licenses on a per country basis and then from royalties received from units sold.
Of course, each R&D project under a new JV will create further
revenues as well.

You have said nothing about your industrial secret. Won’t that be part of your profit base?

For us, our industrial secret is much more than just the Nickel powder. We have constructed a product that will have more than 6 patents. Only one of them will be linked to Nickel. We expect a strong industrial espionage effort to know what is in
the powder. As such, although we are protecting this secret, our competitive edge is beyond the element of powder; it is in the total functionality of the product. As such, although we initially were going to be selling the powder, we will give it free to all our OEMs as part of the royalty scheme on their sales. Eventually
someone will copy it, so why base our revenues on something that could / will be copied?

.You mentioned patents. Why have we not seen any IP activity from DGTG?

[laugh] … For the reason that we do not want you to see. We value IP and will be filing for a number of patents (as mentioned previously), but the timing is critical for our business strategy and market entry.
Our company’s assets do not only include the IP. We have built a strong team, an international network of LENR contacts in business, academia, government, and science, and we are fine tuning an entire electronic hardware and software system for our Hyperion systems. These, coupled with the engineering design and implementation on product safety and security create a strong base for us to move forward alone. Public announcements and legal steps towards our proprietary know-how will follow at the right time.

You keep on referring to an announcement. When can we expect something?

Patience is a virtue … soon

What can you say about your technological achievements to date?

Again, patience is a virtue. This was meant to be a business discussion. Of course, you may have seen on the internet that we will be participating as speakers and presenters during the ICCF-17 in Daejeon, Korea. This should be enough as an indication.

Yes. Exciting. Thank you. You briefly touched upon the global impact of this technology. What, from your perspective, are the biggest global issues to be faced from your success?

It was based on a question of yours, I believe [laugh]. We have held many discussions with high level officials and global players and have come to the conclusion that this technology will undoubtedly impact the lives of many through:
• Huge impact on national economies and job creation
• Huge impact on climate change and carbon emissions
• Dynamic implications on global economy
• Makes low cost energy readily accessible to third world
. Initiates entirely new field of scientific research
• Rebirth of high cost energy needing technologies

Of course, we remain humble and conservative in the fashion that these changes will take place. We do not see DGTG as the corner stone of all these changes but merely one of the many spark plugs that will tilt the world towards a new, dynamic and positive direction. Remember, we know that this revolutionary discovery is not only ours. We were simply first to put it into business. The
huge market impact that is expected in the hundreds of billions (conservatively speaking) will not only be attributed to DGTG’s rapid market entry. Our management and technical team, our company, will not be the only actively operating business in LENR.
We are getting ready for a whole new industry with new R&D and
new directions.

New Physics maybe?

That is not for me to say, we are a business. Possibly.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you.


  1. Congratulations on getting no data whatsoever!

    They did not mention any heating levels or power gain. You asked soft questions and got the same answers we have been hearing for 2 years.

    There is nothing new here. This interview lacks content

    1. Yup, again. Wall of text stating the same bullshit.
      "We rock"
      "LENR is amazing"
      "invest your moneyz in us and earn millions"


  2. I personally would have hoped for more concrete news and plans by DGT. Hopefully at ICCF17 we will have them, but I fear there will be not much more than slideshows of paper-launched products and more promises of "soon-to-be news".

    I hope I will be proven wrong.

  3. On the one-hand they say it needs R&D, on the other they say they are going to be selling licences.

    What BS..! You sell licences when you've got something to sell. You don't sell licences when all you've got is more research to do, 'cos no-one in their right mind would think that was an investment!!... would they!?!

    1. This is not so strange because LENR is still not fully understood. The man behind the company is interviewed in this documentary:
      He looks sincere to me. He seem to be more interested in science than in making money but I could be wrong of course.

  4. Well, I hope you have more details because as I've just read here there is nothing new.
    Piantelli and Rossi are by far more explicit than these Greek (with economic base in Cyprus).
    All we know is that they are selling 40.5M€ licenses in 79 different country i.e. they will take 3.1995 billion of Euros with a prototype that nobody knows whether it works or not, if it works, nobody knows how much time it works, what is the power output, the temperature output and the COP.
    Until now we've seen a few photos of a metallic cylinder with some wire inside (and a spark plug to tell it all) and these guys are able to take 3.1995 billion of euros with that? Someone says Rossi is a scammer, well, Rossi should be a novice compared to these guys.

  5. What an exciting time we live in! Two companies claiming to have a new ground shaking technology, they both want to have a working LENR+ product on the market before the other. The technological equivalent of a cold war Moon race, with only a billionth of the funding, the results of which will be many times more disruptive. The major players in the energy sector will be "disrupted" down to their foundations.

    I use the term, "disruptive" in a positive way, as it is likely to help the common person.

    Rossi himself says that skepticism is healthy, I think he might actually agree with some of his distractors. If it is a case of fraud, it will effect less than 1% of the population. If it is real, it will effect 100% of the population within twenty years in a mostly positive manner.

    Today, I asked Rossi on his Blog if he realized how huge this pending LENR technology will become, his answer was, basically,.. No!

    I suppose that it does not matter whether or not he knows how this tech will impact the Human Race, just to make such an invention is good enough for me. Kind of similar to not knowing the underlying quantum principles involved, we will soon figure out the how and why. I find the possibility of a new branch of Physics being needed to explain the phenomenon, very interesting in the extreme.

  6. You (and me) are not everybody. the people who pay might have the real data. Propose pay the 40 million, and you will have the data before making the check. they will also check that you can build real products too.

    1. You, me and the people are those ones that should buy an Hyperion, don't you think we should know something about this mysterious object?

      Defkalion seems interested in selling licenses only.
      If a company buys a 40.5M€ license, how many Hyperions should it sell in order to gain some money? Don't you think that people that will buy the Hyperion should know some detail?

    2. the estimated cost of an hyperion, sold by DGT greece, was about 5kEuro

      the license is the cos of 8000 hyperion.
      if you sell 80000 in one country, licens is only 10% of the price (500euro)...

    3. Well, then let the 800000 persons know what an Hyperion is, whether it works and how it works, or would you like to keep the secret for another few years (maybe do we have to wait until the last license will be sell?).
      Do they want to sell an Hyperion to me? Show me the certifications, show me the independent tests, show me the Hyperion while is working.
      Stop talk, show me some fact. Defkalion has not shown a single little fact yet, only words, chatter, gossip and pitcures.

    4. do they sell it today ?
      not yet.
      so no problem yet.
      If they don't give the proofs, they won't be able to sell... they won't even sell themselves.
      ask you local dealer.
      If they try to sell to companies as OEM, of course they give then credible data, and probably even let them play with the dog.

      note also that if they give you working data, with at least one imprecision that let the possibility, if not honest, to see a risk of possibility of failure to meet the specification... all the pathoskeptic will moan... even if they give a date, like last time in february, all moaners will moan for all data now, and more, and critics anythings, and invent claims then critics the claim, and accuses of lie for not respecting the claims...

      and the amateur pathoskeptics are kids compared to the professional like Media, NGO, politic groups, mainstream scientists and other lobbies... I they convinced you that Sendai earthquake only kill (<0.05) people by radiation, and not 18000+ people by drowning, and thousands in the future by evacuation stress, imagine how they can distort reality with cold fusion.

      You have to prepare for a bloody fight before making the first communication...

      the only negative things against DGT is that they communicate still too much.
      They should be silent like their Japanese competitors (BTW: who are they?).
      Stremmenos did not critic them on fraud but on megalomania... I would be megalomaniac if I was working on Hyperion, and i would like to talk to everybody too... except that I would be furious of the reaction of the braindamaged kids on internet that cannot understand what is engineering, and business.

      maybe they are more kind than me, but as an engineer I feel that way.
      and I've checked on their forum that, for good and bad, they react like engineers. (maybe they are Dogs, but MSc degree Dogs).

      that interview is more high level that discussion about tech-specifications, but I recognize the usual discussion and concerns that you can hear on Business TV.

      by the way I would like them to talk on French BFM Business TV Channel... But I don't believe the Polit'Buro will allow that on French Pravda TV.
      And they would refuse to talk until the bomb is ready to be published.

    5. and the amateur pathoskeptics are kids compared to the professional like Media, NGO, politic groups, mainstream scientists and other lobbies

      here you are right, I have to admit, I'm sure that most of the mainstream scientists won't even believe the independent tests unless they had been done by some _skeptic_ mainstream scientist.

      the only negative things against DGT is that they communicate still too much

      yes, this is the main problem and hence the request of facts instead of words.
      Nobody is pressing Piantelli because he doesn't do any announcement about commercial development of his reactors. He doesn't sell 40.5M€ licenses so nobody is asking to proof his work. And this should be the right way to proceed.

    6. with the only detail that we did not pay 40millions ...
      at least not me. ;-)
      I just assume that those who paid, have data, or did not pay. When DGT propose one Hyperion to me for more than 1 euro, I will need serious data or references.

      Mean while they can keep their data, and claim they have data.

  7. with Cyprus now asking for a Bailout too its a very rocky boat to say the least. One Day the truth will out and there will be amusing stories of where the Greeks went for their finance, and the repeated Delays the con artists inflicted on them. I have enough for a book. My NDA runs out soon, and my diaries are full. You really would not believe the crap these guys have taken on the investment front. Only an innocent company would fall for he con artists they have encountered along the way.

  8. They said; 'We have held many discussions with high level officials and global players and have come to the conclusion that this technology will undoubtedly impact the lives of many through...etc."

    If high level officals and global players knew about this, so would the New York times and every newspaper and TV station in the world. The total quiet on that front is screaming something at us.

    1. If you were an official, a scientist, a news paper boss, will you admit you believe in cold fusion, or that you are a devotee of satan ?

      I've discussed with a french scientific vulgarization forum moderator (futura-science), who blocked few discussions.
      He feel that LENR is getting some serious data, and the moderation are waiting for serious organization like NASA or CERN to give a good signal, but until that they cannot admit it publicly.
      so they block the thread, they critic me publicly with shameful excuse similar to report 41...

      at the same moment if you critic with engineering data the usual fashion, you are a satanic denier.

      this story is a psychotic cognitive dissonance.note also that in my opinion if defkalion have contacted few people, none of them have discussed to many related "friends"... those data cannot propagate in the usual network of knowledge. It is like a coming out to admit you believe in cold fusion.

    2. If "many high-level officials and global players" received solid proof that the DGTG device worked as advertised and thus knew that the world was about to undergo the greatest revolution in its history, do you think they would all keep the secret? No, it would be out there and everywhere in one second. Moreover the stock market would go crazy with oil falling through the floor. That's the reality, I'm afraid. Remember "Without a test, don't invest."

    3. on business TV everybody was saying that greece would not pay it's debt because they cannot, with their best will.
      at the same time it was clear in the news that they will pay, until they default.

      moreover as I said befor, that domain is so hérétic, that when someone hear of it, he does not even read the data but dump the message. no serious officiel knowing that LENR is real will dare to talk to higher boss, or at least they will talk and the higher boss will say "I don't want to be related to that idea publicly".

      it looks irrational, but that is very common about all forms of heresy. I even notice that clear errors are not even corrected by the politicians and corps when the media and NGO have succeeded in convincing of the myth. they adapt to the stupid belief and even make laws, and sell product that adapt to the myth...

      if you cannot correct the error, make cash and power with it.

      I won't be surprised if at the beginning of LENR the governments start to block it under pressure of retrograde NGO.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Hi Peter,

    Excellent inteview. Thanks!


  11. It sounds like from the expressions used it was Symeon doing the talking there.

  12. "So, we have relied our efforts on understanding the commitment level of each company through various other means."

    Haha! What a crock of !@$&! What they're basically saying is we're only interested in those companies who will give us money now!

  13. Some other questions..

    * Why have you not published any test results as promised??
    * What happened with the independent valuations
    * Why have their been delay after delays and new deadline not honored??
    * Any new firm date for publishing or making your design available?
    * Any certification available.

    1. I imagine the possible answers
      1- you are not the client, yet. call your dealer when he will start selling.
      2- given to the client (OEM).
      3- we choose not to talk yet to the public because patho-skeptic moaning and fan too hysterical... afraid also of dishonest media coverage, like the one that killed F&P, SPAWAR, Iwamura, De Nino, Rossi. We have to prepare and organize before entering "the cage".
      4- see or conference at ICCF17, we are on the planning... except if we change our mind. After all, you are not the client, yet.
      5- we always have said there will be. it is our business, and the one of our client. your are not yet our client...

      of course I imagine they will be more polite than me to say that.

      also maybe some of their excuse are more kind like :
      - sorry we have strange results and we have to check

  14. Boring! No details whatsoever.

  15. I found a you-tube video that closely resembled the e-cat. The video was describing a crop circle. Unfortunately, I lost the link. It looked like the best evidence yet.

    1. look on spawar video...

      look on CERN LENR conference with Celani and Srivastava.

      read Iwamura&replicators papers. read Spawar and replicators papers.

      quite different from crop circle, but good knowledge in calorimetry and QM will be needed.

      if you are lazy to use google (don't be afraid, it seems nobody catch the key words I let in my message),
      get the ref there

      anyway nobody opposing LENR dare to read the refs.
      as Roland Benabou Collective Denial theory explains.


  16. Dear Mr Gluck,
    just to say you someone is calling you
    quite aggressive question, but you answered some already...

    as you decide,
    best regards.

    1. Thank you! I will answer to "my" questions. Why not- I
      take responsibility for everything I say, write or do.
      The Interview was something useful, part of a greater

    2. SALVE don Peter !
      I hope in PROGRESS !

    3. Thank you, dear Nicu!
      As you see, DGTG is making business on a very great scale,
      and it became impossible to do this from a country in turmoil as Greece, so they are just relocating in Canada.
      A wise but painful decision.

  17. First of all, you need to be acquainted with the company atmosphere you are coming into. It's important that you know your industry, your potential viewers, and your opponents.

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    1. Thanks! I am using more 'culture' for 'atmosphere'
      What's the distinction between 'opponents' and "competitor"?


    2. The same distinction between 'enemy' and 'rival', I think.

    3. Excuse me, it is not usual for a company to have enemies if it is not a competitor.

  18. Same bu**t each year. Last announcement with just an estimation of COP~ 3 without data. But yes data will be published soon... as long as Defkalion is moving to Canada. No more "investors" in Greece, so lets try somewhere where ideas can be easily sold. Just feel sorry for Xanthi people who are hoping for the factory

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  20. My pleasure! Please let me know if we (my friends and I)
    can do something for you.

  21. Over the last 15 years we have seen solid, unambiguous evidence supporting the existence of LENR

    And it took a single day in Milan to show us Hyperion was only a joke.

    1. Caro Filippo,

      I have not remarked your name at the now hybernating fine 22passi
      Anyway, on what is based your retarded but radical conclusion?

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