Sunday, October 30, 2011


The October 28  1MW test in Bologna has generated some energy but even more questions. The believers are very happy
but the spectrum of opinions is very broad from great triumph to obvious scam. Old saying: “Some say Mr. X is dead, some say he is still alive; the truth is somewhere in the middle.”  So with the demo of Rossi.  470+ kWh during 5.5 hours of  self-sustaining regime sounds excellent- if the results are really, certainly, real
and verifiable. I have would have preferred 55 hours of clear excess, at says O/U of 15 and with the measuring instruments visible to the public. A much longer test anyway, telling more about the degree of maturity of the technology.

But my opinion and anybody else’s opinion are not relevant, Rossi has said he has a Customer, and this Customer, if contented will buy the complete 1 MW setup. It seems the Customer was satisfied
with the results and has paid the price.
Is the Customer real or was the deal just a farce?  A protocol was signed by a gentleman called Domenico Fioravanti and it is suggested he is or was a colonel. The Customer’s modus vivendi and modus operandi is secrecy, we were told. Good candidates
are the Army, the Cosa Nostra or some world conspiracy.,including Big Oil who wants to kill it’s competitors in n early phase.
We have no idea why the setup was bought and what will the Customer do with it. Will let it to rust in secrecy, will convert it in a real and useful energy source? Not a word about license and the future is unknown.

When Rossi was working with Defkalion the strategy was natural and clear, the generators will conquer the energy market. cite a phrase based on a famous Churchill saying very timely tomorrow:

 It's a mystery. Broken into a jigsaw puzzle. Wrapped in a conundrum. Hidden in a Chinese box. A riddle."
The Riddler, The Long Halloween

Rossi alludes to the fact that his work is done, October 28 was a M-day for Rossi, M from Money- if the Customer was real. It was a M day. M from Marvelous for his fans and a M-day, M from Mystery for  those who want to know the Truth and want to see really well-done convincing experiments. Will such a program start?

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