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October 28. 2011- the much hyped and waited 1MW E-cats test takes place in Bologna, after being planned first for Greece and then in the US.

Great Expectations and a lot of sympathy are generated
many people  think Andrea Rossi is a savior who has solved the energy problems of the future. He says that if this test is a success, then his mission is grosso modo accomplished.
My opinion is different and I feel it is a duty of honor and an act
of honest journalism to tell it before  the results of the test will
appear on the Web presented by Rossi himself, by an still unknown AP journalist, by Stirling Allan from PESN, by Daniele Passerini
and probably by some people living in the neighborhood of Rossi’s
place who will or will not see a volcano of steam in action.

Many people want that this should be an E-Day, a historic day for Energy. I think this has to be first of all a T-Day, a day when we know the Truth, how far is the E-cat, alone or so collectively as in today’s setup, 156 active cores combined, from being a real energy
saource, a commercial product? I think it is quite far and there are
a lot of problems to be solved, tens of parameters to be discovered
and optimized, thousands of man-hours to be spent for development.
Actually in I wrote about this Demo and have told that Rosai claims much too high. And regarding the result of the test:

if Rossi demonstrates he can offer a commercially mature generator, able to compete with those already on the market,
this would be a real triumph, BUT if he fails- please notice! this will NOT be a catastrophe, will NOT push back LENR research with 20 years- NO, if Rossi’s demo fails, then Rossi’s demo has failed, that’s all. LENR is viable, is developing and has a great future, with or without Rossi...”

I have abstained than from telling that the combination of 330  small E-cats is anti-technical, but will do it now when “only” 156 cores are forced to work together and I accept the responsibility for this statement.

You know my friends, I am not a superstitious individual, however I have sometimes the impression that the Web gives some anticipative answers to my explicit or implicit questions- or tries simply to give me some suggestions. This morning at the site of one of my favorite uber-bloggers, the Canadian painter Robert Genn I found the following quote:

Any ideal system is its own worst enemy, and as soon as you start to implement visions of grandeur, they just fall apart and turn into tyranny." (Ben Nicholson)
This is for political systems and I have a long and painful experience with this. But idealistic systems are bad and dangerous in all cases and for thinking they turn not only in domination but in  great lies too.
Now, Andrea Rossi has tried from the very start to impose an idealistic situation- an E-cat already heating a space for two long years, high power production= 12-15 kW, “very” over-unity, O/U around 200. Then the E-cat has evoluted and involuted, progressed and regressed in the same time. I think he had to sacrifice performance for control and that this was  a pessimisation phase in the global optimization action. Simply told, the product is not ready for the market.
This essay is already too long and soon (or not so soon) we will start get some info and disinfo. So I have to conclude saying that the known facts push me to think that the  Test is not  fake, but the Customner is fake, with a very high probability. Who will accept such a short test, who sends Consultants for leading such a risky experiment?
The world needs solid, reliable, well done experiments made in the natural order (individual generators first), not shows. Realism not idealistic fairy tales for adults.

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