Saturday, September 10, 2011





Naming Names on the Internet:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


Wendy Boswell: The Top Twenty Essential US Government Web Sites:

The Top Ten Sites For Free Public, Vital, or Historical Record Searches:

Ask,com releases “Ask People” for wider audience:

Few doors remain open for Yahoo:


The Life Cycle of a Social Network: Paints a New Approach to Social Networking

A new venture by 4chan founder Chris Poole intends to be both social and fun:

Twitter has 100- million active users



Happy Birthday Google: Making Sense of the Web for 13 Years:


A Simpler Approach to Online Identity

A new service, backed by Google, lets you log into any site using one Web account:


Google Details, and Defends, Its Use of Electricity:


Google Reveals Energy Consumption to Tout Green Efforts:

Google patents a glove for seeing with your hand:



6 Features to Pay Attention to Before Buying an E-book Reader…!!!:

Sony Reader Wi-Fi ups  the bar foe Ebook by adiing a touch screen:


The Kindle Tablet Drum Roll

As anticipation builds for what could be the first real iPad competitor, a stream of news trickles out--including the first hands-on with the device. Only, it seems the Kindle tablet aims for a very different experience than the iPad:

Top Ebook Readers for Android Tablets:



Human Brain Evolution, New Insight Through X-Rays: Experiment Reveals Brain Shape of an Early Human Ancestor:


Peer pressure? It's hardwired into our brains:


See-Through Mouse Brains Created; May Aid Medical Scans

Transparent organs, embryos have real "wow factor," expert says:


Scientists Probe Connection Between Sight and Touch in the Brain:


After a magnetic pulse to the brain, the subjects cannot tell a lie:


Why Is Average IQ Higher in Some Places?

A surprising theory about global variations in intelligence:

Publish-or-perish: Peer review and the corruption of science

Pressure on scientists to publish has led to a situation where any paper, however bad, can now be printed in a journal that claims to be peer-reviewed:

An "Ebay For Science" Promises To Transform The Business Of Research
Instead of being held captive by massive startup and infrastructure costs, Science Exchange allows anyone to have an experiment performed for them--for a fee:

My Beautiful Genome (book):       

My Genome Via E-mail

Trying to understand the six billion nucleotides—all of my DNA—that just arrived in my in-box:


'Game-changer' in evolution from S. African bones


Earthquake Prediction Still Stymies Scientists:

NASA gives public new Internet tool to explore the solar system:


Neutrinos: Ghostly Particles With Unstable Egos:


Communication Via Electron Spin: Scientists Propose New Kind of Information Technology:

New book about beloved physicist Richard Feynman:


Pictures: "Walking" Fish a Model of Evolution in Action:


Why the Next Steve Jobs Will Be in Energy, Not Computers

Looking around, what problem, what opportunity in any way resembles the earliest era of the PC? There's only one: energy:


World’s Largest Fusion Experiment Back in Operation:


Japanese breakthrough will make wind power cheaper than nuclear:                                          


Photovoltaics Among Fastest Growing Industries in the World:


New Type of Solar Cell Retains High Efficiency for Long Periods:


Innovative Organic Solar Cell Architecture Sets New Performance Level, Belgian Researchers Demonstrate:


Microbes Generate Electricity While Cleaning Up Nuclear Waste:


Room Temperature Superconductivity Claimed for Cuprates

But there's a catch: the room temperature effect appears only inside superconductors that work at lower temperatures, say physicists:


Plastic Bottle' Solution for Arsenic-Contaminated Water Threatening 100 Million People:

Flash Memory That'll Keep On Shrinking

Using atom-thick carbon instead of silicon could pack ever more data into portable electronics:


Novel Magnetic, Superconducting Material Opens New Possibilities in Electronics:


Nicholas Bate- Be bold 101:

Myth-Making: Say It Often, People Will Believe:


People Think the 'Typical' Member of a Group Looks Like Them:


Culturomics research uses quarter-century of media coverage to forecast human behavior:


Sex Hormones Impact Career Choices, Psychologists Find in New Study:


Why We Crave Creativity but Reject Creative Ideas:

The Power of Mistakes:

Social Security and Retirement Around the World: Historical Trends in Mortality and Health, Employment, and Disability Insurance Participation and Reforms: Disability in Belgium: There is More than Meets the Eye:

Project for Excellence in Journalism: Ethics Codes

Trust the evidence not your instinct:

Special! A deathbed story I would never tell:


Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Confidence Is Good; Overconfidence, Not So Much:

Explaining philosophy through basic shapes:

A bright miniature about very smart people:



7 golden rules of starting a new business:

The September 2011 Leadership Development Carnival- Back to School Sale::         

Welcome to

Entrepreneurs, Chance, and the Deterministic Concentration of Wealth:

Executive Excess 2011: The Massive CEO Rewards for Tax Dodging  CEOs rake it in while their corporations dodge taxes:.

For things I would like you to remember me by- (about ethics):

Four ways managers can impact learning:


You Can't Dictate Culture — but You Can Influence It:

Three steps to handling the unexpected:




E-Medicine's Perfect Storm A look, in numbers, at the forces shaping electronic medicine.:

Human Intestinal Stem Cell Breakthrough for Regenerative Medicine:


Gene Defect Predisposes People to Leukemia:


Gel Lets Doctors Fix Ruptured Blood Vessels without Sutures

The new technique could make some delicate surgical procedures quicker and safer.

Smart Phones Help Manage Chronic Illness

Apps that connect to medical monitors have been shown to improve the health of people with diabetes and hypertension—and could ease the burden on the health-care system:



Closed  Source Crops A handful of giant corporations are laying claim to the germ plasm of the world’s major food crops. And when yield is the grail of profit, biodiversity isn’t a priority.


Food Ark:


Manipulating plants' internal clock offers possibility of all-season crops:                                   


The Coffee Illusion: What the Magic Brew Really Does to Your Brain

Coffee does not make you "superhuman." The truth is that you become addicted to caffeine quickly, and soon you are drinking coffee to cure withdrawal more than for stimulation:


Growing Meat in the Lab: Scientists Initiate Action Plan to Advance Cultured Meat:\


Human Gelatin Could Be Used As Ingredient In Future Treats:


New Shark Species Found in Food Market:


Your Gut Bacteria Are What You Eat:


Learning a new word: misophonia- When a Chomp or a Slurp Is a Trigger for Outrage:



What Does Original Sin Mean in the Light of Modern Science?:

Why the trip home seems to go by faster?:




The Next Wave of Botnets Could Descend from the Skies

Researchers are developing hacking drones that could build a wireless botnet or track someone via cell phone.


How to avoid Internet job search scams

What is scareware?: Scam:

How to secure your laptop from theft:


DIY iPhone-controlled Home Security Camera for less than $100:

Smartphones as Helpers During Disasters: Software for Autonomous Smartphone Network Developed:


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