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The power of collective intelligence:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  


6 Myths Chinese Search Engine Baidu Would Rather Like to correct:

Why Bing Cannot Loosen Google’s Grip on Search:


Top 10 Best File Hosting Service Providers:



Can we ever digitally organize our friends?:

65% of online adults use social networking sites:


Where Is the Facebook for Old People?

Social networking is for the young, says a new survey:


Social Networking Meets Problem Solving

The website Jig wants to solve your needs—with a little help from your friend:.

Social learning the freedom to act and cooperate with others:

The Middle Ground between Technology and Revolutions

Social media didn't cause the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, but it did achieve unique visibility:

5 clever ways to get a job using social media:

Bloggre’s fresh new look:



For Google CEO Larry Page, a Difficult Premiere Role:

Google’s Biggest Gamble:

Google’s Eric Schmidt says if you don’t want to use your real name, don’t use Google +:


How Google plans to change the way you watch TV:

Google +1 Button’ Chrome Extension Lets You +1 Any Page On The Web:

Happy third birthday, Chrome!


100 most beautiful words in the English language:


New words: Retweet, cyberbullying, and sexting officially enter the OED

A raft of new words were added to the Concise Oxford English Dictionary this month.:
Book Lovers, Technophiles, Pragmatists, and Printers: The social and demographic structure of user attitudes toward e-books:


Amazon’s Kindle Tablet Is Very Real. I’ve Seen It, Played With It:

Top 5 online resources for free Kindle books:

Nook may be Barnes and Noble’s Salvation:

Reading Revolution 14 marvelous modern libraries


Battle of the Book

Is it “greener” to read an e-book or an old-fashioned paper book?



How the Brain Stores Information for Short Periods of Time:


Animals on the brain:

Your brain is hardwired to notice animals, according to a new study.

The most frequently quoted brain facts (that are total bullshit):


Two Brain Halves, One Perception: How Communication Between Brain Hemispheres Determines Individual's Subjective Experience:

They ignore bisinisencephalians as usual.

Possible Biological Control Discovered for Pathogen Devastating Amphibians:


New Method Reveals Parts of Bacterial Genome Essential to Life:


Insect Gut Microbe With a Molecular Iron Reservoir: Researchers Analyze the Structure of an Iron Storage Protein:


Up from the Depths: How Bacteria Capture Carbon in the 'Twilight Zone :

How stable is the stuff we’re made of?


Intensity of Hurricanes Still Bedevils Scientists:


Low mass, low metal: SDSS J102915+172927 is the star that should not exist: Thanks to MoB at Vortex!

Extreme galaxies, some 3000 times brighter than the Milky Way;


A Moore’s Law for Renewable Energy Increasing capacity per dollar in computer technology has driven exponential growth for 50 years. With a similar organizing principle, the same could happen in the energy industry.

Carbon nanotube reinforced  polyurethane could make for better and bigger wind turbines:


Cracking Cellulose: A Step Into the Biofuels Future:


Breakthrough in Hydrogen Fuel Cells: Chemists Develop Way to Safely Store, Extract Hydrogen:


Graphene's Shining Light Could Lead to Super-Fast Internet:


Building Crowds of Humans Into Software

By using crowdsourcing for difficult tasks such as understanding speech or images, the software could enable smarter apps.:


Solar Forest Keeps Cars Cool And Juiced:


Flash Memory That'll Keep On Shrinking

Using atom-thick carbon instead of silicon could pack ever more data into portable electronics.

Fabricating fabric

How to generate more realistic images of clothes:


Dear Readers- I hope you all watch these videos- meetings with exceptional people:

The Digital Revolution and Higher Education:

Culturomics 2.0: Forecasting large-scale human behavior using global news media tone in time and space:

Information as art- 20 stunning examples of visualized data”

Singularity University graduates a class of tech world changers:

The history of the world in 100  objects from the British Museum::

Proverbs, Maxims and Phrases of All Ages

Very useful, unfortunately –defense against the psychopats Thanks to Vlad Plesa, Canada!


Bullying: How Do Victims Respond to Bullies and Why?:


Top 5 Streaming Music Sites Listen to music while you surf the net.:


All the fun of the scare We can't get enough of frightening films, video games and theatre 'experiences'. But why do we find fear so thrilling? It's all down to our biology, discovers Luke Blackall:

Atomic Bomb Museum:

From Hitler to Gaddafi, Dictators and their Bunkers:

Women in Greek Myths:

We need to think about saving ourselves:

iThenticate Examines "The Ethics of Self-Plagiarism" in New White Paper:

What does your body language say about you:?

Second chance for a last impression:

Wendy Boswell how to cite an article from a website:


How to prepare yourself for future opportunities:

Think like a creative fool:

Turning stress into an asset:


Wealth creation and macroeconomics The parasite problem:


How to Prepare for a Black Swan

Disrupter analysis can help assess the risks of future catastrophic events:.                                               


Reputation Management – Tactics that still work:

Leaders- change is hard- don’t make it harder by being stupid:



Living to 100 and Beyond

Scientists are on the brink of radically expanding the span of a healthy life. Author Sonia Arrison on the latest advances—and what they mean for human existence.


The Rise of Electronic Medicine

Medicine today is a sea of paper and fax machines, privacy barriers, and unconnected data. The public is ready for a better system:

The Doctor and the iPad:


New Treatments for Baldness? Scientists Find Stem Cells That Tell Hair It's Time to Grow:

I have waited patiently 55 years for this!

Uncovering the spread of deadly cancer:


Engineered Viruses Selectively Kill Cancer Cells

The experimental therapy could ultimately serve as a seek-and-destroy treatment for metastatic cancer:


Blood Biomarker Is Linked with Death

Those with higher levels of a particular molecule were found to be more likely to die of heart disease or cancer in the next dozen years:


Antibiotic resistance found in ancient bacteria:


Mind-Altering Microbes: Probiotic Bacteria May Lessen Anxiety and Depression:


Black Death Bacterium Identified: Genetic Analysis of Medieval Plague Skeletons Shows Presence of Yersinia Pestis Bacteria


Coral could hold key to sunscreen pill:                          



The Paleo Diet: Should You Eat Like a "Caveman?"

Ownership of Beer Brands and Varieties 2010:

What's Really in That Luscious Chocolate Aroma?:



.Wendy Boswell- the fantasy sports websites the top 5:



Google+ wins when spammers win:



Morto worm spreading fast via RDP:


Passwords: Creating and Maintaining a Strong Password System:

Bob Rankin- traditional anti-virus may no longer protect you:

Bob Rankin- mobile malware, are you exposed?:

How to Guard Against Phishing & Social Engineering Attacks:


Beyond Smart Phones: Sensor Network to Make 'Smart Cities' Envisioned:”

Mobile phone data help track population during disasters:

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