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464- a number I like, an issue I like. A bit dominated by the development of Google Plus but also a small orgy of diversity so necessary to meet the criterium of real interestingness…
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SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

A great opportunity for everybody! Wendy is a great  Websearch guru:

Web Search 101 - Learn to Search the Web

The future of search. Serendipituous search:

Wendy Boswell- 101 Free Online Alternatives to Popular Desktop Software:

The best free online storage sites on the Web:

The Most Useful Web Tools-Get Something Done with Web Tools:

17 best Web applications:

10 useful and productive keyboard shortcuts-keys in Windows:                                  

Bob Rankin- free photo storage and backup:


The periodic Table of the Social Web (Infographic):

Facebook May Have the Numbers but Google+ May Get the Ads

Google+ Marks The End of Blogging As a Means of Personal Expression:



Google Kills The Quarter: $9 Billion In Revenue:

Google Advanced Search Techniques:

Google: Rethink Your Mission! Part 2: Google+: Rethink Your Mission! Part 2: Google+

Google: Rethink Your Mission! Part 2: Google+



How Google+ Will Balkanize Your Social Life:


Wth ‘Millions’ Of Users & Growing, Google+ Set To Power All Google Products:

Google+ vs. Twitter- a personal view:

Dave Pollard about Google +:

How Google-plus is built?


Google races to create business version of Google+:

An unofficial Google + source:

What Google’s quiet failure says about its innovation health:

Google+ Reference: “Complete Video Guide to G+” & News Sources on Google Plus:                  

The Google+ Cheatsheet Is a Quick Reference To Using Google+

Google +: It’s a man thing:

! I can read only the abstract of this:

Searching for the Google Effect on People's Memory

But this seems to be relevant:



The Top 24 Sites for Free Books on the Web

Find, share, and download free books online

Is a bookless library still a library?



Introducing the brain, the inside story:

Scientists Discover How Best to Excite Brain Cells:


Cracking the Code of the Mind:

Teaching the Neurons to Meditate:


The Neurobiology of Bliss--Sacred and Profane

Sex in the brain, and what it reveals about the neuroscience of deep pleasure:

Salamanders Spell out Evolution in Action:


Editing the Genome: Scientists Unveil New Tools for Rewriting the Code of Life:

This Is How Big Our Galaxy Is Compared to the Biggest Galaxy of Them All:

Ant Colonies: Behavioral Variability Wins:

Spread of Fungus-Farming Beetles Is Bad News for Trees:


Thnking quantitatively about technological progress:

Renewable Energy –What it is and Who is Using it (INFOGRAPHIC):


Light Propagation Controlled in Photonic Chips: Major Breakthrough in Telecommunications Field:


Intelligent Street Lighting Saves Up to 80% On Energy:

Modified carbon nanotubes can store solar energy indefinitely:


Wind turbine placement to optimize wind power generation for a given area:                                


A Novel Enzymatic Catalyst for Biodiesel Production:

Top 10 gadgets of 2011:


4 Amazing Technology Waves That Will Change Your Life:

25 Tesla, World-Record 'Split Magnet' Makes Its Debut:


The educational value of creative disobedience::

Thirst for Fairness May Have Helped Us Survive:

Scientific Illiteracy After the Shuttle: Are America's Smartest Days Behind Her?;,8599,2082213,00.html#ixzz1SCHdbwUk


Professors Consider Classroom Uses for Google Plus:

Review: How to Live Forever Probes Aging Science, New Age Hokum:

Escaping your online mistakes: should there be a law?


Humans 'Predisposed' to Believe in Gods and the Afterlife:

Why people avoid the truth of themselves:

New music websearch engine:

Sing a Song- your Brain on Music:

Religion in Harry Potter  Do J. K. Rowling’s novels 
promote religion or undermine it?:


Competitive Intelligence - A Selective Resource Guide - Updated and Revised July 2011:

Great Leadership: timely guidance from 25,000 years ago:

Keeping innovation strong when economy is weak:

Gerry McGovern he power of the written word:


Think like an innovator- video:

The most important question a manager can ask:

Best Business Quotes from the Silver Scren: Business Quotes From The Silver Screen

Best Business Quotes From The Silver Screen



Gerry McGovern- Measure negative behviour, not just positive behaviour

Eat Your Peas: A Recipe for Culture Change::

Best Business Quotes From The Silver Screen

Best Business Quotes From The Silver Screen

The Most Important Social Business Metrics;

The Manager’s Role in Self-Motivation


Body Weight:

Blood Thinners

Also called: Anti-platelet drugs, Anticoagulants:

Blood pressure medicines:

Injecting Stem Cells into the Heart Could Stop Chronic Chest Pain:


Infographic: The Successes and Failures of the Fight Against AIDS:


Biologists Identify New Strategy Used by Bacteria During Infection:\

Genetic Basis of Rare Human Diseases Described:

And you thought it was just fluff? New bacteria found in belly-buttons


Advice to Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day 'Nonsense,' Argues Doctor:

Secret to Successful Aging: How 'Positivity Effect' Works in Brain:

Salt Diet Dangers May Be Influenced by Potassium:



Criminality- anti-GM attacks  destroy German test plots:

Vandals Attack Transgenic Wheat Test Plot:

Food in every country:

Molecular Gastronomy: Science Behind the Art of Cooking:

Perfecting the meat of the potato:

Frankenfish: Is GM Salmon a Vital Part of Our Future?,8599,2082630,00.html#ixzz1Rxtof5h

Evidence for 'Food Addiction' in Humans:


Size Matters: Why Do People Eat Less When They Have Big Forks?:

Cool no cook recipes:

7 great salad dressing:



Dressing taller – tips for short man:



Google + hit with spam bug:

Americans Use Spam for Cheaper Prescription Drugs:

Global Spam Filtering:


How To Properly Scan Your Computer for Viruses, Trojans, and Other Malware:

Should you be afraid of scareware?:

Bob Rankin: why did my computer get a virus?:

How to Guard Against Phishing & Social Engineering Attacks:

US, Romanian authorities target Internet fraud scheme:


1/4 of smartphone users rely on their device for Internet access:

Cell phone safety infographic:

Smart phone the first step to escape PC dependency:

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