Saturday, July 9, 2011


My dear readers,

This issue of IS marks the 9-th anniversary of IK- i.e. Info Kappa,
my newsletter- that started at July 9, 2002. I am not impressed more by numerology than by astrology – but numbers and symmetry have a peculiar beauty, especially if good memories
and hard work are associated with them.
468 weeks, 463 issues of what now is the INFORMAVORE’s SUNDAY but has the hidden ambition to be a publication for INFOGOURMETs.  Unfortunately, the word INFOCHEF was
not created by me.
It seems the Internet can not help much to increase the popularity
of my selection of links- but it is a pleasure and a challenge to
compose it, week by week, till…
Yours as ever,



Too much information  How to cope with data overload:

Is the Internet good or bad for our brains?


Internet 'victim of vicious smear campaign', finds report:                

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

 Wendy Boswell: Find out what people are looking for with Yahoo Clues:


Use the Web as a Phone Book:


Search Engines: 8 Tips on How to Use Them Like a Pro:



Europe’s social media hotspots. Where networking works:


God's Chosen Tweeters? Religion and Social Media:

Facebook confirms “awesome” Skype integration


Find Someone on Facebook Using Just An Email Address:

Some simple ways to expand your Twitter following:


Google, rethink your mission!:

Free Google-Plus Invites for everyone:

Wendy Boswell- the Google social network, Google plus.

Bob Rankin- will Google Plus kill Facebook?


Google vs Facebook by the numbers:

One Week In, Google+ Users Are Growing Followers, Getting Traffic:

Google’s Blogger and Picasa to get renamed soon:

Apple cloud vs. Google cloud: The philosophical differences:

Languages of the World Wide Web:



World eBook Fair – 6.5 million ebooks available through August 4th:

eBooks: Project Gutenberg Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary; Brief History Now Available:                   



Chips Hold the Key to Understanding the Human Brain:


How your memories can be twisted under social pressure:


Western Researchers can predict future actions from human brain activity:


Brain Co-Opts the Body to Promote Moral Behavior, Study Finds


Physicist's discovery alters conventional understanding of sight:


Sex evolved to prevent parasite infections , say scientists:


The 7 sleaziest mating rituals in animal kingdom:

ScienceShot: How Tree Frogs Keep Their Feet Sticky:

For the Universe, Size Matters:,8599,2079803,00.html


The Holographic Universe: Is Our 3D World Just an Illusion?:

Was the space shuttle a mistake?


Web Weaving Skills Provide Clues to Aging, Spider Study Reveals:


Gargantuan wombat the size of an SUV stuns scientists:

New Theory On Origin of Birds: Enlarged Skeletal Muscles:

Nature Uses Screws and Nuts: Previously Unknown Musculoskeletal System Discovered in Weevils:


New Plant Genus, Species Discovered in St. Johns River, Florida

Classical peer review- an empty gun:



Renewable energy at a crossroads:

Building bigger, better wind turbines:

Biofuels from the Sea: Seaweed May Prove a Viable Future Biofuel, Especially If Harvested in Summer:

Termites' Digestive System Could Act as Biofuel Refinery:

Solar cells that see red:

Investment Could Boost a New Form of Wave Power:


The Anthropocene Debate Do Humans Deserve Their Own Geological Era?:,1518,773233,00.html


A new way to build nanostructures:

Mac vs. PC: A Hunch Rematch:



Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education: An essay by Dave Pollard


The Globe’s Not Only Getting Hotter. It’s More Unjust and Unstable, Too:

Guerilla Dissent:

Mastering new complexities of modern life: A matter of survival:


The Russian Region That's Dying on Europe's Doorstep:,8599,2068398,00.html

World’s Heritage, new properties inscribed 2011:


Evil scientist wants to teach people to do good:


Terrorists Get Better with Practice: New Mathematical Model Shows How Fatal Attacks Escalate Over Time:


Nicholas Bate: ThingsWhichWhenFullyRealisedChangeYourLifeForTheBetterFifty:

25 things I’ve learned from kids:

Do you want to live forever?



We've heard that obesity and divorce can be passed from one person to another. Critics now wonder how the "social contagion" studies ever passed peer review:



Focus and Scale on the Internet

The next wave of online business models must focus narrowly, rather than blindly pursuing scale.


Business Fiction:

Cultural Offerings recommends reading this great blog on a daily basis:

3 simple steps to cam down your inner perfectionist:


The July 3rd Leadership Development Carnival 2011:

The Right Response is not Always Instant:

How Decision-Makers Complicate Choice:


Functioning Small Intestine Created in Laboratory Experiments:


Genome Analysis Will Reveal How Bacteria in Our Guts Make Themselves at Home:


Naked Mole-Rat Genome: Scientists Sequence DNA of Cancer-Resistant Rodent


Surgeons carry out first synthetic windpipe transplant:


Egyptian Fenugreek Seeds Blamed for Deadly E. coliOutbreak; European Authorities Issue Recall:


Why Patients With Epidermolysis Bullosa Suffer Extreme Pain:


Noise-Canceling Devices for a Good Night’s Sleep:


New Technology Makes Textiles Permanently Germ-Free:



UN calls for greener food production to feed world in 2050:

Return of the Meat-Eaters: Many Lapsed Vegetarians Become 'Ethical Omnivores':

Red wine- exercise in a bottle?:
Recipes, great site, Cookblast:


It's Time to End the War on Salt

The zealous drive by politicians to limit our salt intake has little basis in science:


About insect repellents:




As the Internet evolves, is there a place for spam?:



How to live with malware infections:


Google+ Scam Spreading Via Fake Invites [WARNING]:

TDL-4 = The New Baddest Malware on the Block:

TDSS aka TDL: An Invincible Botnet?:

Common Botnets:


The Future of Mobile Payments (Infographic)

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