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Dear Readers and Friends,

Please help this old but NOT tired publication, specalized
in serious information to get to the serious masses everywhere!
PLEASE form a habit to read the newest issue. It is really
information abundance in this strange world, but just try
to find selected information about the essential problems!
As long as I will be functional I will try to offer you good
and useful and constructive and educative info.
I don't want to save the world- just to stop a bit the monsters
of ignorance, the great Lies, destructive fairy tales for  adults.





Unearthed: A Documentary Treasure on the History of the Internet:

Will Internet TV kill cable?:

E-mail mistakes that irritate smart people:

SEARCH & FIND: What, where, how.  

Wendy Boswell:  Search Engines- Learn More About Web Search Engines                                     

Is Delicious the next discovery engine?:

14 differences between smartphone search and desktop search results:


An Engine’s Tall Order: Streamline the Search (it is Blekko!) :


Sharpen search skills before exploring Web:


Media/Social Media: “Five of the Best Tumblr News Blogs:

13 Brainstorming Tips For Brilliant Blog Post Ideas:


How to Use Blog Commenting to Get Valuable Backlinks and Traffic:


Google most reputable corporation in US


Google's Marissa Mayer Reveals Intense New Focus On Products In The Larry Page Era:

Google takes to TV to promote browser:



Wendy Boswell: How to Find Free Textbooks Online:

Wendy- free Books: 20 Web Sites for Finding Books on the Web:

Wendy- The Best Sites for Free Audio Books Online:

Translating the Web While You Learn:

The e-reader NOOK Color gets apps, email and Flash support:



Attention, Please: How Innovations and Nobel Prize Winners Make It:


Thinking Outside the Column: New Insights Into Brain Structure Reveal New Facets of Information Processing in Nervous System:


Mind and brain- The browsers:

Who Knows You Best? Not You, Say Psychologists:


What will happen to us?

Forecasters tackle the extremely deep future:


Natural history of the soul:


Paul Strother on the early evolution of life on land:


Measuring the Distant Universe in 3-D Using Light from 14,000 Quasars:


Some Black Holes May Pre-Date The Big Bang, Say Cosmologists:


Astronomers Unveil Portrait of 'Exotic Super-Earth:' Densest Known Rocky Planet:

Explaining the Behavior of Latest High-Temp Superconductors:

The 10 biggest insects in the world:


Malaria Mosquitoes Accurately Find Their Way to Smelly Feet:



Salty Solution for Energy Generation:

An excellent eco-energy site:
Tyhanks to Vlad Plesa!

Christopher Flavin on the future of nuclear energy:

 Ultracapacitors to boost the range of electric cars:


Turning waste heat into electricity:


A Buoyant Future for Floating Wind Turbines?;


Evolutionary Lessons for Wind Farm Efficiency:


Chemist Designs New Polymer Structures for Use as 'Plastic Electronics:


Unthinking Machines  Artificial intelligence needs a reboot, say experts:

Intel to make 3-dimenisional transistors:


Revolutionary New Paper Computer Shows Flexible Future for Smartphones and Tablets:

Are We Too Dependent on Technology?:


Learning: No longer a textbook case. Professors pioneer new way of teaching:


World population in 2100:

How skyscrapers can save the city?:

What Makes You Happy? How Our Notions of "Happiness" Can Doom Us to Sadness:

Who Needs Motivation? The Rewards of Doing 'Something:


Ranking Research: Using Social Bookmarking Tools to Extract Relevance:

Beauty is in the mind of the beholder:

Abusing the past:

Why do Americans still dislike atheists?:


More Than 20 Percent of Atheist Scientists Are 'Spiritual', Study Find:

12 excellent sites to create awesome slide shows online for free:



The Leadership Development Carnival - May 1, 2011 Edition:

Resourceful Leadership:

A great resource for leadership:

Nassim Taleb on Living with Black Swans:


Innovation Still full of ideas, but not making jobs

America needs to share the benefits of innovation more widely:


Nine Things Successful People Do Differently:

The three networks you need:

To be highly effective , the managers must overcome the need to be needed:

Turning the tables on a fear mongering attack:



Live long. Stay healthy. Join the immortals:


National Institute of  Mental Health- Brain Basics:

 Bad' Cholesterol Not as Bad as People Think, Study Shows:

Turning 'Bad' Fat Into 'Good': A Future Treatment for Obesity?:


Physical and Emotional Health of Older Couples Linked for Better or Worse, Study Finds:

Cell Phones, Microwaves And The Human Health Threat

Adverse changes in sleep duration are associated with lower cognitive scores in middle-aged adults:



Climate Change Already Hurting Agriculture:


Evidence suggests that coffeine is a healthful antioxidant:

Scorpion Venom: Bad for Bugs, Good for Pesticides:

How to eat less sugar:

Better eggs Benedict for mom:






Understanding Web malware:

Top ten online scams:

A Royal Wedding Scam:


Cybercriminals Using Osama Bin Laden's Death to Spread Malware:                   

Will There Ever Be An "Internet Erase Button"?


A fine site, specialized in info re WiFi:

Nokia still leads in the mobile phone market:

Mobile tracking The Difference Engine: The spy in your pocket:

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