Sunday, July 20, 2014


Anybody can contribute to the text, can present his/her own ideas and even
 can change the title at will.
This is a 'wisdom of crowds' exercise.



  1. From Brian Ahern

    The past moniker, COLD FUSION, was an unfortunate label. The ebergy tracked with high deuterium loading. It was therefore understandable that fusion was considered.

    The problem was that the expected iionzing radiation was absent. This prompted contorted models to preserve D-D fusion models.

    Occam's Razor suggests that a non fusion model is more likely.

    As for the present, HENI, seems to ne a poor choice due to the lack of high energy particles

    The term LENR to represent the future is simply fanatical. There is real and reproducible energy output from Ni-N system. Perhaps we should consider magnetic extraction of Energy from ZPE or something related to that concept.

    1. Thank you dear Brian for your promptness - yours is the fiart contribution.

    2. Part 1 of 2

      There are big and hugely perplexing questions that science has not yet been able to answer. Something is missing in the scientific toolbox to solve these profound mysteries. Could that something be LENR?

      Observational evidence is conclusive that something is happening in the regions of the universe where an all pervasive dark stuff is spread more or less evenly throughout the cold reaches of intergalactic space. There, cold, low intensity nano reactions might thrive. Dark matter definitely exists; we detect gravity where the ordinary bright matter is not.

      Dark energy is less well understood; the observational data demands something, and modified-gravity models are not yet very promising. What could be producing all that power and still remain cold and undetectable, could that dark something be LENR?

      95% of the universe is dark and cold – Science says let’s keep an open mind. But that open mind cannot include LENR, a process well suited to thrive in these vast icy voids between the stars.

      Science now has a picture that fits all the data: General relativity (gravity), the Standard Model of particle physics, and an inventory of ordinary matter, dark matter, and dark energy.

      But profound puzzles remain in science: reconciling gravity with quantum mechanics, what is dark matter, what is dark energy, and why is there so little dark energy compared to the expected amounts if connected with vacuum energy. Could we be missing something important, something essential, something fundamental, could that something be LENR?

      Could LENR be an all pervasive process that is spread throughout the universe occurring in interstellar gas clouds of hydrogen and helium detritus?

      There are clues that it could be. For example, those gas clouds are radiating 400% more extreme ultraviolet light (XUV) than can be explained from surveys of XUV sources including black holes, quasars, and big young stars.

      The lithium puzzle points to a process that is removing 1000 times more lithium 7 than can be explained by processes occurring in the centers of the stars. Something is consuming all the lithium; could it be LENR?

      The expansion of the universe is just starting to kick in after 14 billion years and it is now accelerating. It wasn’t there in those earlier times but it is now strengthening with a vengeance. Could this accelerating expansion, not in evidence till recently, be the result of an inflating and highly energy active expanse of hydrogen clouds just now getting some elbow room within expanding voids between the stars?

      There is observational evidence that the dark matter colliding in the bullet galaxy cluster is a soliton as big as that galaxy cluster. How can that be? But some theories of LENR might explain it.

      Dark matter can interact with itself as shown by the collision occurring in the musket ball galaxy. LENR based solitons can do that.

    3. fusion as in hot fusion is very improbable,
      but maybe a p-e-p (d-e-d) fusion as proposed by Ed Storms can explain the nearly absence of neutrons and tritium

      this article is simple and just show a direction (and a method)

      I hope to read soon his book
      peopke may hear that interview

      more than the hydroton theory, my own Occam razor make me follow the few principles he propose.

      p-e-p fusion and a big quantum "dissipator" object seems the simplest.

  2. Part 2 of 2

    Could the acceptance of the concept of LENR be the Holy Grail that can give science a key to unlock some of the most intractable conundrums they now struggle with?

    Just like any fact, these stubborn issues will not go away until their real cause is recognized; it’s just a matter of time. LENR is a major cosmological process not yet recognized by our myopic science and it is never going to go away. LENR will just be sitting there cross-legged, intransient, wise and immutable like the smiling Budda, as a great and universal truth stubbornly waiting to be recognized: it’s just a matter of time.

    1. Dear Axil,

      Very encouraging, if LENR ( replace it with the true acronym, let's define it) is so important in cosmology- this make it in some way more promising for our earthly plans - to convert in the best and most powerful Energy Source. I was enchanted by the idea that
      LENR - again what it is! is so actively presnt In Nature in a lot of palces and phenomena-as described in Defkalion''s ICCF-17 paper.

      Please add your thoughts re LENR in restricted sense- Energy for Mankind. Thank you


  3. I see a huge bubble to explode. Just check SP 500 hundred index. It's doomed to be worst than the 2 previous.

    If the parties involved don't do release any sort of product soon, it may be too late. It's likely that the whole thing will implode since investors will be bankrupt to even adapt HENI to the actual world.

    1. 30 years back known as GuruJuly 20, 2014 at 10:39 AM

      Exactly, MoneyMakers at FRB (FED) still thinking, that some fresh new M3 will save this "turbulence".

      Ha, ha, only insane investors will continue to throw money into coal, nuke mines and fracking. Fracking and tar sands this will grandioso fiasco, even for Canadian banks which navigate through last crisis with pride.

      Look where sunk WTI and Brent during last crisis. This is some small hint.

      I repeatedly warn our local businesses, that coal miners will bankrupt and funny thing: One major here is just in Zombie mode, stocks are minus 99,5% from once glory zenit.

      Minute after some annoncement, I will simply shorting everything connected with energy. Best way is keep hundreds so called "Waiting Orders" open in snowballing style.

  4. Won’t cosmological LENR be a subject for another century?

    Not necessarily, the timeframe for LENR development and exploration is a matter of focus. Our imaginations and our dreams are an engine and the driving force for the scope of our future accomplishments. These issues related to the discovery of cosmological LENR are relevant to the next development steps that LENR might take.

    Let us assume that LENR can heat the water for our morning baths in the very near future as a fait accompli, and that this product release reveals sufficient indications that LENR+ is consistent with the cosmological BEC.
    What could be next in the LENR+ 2.0 development pipeline?

    The detailed examination and scientific study of cosmological LENR can inform us about the intimate nature of LENR so that we might explore and eventually understand the limits of what might be accomplished in the next round of LENR development.

    For example, dark matter can exist as a soliton, a gigantic wave structure 1000 parsecs in diameter visible from a billion light years away. The very existence of this massive Bose Einstein Condensate informs us that quantum entanglement in LENR nano sites can be networked in an unlimited fashion without regard for the limitations in time and space imposed by of the speed of light. Quantum entanglement has infinite speed and connectivity.

    If we can determine what that method of this BEC entanglement actually is, if we could find what passes between the BEC ensemble members, then we could set up an appropriate QM entanglement carrier network that interconnects all the LENR home heating and power units throughout the world into one worldwide LENR internet forming one global BEC grid.

    That worldwide BEC network could even be extended into intergalactic space through the proper use of astronomical equipment to tap into the BEC in intergalactic space thus providing access to the very intergalactic source of Dark energy.

    Space craft could use the same concept to support a dark energy propulsion strategy where unlimited amounts of intergalactic power might be channeled into their interstellar engines.

    If belief and focus are there, if research is directed in the proper direction, new paradigms of cosmological based energy access might unfold under the weight of the realization of our most optimistic dreams.

    Humankind has never fails to fully utilize something that he understands in intimate detail; all that is required is the will, the determination and the insight to gain that understanding.

  5. 30 years back known as GuruJuly 20, 2014 at 3:44 PM

    Khazars are murdering Semitic folks. They burn Semitic folks alive with phosphorus and our priority is traveling to some Black Hole ?

    What We will export ? Talmud or 6 metres high concrete walls with MG equipped towers ? Starmen are desperate awaiting us ?

  6. Maybe are finally your Greek "big friends" under investigation for fraud?
    Are you still accomplice of them and continue to support them and their false results?

    1. @ Gluck
      Are you able to read and in particular to understand contents of Gamberale's Report?

    2. Surely I am. Luca has made some errors and has deduced the
      same errors were made in the Demos of July 22 and 23. It is not true.
      You will hear about DGT when the Hyperion R6 will be ready.
      They will waste no time with kibitzes and bravos- I agree 100% with this.

    3. Ah, and which are these "errors" about Gamberale's Report?
      Is this your new excuse to hide the scam?
      R5 was/is a clear fraud, R6, R7, R8, .... will be too
      You have support (and continue) just Greek cheaters and should be ashamed.

    4. I know what has happened, you don't. I have told you
      to write me with your real identity; if not I will ignore you.

    5. You don't know nothing, you never tested Greek "reactor" R5, you will ignore me because you have a lot of fear to face technical discussion under public judgement.

      I am ready, my identity is absolutely insignificant. This is just your current excuse to escape because you are not able to substain your arguments giving clear evidences.

      You simply support scam and fraud due to ignorance.

    6. I regret sincerely that your identity is absolutely insignificant, this is an abyss of an inferiority complex I never have met such an unhappy case. I hope you are just a simple coward practicizing lack of responsibility..
      I accept the judgment of the history for my crimes of supporting fraud and scam. I don't want to invoke ignorance as an excuse.

      I start guessing who you can be, 8 years ago you were an almost nice person.


    7. You escape again and ever from question.

      You make propaganda to the Greek R5 "reactor" that you never tested so you are lying.

      Have the courage to face a technical and public debate rather than talk about something else to divert attention of your readers.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    10. You deleted my last comment due to fear. I write it again:

      Are you part of Defkalion? Are you under contract from them?
      Are you under investigation from a judge?
      Are you no longer a free scientist? This is a bad news for your readers.
      Please not hide you behind "confidences and secrets" from your Greek friends. Their scam is public and Gamberale wrote and signed a clear Report.

      Why not do you write right now a technical document, and public it, to refute Gamberale's Report?

      If you are able, do it.

    11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    12. And you deleted again also your comment from:
      Peter Gluck July 26, 2014 at 7:59 AM

      "I have legal reasons, not technical, to not speak about
      the Gamberale affair.I have described it on my blog, in a somewhat cryptic mode.
      As regarding a public debate i intend to participate at ICCF-19
      Venice despite age (77+) and problems with vision, come and confront me there. But take care< I have black belt in verbal karate
      and till then you will be convinced that I was right.
      Bring me a glass of grappa with your apologies.
      Blog communication with you is finished. see you at ICCF-19.

      Fear of something or someone?
      I ask again:
      Which legal reasones you have to not speak?

  7. No, no dear Gluck.... stay just to R5, not speak again of maybe or future "reactors" to cover that R5 does not work at all. Instead of write smoke and chatters, if you are able (I believe that you are an arrogant bluffer) write a technical detailed analysis to disprove Gamberale's Report. No your usual yada, yada please.

    1. Please do not tell me what to do. You also are free to do what you want including legal actions. Anyway, the subject is closed here till
      the next Demo. Bye-bye!
      If you want to continue send me e-mail with your real name.

    2. Please don't write here just yada, yada. Prove your statement otherwise you will be only phoney. Give here, in front of Blog readers proofs of what you said from many years.

  8. Gambarelli has clear dishonest mistakes in the report. I pointed out on CMNS, no one answered. So, it's likely no one will bother to honestly answer outside.

    1. No one answered like here, where chatter obtuse believers, fans and supporters of these Greeks.
      They pretend nothing thinking to pass under silence but is was a large bad cheat.

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