Friday, March 28, 2014


What can do an old, incurable workaholic during a period of relative absence of news? Inactivity, like the sleep of reason produces monsters- this is a certainty; it is easy to imagine the destructive effects of a prolonged hibernation! Being aware of this, I have used the not-so-interesting -times, almost two and half months from the start of Defkalion’s technical Armageddon with and for Hyperion-6, up to the Anniversary MIT Colloquium- to compose a review of my life’s philosophy.
In my basic profession, Research, as in many other creative activities, the great differentiator is Initiative; the mark of great researchers (as we have discussed many times with my friends Yiannis and Axil) is the rare ability to make a Synthesis.
Not an easy task, we have a natural trend to misinterpret our own ideas, to use critical thinking much too gently, to ignore the subtetlies and to by-pass the paradoxes and internal contradictions that are core elements of a good thinking method/system.
Anyway, I have tried to solve the puzzle, have welded together many fragments of truth forming a something with logical consistency.
When this opus was almost ready, I started to think: where to publish it, in a place with good visibility, making it a “presence”.
This publication must have a much broader audience than my modest blog EGO OUT where these ideas are already there in pieces. lacking unity!

The Foundational Questions Institute’s 2014 Spring Contest

Being aware that great questions illuminate us better than great answers, I knew about the existence and generous aims of Then Jed Rothwell, leading supporter and librarian
of our field has published there a great essay: Cold fusion may have revolutionary potential”; I hope this will be great winner
despite the present bad reputation of cold fusion; till the end of the contest (August) this can change (and the understanding of the concept as well).
FQXI’s 2014 Spring Contest is about: “How Should Humanity Steer the Future? “ I had a secular revelation- this is my aim too,
the Ego-Out philosophy is the obligation of an individual to tell
Everything he/she has learned in a lifetime in order to help the future generations to make the world a better place.

What a wonderful opportunity to make my philosophy known!

I wrote an essay for the contest, it is here:
Its title and its essence are:

My general ideas about how our world works and about how our problems can and have to be solved are described; these are used in my understanding of what cold fusion is, too.
I am asking all my old and new friends; please visit and read the essay, if you like or dislike relevant ideas and/or the integral ideology of it, please make comments as requested by FQXI. Please help me only making the essay known to all the good people who actively care for the future of Humanity.
The essay is not about an ideal but about realism; I know that the public prefers pleasant perfect crystal shaped lies to unpleasant fragmentary truths.
However by this essay the ideas became present and universally accessible hopefully waiting for their day to come.

Thank you,



  1. interesting and of general interest.

    Good point to remind the negativity of current mood in western countries, and the inherent interesting nature of the world.

    Maybe you also describe human as a kind of problem solving personality, I call them engineers, but it is more general...

    I have a joke about profession :

    One afternoon few friends are enjoying a barbecue a garden ...
    There is a physicist, a chemist, an engineer, and an entrepreneur...

    suddenly we hear a double bang and a flying saucer crash into the backyard.

    The physicist remember where the light started to move, measure the angles and compute the maximum speed. He conclude "the speed is impossible in the atmosphere", and that object cannot fly, not is a meteor given is shape. It is IMPOSSIBLE. and he sit down and drink his wine.

    The chemist meanwhile has gone to see the metalic object, taling samples, estimating temperature... He note also the physicists speed estimation, and conclude... wooo, unbelievable given the side of that thing that it can go that fast... I have samples and photographs to understand how it can work that way.

    The engineer join the chemist ans say.. I will dismount what looks like the engine, and maybe try to test it on my De Lorean... I need some parts at the Home Depot.

    The Entrepreneur join the engineeer and say :
    "I can drive you to home depot, and I have a gold Visa card with discount there..." then he call the chemist :
    "hey, you came with us, maybe you can help the engineer to understand what is happening, or at least avoid it explode"...

    The physicist a bit sad and alone look at them and moan in a corner... "call me when it work, I will have a theory."

  2. Thanks; the joke is also OK, however first of we are human beings, well educated and the group had the primary tasks to verify if there are some ETs
    or other beings in the flying saucer and to invite them to eat.
    Do not forget, when humanity's great problems will solved, Gastronomy will become the most important of all our sciences

    1. sorry I forget to call my wife to know how to behave politely...

      as a French one of my first question to alien will be about food and cooking...

      and coffee.

    2. Great care with ETs, the prestige of our Planet is at the stake.