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My dear Readers,

Very best wishes to you all for the year that has started today; 2014 will be more than interesting for New Energy. You will see and the history of Technology will mark the very start of a new energy era. There are only 82 days left till the Start.
2013 was a year of ordeal for me because I was focused on and captivated by LENR and what was sad to me, one of the most faithful cold fusionists has lead to a kind of exercises in masochism. I have shared with you my discoveries which have almost forced me to depression. However my ideas had very limited success, at least
as measured by the written reaction to them. Recently I have asked
more CF journals and sites- if they will publish a heretical paper as  my one saying that everything I knew about CF was not true. I got no answers at all.
My biographers will show that I was very tolerant toward differing or even opposite opinions (if not concerning ethical issues) However
I still think that these standard quotations can be applied here.

Despite the mass destruction of many ideas, memes and sacred cows of cold fusion I did not became sad because I had many
unique opportunities to see how bright is the Light at the end of the tunnel. As usual and human, due to the huge contrast between the
status of the problem and the greatness of the solution, the majority of the people still are on the side of the problem and will need heroic efforts to accept the solution.
I hope to witness this mass conversion in 2014.

Till then, I have decided to contribute to your specialization in solutions by giving you examples of good solutions from many fields.
For today please take a look to:

Please take in consideration the history of this problem and the ferocity of GMO skeptics, perhaps worse than the most active enemies of cold fusion.



  1. Happy New Year, Peter. Can you clarify what you mean by this?

    "There are only 82 days left till the Start."

    Start of what? 82 days from when? What do you expect to happen?


    1. 82 days from the New Energy Era. Or the end of the 25 year cold fusion war. Please be patient, I have already waited 9050 days, you have to wait much less

    2. 30 years back known as GuruJanuary 3, 2014 at 1:55 PM

      Dear Peter,
      thanks for hint - fantastic news and chance for some preparation, although Sunday (23.3.) is not optimal day. I conducted hundreds simulations and Sunday is very bad day for such "New Era" of whatever. Markets will open with gap and thousands more innocent businesses will dead.´as contrary to "new era" during standard business days. I warned Defkalion folks 2 years back about this issue with detailed description and examples. So they will show their real faces.

    3. Dear Guru,
      You are right in a great extent, anf a decision is difficult and depends
      on many factors. A symbol is a symbol is a symbol. There are necessary forms of bureaucracy too. Perhaps the event will start earlier and end later. Sunday is not all bad for press. We will see.
      Thank you for your care.

    4. 30 years back known as GuruJanuary 4, 2014 at 7:09 AM

      Press will not the dead victims. Example: Airlines, thousands Farmers, even some Condos Cooperatives and many more innocent businessess doing HEDGE against rise of fuel costs. So they go to broker or bank and buy in fact oil futures for 5% cash. When this instrument overnight/overweekends dip much i.e. open with gap so these innocent businesses "insured" with such hedge (typical airline has 43% of year long consumption of fuel hedged) will dead Monday morning. DGT folks know this 2 years. Press presstitutes may wait one night. So DGT decided that no. They want Sunday for glory and more presstitutes at party.

  2. What is funny is that since 2012 I am following LENR history in the reverse direction.
    The more I dig in the past, the more I am sure it is real, and that we have a serious problems in our modern science. First in US where an establishment of lucky scientists deified by Manhattan project, stopped understanding how real innovative science works. then in all the rest of the world, like in France, where that collective US academic delusion trickled down our subordinate science communities...
    Japan, Italy, China, and strangely US navy and US garages, were strangely protected from that delusion trickle-down, not totally, but enough to work.

    This remind me the subprime crisis, where US delusion trickled -down our banks.

    Cold fusion is scientifically a clearly hard problem (clearly complex, clearly dirty), which as you say should be transported in cleaner system like gas permeation, and moved to controlled randomized systems like powders and surfaces...

    Like you a agree wet systems were dirty, but it is not the cause of the tragedy. If Cold fusion was accepted as a problematic anomaly, practical people like Fralick, Piantelli, Scaramuzzi, and later Defkalion team, Rossi would have tried different systems and quickly abandoned wet systems, or pushed them to the extreme like Brillouin.

    after all in the few first years of LENR, Ti-D system were tested, Ni-H too, dry systems , powder systems were tested...
    they just needed more communication, more enthusiasm, more self confidence, and a little more money (but not too much, or they would be like hot fusion far rats in the cheese)...
    Anyway the bad beginnings, were not helped by this tricky wet system, by some lack of luck, and by the unavoidable wars between Ivy leagues universities and 2nd rank like Utah/Missouri. Anyway the main cause is induced by Manhattan project consequence in US.

  3. Peter …and the others,

    In this first day of a most promising new year, it is time to both look back and to look forward.

    As a noted and prominent journalist of cold fusion, the time to set the LENR record straight is now.

    It is now only a matter of days and with the dawning of the new age so close at hand, it’s time for the privileged insiders; the people in the know to awaken and begin the authoring of the: “inside LENR” type books about the true goings on in cold fusion. Future historians need accurate and well informed material to document one of the most momentous events in the history of humankind. The witness of first hand observers is absolutely required to detail the mistakes, the trials, the tribulations and the eventual triumphs of the key workers in the field of LENR from those journalist privileged to observe the shadowy processes before all the rest.

    But most important, we need to understand the reasons why things happened in the way that they did. We need to understand how both the evil of human weakness and the better angels of our Nature drove the events behind the fits and starts in LENR development.

    Time is marching forward in relentless disregard for continuing triviality. In this first day for new beginnings, let us resolve to begin the first steps in setting down for posterity to the latest generation the true and honest formation of this next and most momentous chapter in history of mankind.

    1. Very well said Axil!.

      Peter, having followed the LENR story only a relatively short 3 years, as compared to your many, I nonetheless find myself growing a bit impatient with those "privileged insiders" that hint at knowing so much, yet reveal so little.

      Surely the historical stigma of cold fusion plays a role in this reluctance to speak fully and freely. Nonetheless there have been a few brave souls such as McCubre, who have gone forth and done just that (60 Minutes) yet met with little success, while having paid a heavy professional price for their courage and honesty.

      Understandable then to see why most insiders prefer the safer, subdued, cautious, path we have become accustomed to and frustrated with... and of whom Axil tries, with his appeal, to urge into action.

      In English we have a fairly crude -but apt to this discussion, saying:

      "Time to grow a pair"...

      Insiders and start speaking up!

      Shane D.

    2. Dear Shane,

      A great thank you! I have to confess that I have not met this expression till now, it happens despite the hundreds of management and motivational papers I have translated for my websearch newsletter (2002-2010) I already found this> and will continue to study it.

      However a bit of more clarity will not do harm; actually what isthe trouble with the privileged insiders, what can they do, say, splve (!) and newcomers cannot?
      I dare to think that in my blog writings I gave a realistic, pragmatic and not very happy vision of cold fusion.
      I think the desired useful new energy source is just now in construction and the old one (Pd D based, wet) wo;; remain just scientific.
      Please tell exactly what you dislike, what you want to change, what
      you think about the future etc.

    3. Thank you Peter for the reply.

      I wasn't targeting you in particular. In fact, you have done more then your fair share of spreading the LENR gospel and in turn you will have a well deserved place in its history.

      I check your blog often for the latest. However, for all the good you have done, the many posts you have written, I can't really debate a skeptic based on anything I've read here. Solely because -and this is cause of the frustration; you write of the future, balanced by historical perspective, from which you offer direction, preach faith for the coming of LENR+, and such....

      Which is all well and good, inspirational to a point, but you must have seen something, know or known something, privy to something, or accomplished something yourself to be so confident, and in turn inspire your audience and admirers to follow suit?

      Take DGT for example: You are very confident of their merits and speak of them often while urging us to follow your lead and trust in them. But you won't tell us what it is that you know, or seen, that inspires your commitment to them. We have to see why you are impressed, not just how much you are.

      Even Jesus had to show his hand occasionally by performing miracles to keep his flock, so it should not be all that surprising that LENR insiders would lose their followers interest if they offer up only nice words.

      As I said Peter, this really wasn't about you. I just wish all the insiders would stop talking in riddles and start talking experiences. Something concrete.

      Take care,

      Shane D.

  4. It was 2nd of January 1920, 96 years ago from today, since Isaac Asimov birth. One of his most famous saying was "scientific knowledge is all about creating problems that ignorance can not resolve". What he, nor Arthur Clark said or predicted, was what engineering is all about. As per Peter Gluck is "the art of turning a problem to an opportunity to make something useful". I suppose that this has to do not only with technology but timing as well.

    Peter realize this. Please keep quiet! Ignorants could be disturbed. ..

    1. Thank you- you are showing the essence of the problems-they are
      here to be solved.
      Re your advice, my answer is NO! I take all the risks, I will put my future career in peril, but I will NOT KEEP QUIET!


    2. Peter,
      I proposed you to keep quiet, not silent. You might disturb the deep sleep of the main stream academia and the nap of the gurus of the old CF garrison, that are following.

  5. Peter, what exactly do you expect Rossi and/or Defkalion to accomplish in 2014? In scientific terms and with details please. For example, will they have a reactor properly tested in a university setting rather than in their facilities? Will it be done by famous professors rather than unknowns? Will Rossi ever reveal a customer? Will he say which agencies are supposedly certifying his ecat? Will he show anyone an ecat factory? Will SRI ever release a peer reviewed report about Brillouin's reactor? Will it include credible and impressive performance data?

    I know it's hard to be specific but generalities are pretty useless. And I find them discouraging. I want this to work. So how will it be?

    1. To do the world the most good in the shortest timeframe, the scientific road is not the way to go with cold fusion. University tests will not be productive in advancing cold fusion. Famous professors will not contribute to the success of cold fusion, they will only hurt its progress to advance their own agendas.

      The Ni/H reactor will gain acceptance through commercialization; a real product in the hands of people who will certainly not understand how it works, only that it does work somehow.

      It took Higgs 40 years to get his ideas about the world accepted by academia. Progress is science is far too slow and too uncertain.

      Cold fusion is far more complicated than the Higgs field, so it will take far longer to understand.

      A cold fusion reactor to heat your office is more convincing; it is more immediate, it will be faster in its impact, and the most certain of its success.

      Then will begin the frenzy of research and development; there will be huge piles of money at stake not just the egos of some old dried up professors.

  6. As a respond to Peter's call for a brainstorming on "things to happen" within 2014, here is my small "excavation into near future":
    I think 2014 will be important one way or an other, either due to expected technology progress on CF or truths to be revealed. Actually by the end of 2014, the British Foreign Affairs ministry has to release all documents related with secret discussions during or after the Geneva Summit of 85 between Reagan and Gorbatchev. From information leaked already through Margaret Thatcher's Institution archives, it seems that the hot fusion/ITER scandal strategy was decided then, leading to the 13bil euro project (funded 47% by EU, 7% each by US, Russian and the rest of participant countries), a good excuse not questioning Europe's energy dependence on the geopolitics of the Golf Area, the Russian pipes and the Fukushima type technologies.
    It seems that Fleischman and Pons early announcement threatened or questioned this "game" between superpowers negotiating to end Cold War 1.
    I think that it is safe to predict what may happen when people start understanding what really happened over the last 25 years around the Cold Fusion saga. What still is difficult to predict is the resistance power of main stream academia, surviving mainly through the control of ideology reproduction over young scientists ideas.
    Johanna C. PhD student of Political Science

    1. This explanation maybe participated the motivation of the mass, or some outspoken to deny LENR...

      However I rather support now the vision of Clarles Beaudette.
      The idea is that physicist, deified by Manhattan project, have lost contact with experimental world, too much accustomed with free space theories ad experiments that works reliably.

      When they faced a messy experiment, similar to the beginning of semiconductors (germanium parasitic junction were discovered but denied in the 1920s, and discovered and explained in the 1940s), they used their "easy" strict protocol... claiming that replication should be exact and sucess 100% of the time...
      that kind of argument is laughable for a chemist, or a semiconductor engineer.

      then facing somethinh they cannot explain, they decided to deny it by using wildcard artifact... not saying what, but saying that ther is no alternative than artifact or else fraud...

      that is all. science is closed, see elsewhere.

      your "motivation" argument may be true too, working with physicist incompetence in complex experimental science.
      in fact more that ITER I suspect that simply giving recognition to dirty cookers was not acceptable...

      all those motivation started a delusion.
      this delusion trickled down the hierachy of science.
      the outspoken scientists whou bashed Fleishman, started to bash the dissenters. physicist started to understand that they will lose capacity to publish, win Nobel, get funding, be recognised, keep their job... so they entered in Mutual Assured Delusion as Roland Benabou explain in his Groupthink papers....

      the scientific journals get terrorized too, and became active watchdog against dissenters, not to be killed too...
      media entered Mutual Assured Delusion...