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Sedentary mind is worse than sedentary body,
(my septoe)

Let’s face reality, my LENR ÜberTheorie paper (inspired mainly from DGT’s Hyper Theory for the Hyperions), was neither approved nor assassinated by the prominent members of the LENR community and that’s a sign it has not found the way to their hearts or it was rejected by their brains.

I have decided to continue fighting and writing for my idea of how we can make LENR to work and I am speaking now to the young LENR workers of all ages. I dare to hope they will accept me as one of them. At the surface and deep inside I seem to be old but this is only a temporary state, actually I am permanently young- at least functionally/mentally.

A very important recent event in LENR/Cold Fusion education was the Cold Fusion 101 Short Course at MIT; professor Peter Hagelstein has warned the students: “this field can be dangerous for your career!” and this is right. I am coming with a very different message than my famous namesake: “I bet that in 5 years the situation will be completely reversed and working for what today it is called LENR will be a formidable competitive advantage and a real professional privilege because this science-technology will be on the straight way to conquer the energy market including myriads of old and new applications”. I have told you about the great obstacles on this way, but once these impediments removed, a genuine super-stampede will start and it will a real delight for those who like technological progress- as fast or even faster than in this story, for example:
Looking back on 40 years of the cellular phone:  You will proudly look back to the first 40 years of industrial LENR generators.

All I want, my dear and daring young colleagues is to help you till this field will not become an almost automatic generator of serial professional triumphs. Perhaps first of all, please explore my blog; my life experience is there- it free and NOT paved with good intentions because my style is difficult not populist at all. Please discover how my vision has changed and improved, this will be good for our future resonant collaboration. Exactly as you, I will try to learn continuously up to the end-my end because the field has a glorious future- and how glorious it will be how fast  this depends on you).

I have received a negative compliment these days from the Black Widow or the Nagaina of the anti-New Energy plot, Ms Mary Yugo who measuring my IQ has stated that I don’t own the sharpest tools in the box. This became a revelation for me: my young readers who will make LENR great need specific tools.  
Good tools, sharp, the best tools available.
Now, in this short essay I will  say first the essence:
a) the most important tool is Good Thinking, a subject that has obsessed me- in positive sense during my entire professional career;
b) in the present complex world MANAGEMENT IS THE NEW PHILOSOPHY the best guide for efficient thinking, the inexhaustible source for developing problem solving skills, the inspiration of learning from kindergarten to university, PhD and for getting high awards in research and development. Equally useful as basic science and living mathematics. You will be able to learn more from Edward de Bono than from Nietzsche, from Jim Rohn than from Heidegger and from Nicholas Nassim Taleb than from Soren Kirkegaard.
This time I am using a few recent papers of the type I have used formerly for my INFO labeled publication; these were not read so I ceased to write them after more than a decade but I am still collecting the most challenging and potentially useful ones.. A mixed bunch of papers mainly about management. I try to show you that they carry messages of interest for the LENR workers.
These are not written by the great gurus of management but by living nice authors whom I have followed for years.

A first example that inspired me this kind of writing:

In 100 Words: Climbing Molehills Without Sweating:
A very simple story about a costly standard error in real life and at work; it is applied in LENR too. Like Lucy, we search for useful LENR in PdD instead of NiH where it is.
The author of this blog writes convincingly and is a great master
telling much in few words, not septoes but “centoes”

More papers about learning and creativity, positive stimulative ones

Today, LENR is a field still mined with uncertainties, therefore those who claim to be knowers can do a lot of harm stopping the ideas of the learners who dare to take the risks and follow new paths. A sensitive subject- I have already written a lot about those who have strong certainties it will be a special lesson about this area. I need your help & opinions. By the way, I have already received inspiration and fine ideas- this morning- from Axil a colleague and good, generous friend who has demonstrated admirable courage and unique scientific culture in his messages:\
It is deeply personal but I hope he will not mind that I am citing him:
“ (When dealing with a new subject) I would always memorize it in great detail. Even though the effort was very difficult and time consuming, this technique was a means that usually led to eventual success in the analysis of these varied systems. Like an old fire horse that always jumps to the sound of the fire alarm, they cannot help themselves. It is how they have grown to be and cannot change; so too with me. My constant improvement to theory is my way to memorize the LENR system in all its subtleties and in all its complexity .” Thank you, Axil!

It is a great achievment to recognize the complexity and the subtetlies of LENR, but it is my duty to add a warning about its inherent wickedness or ill-will of LENR- see the reproducibility and later, control, problems. Beware of any kind of personification perhaps it is just a special extreme case of validity of my 5th problem solving rule:
5. NOT what we know, but what we don’t know is always more important for solving the problem.
Creativity stimulating taxonomy coupled with a grand synthesis of
daring, challenging, new, standard, verified and unverified, mainstream and heretical, clear and still hazy ideas – this is not a job for everybody! Prepare yourself for it my young LENR colleague! Even when you will not be able to throw a stone without hitting a LENR generator, you will have a lot to do, to discover, to fix, to reinvent.
May I remind you that "The world is constructed designedly, just in order to fulfill the interest of the scientist, being infinitely complex and perfectible, providing an endless and eternal field of thinking and action for him." Y.H.Prum  see my old paper here:
If you have thought this is an exaggeration, one year of work in LENR will convince you about the contrary.

What can you learn from your professional rivals:
Exaggerated rivalry is destructive in all stages however before the stage of over-exponential growth. it is simply absurd for a quasi-infinite market.
Management and business have created a wonderful concept and practice that’s called coopetition. You, young LENR worker, you must be a champion of coopetition, both you and your rival are in deep trouble just by working in this field. Compete smartly but collaborate also wisely; you need synergies.

We need a new kind of learner:
The theory of critical thinking is an intellectual masterpiece, I have read books and papers about it. This paper says it will become a reality and the efficiency of learning will increase. In any case, only those apt in using critical thinking will succeed in LENR

The future of learning is the future of work:
Harold Jarche became fast  one of my favorite blog authors, he has the ability to show the essence of issues and new ideas.This essay is about what has added the Internet to learning in the 21st century. Be grateful for the Internet and the Web for the new dimensions of communication and information.

Big Think's Guide to Thinking and Doing Bigger in 2013:
You need to “think big” ergo you need
Daily. Thinking big is thinking both holistically- to see the details in the whole and to think holographically- to see the whole (problem, field) in the very details. To think big is also to climb high on the DIKW scale. Arthur C.Clarke has added Prediction to Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom.

Using The Power of Certainty to Drive Growth in an Uncertain World:

A great opportunity to you to meet Daniel Burrus. Please start with his quotations and if you have just a bit of love for technology and management in your soul you will be captivated and mesmerized and you will try to read more and more from this author. In this case it s about uncertainty and how to cope with it something still too present and active in LENR.


Why Focus Makes Us Smarter--and 8 Ways to Sharpen Yours

Actually these are practical advices  how to improve your resilience and mental toughness. Not stubbornness but the ability to survive in very hostile conditions, being able to process fast and painlessly your unavoidable failures and disillusions. And much before feeling the advantages of good focusing you will learn that dis-focussing is a capital sin in research.


The lesson you never got taught in school: How to learn!:

The best comes at the end of this sub-series: I have written many editorials about the necessity to teach our students how to learn.

Zero impact, zero-feedback, the Romanian education system is very inert. In our LENR University we will try the best approach, I promise.

Building the skills of insight:
I adore the word INSIGHT; however for LENR or HHENI I prefer to use “deep understanding”

You, young friend are sentenced to be creative. The following two papers can inspire you.

Creativity Is Like a Slot Machine by Maria Popova
“To invent, you have to take the odd and the strange combination of the years of knowledge and experience.”

The Science of Creativity in 2013: Looking Back to Look Forward:

About errors in thinking:

I would make a huge error in thinking by trying to explain these papers. You have to meet the evil, especially the evil inside alone and develop immunity to it, step by step.
Remember this Grook:
Well, it's plain
and simple to express.
Err and err and err again,
but less and less and less.
       Piet Hein

You have to discover alone the shortcuts on this road. I confess that my fine collection of my own errors is a source of learning but a very personal source. Make you own collection, please! I am offering you a fine  group of papers about the different ways to err. It is up to you to learn how to err less, asymptotically less.

Cognitive Biases: Why We Make Irrational Decisions:

Why We Act Against Our Own Best Interest

It's Time to Stop Validating Ignorance:

Dealing With the Danger of Cognitive Hubris

The tools

It would be useful for you to learn a lot about what Woody Allen has called his second favorite organ. Not an easy pleasant lecture but your future is a direct function of the functionality of your brain. Discover the 101 of human neurosciences.

Has Evolution Given Humans Unique Brain Structures?

When will science give us better brains?:

Are we near to the limits of our tools???

I regret that I had to include here a tragic, apocalyptic aspect of our future. End of world, end of human intelligence these similar mental products are unavoidable and popular. OK, I have not the sharpest tools, I can admit it, but have we indeed reached – generally speaking- the limits of human intelligence? Is the general global intelligence decreasing slowly and irreversibly? In LENR and at the neighbors the theories are not more usable for practice -is this a symptom of the crisis in thinking?   

Is Scientific Genius Extinct?:
Sincerely, I cannot answer. Perhaps I am not intelligent enough to understand the problem, I have always believed that the possibilities of the human mind are limitless and can be extended by AI, you know Singularity and stuff like that.

Can We Reach the End of Knowledge?
Regarding LENR I have predicted it will be solved by a hybrid approach both scientific and technological; later we will be able to understand all the details and then new details will appear.

The Reason We Lose at Games: Some Games Simply Too Complex for the Human Mind to Understand:
As I have told elsewhere, I was a good chess player, however I failed to learn Go but I was happy to see great masters of this play. It can be about human diversity.

The following two papers are about the end of the (great) innovation. Some people are paid to make predictions, pessimistic ones that are more popular than optimist ones, just think about the end of world. Please take my word, it is possible that human intelligence is in some danger but Homo discontentus will continue to invent and to build great things. Hyperion generators will be a bright example.

Has the World Reached the End of Innovation?

Chip daddy Mead: 'A bunch of big egos' are strangling science. The scientific revolution has stalled, here's how to kickstart it

This paper was kindly sent by Yiannis Hadjichristos this morning. It is mainly about the negative role of the great egoistic Knowers who are staying in the way of other, usually younger creative learners. Read it, you will find a horrifying example of how Carlo Cipolla\s second law was applied to two semi-gods of physics. It will be easier to you to get rid of post-logical thinking see:  during your entire career, an enormous competitive advantage, especially if you keep it secret.  

We need people familiar with complexity

Be aware it will be extremely hard; beautiful and elegant equations  will try all the tricks to seduce your mind. I implore you to resist to their siren song, they are only a part of the reflection of an infinitely rich reality. Make love to them but do not marry them- this is a metaphor.

Managing in complexity:

Handle complexity with evidence, not opinion

Taming complexity:

Read please these 3 papers but be aware: you will need a special course in complexity theory.


This paper is intended for my reader Bettingham who thinks that
if the LENR technology, specifically DGT’s, will not be made public for free as the Salk vaccine, many people will continue to die of hunger. I am trying to explain him that free technologies in the energy sector will not develop but fade away and what moves them forward is mainly re-invested profit. The problem of hunger could be solved if we put limits to consumerism and losses of food, see:

To Solve the World Food Crisis, Stop Wastage:

The last paper today is just an opportunity to say that English is great is the WWW language, but you – in your own interest and for the sake of your brain, make the necessary efforts to NOT remain monolingual. Do not forget, LENR is for the world and needs the contribution of scientists from everywhere.
“LENR-ists from all countries, unite!”
25 handy words that simply do not exist in English:

I hope that despite the somewhat aleatory nature of the sources and examples I have used, you have got a preliminary imagine of the course I have started to prepare for you.
It will not be a 101 introductory type, much more a 1001 type
making you able to confront any Shahryār for long time and win.
In other words a good collection of tools.
But, my friends from 10 to 100 years young, so much depends on your feedback!!!



  1. With Peter' permission, I would suggest one more tool in his impressive proposed tool box for young scientists in this field: Team building as a prerequisite of any effort in such complex (in terms of non-linear) phenomena field of research.
    A good set of related papers one can access in

    Thank you Peter
    John Hadjichristos

    1. Thank you,
      I am subscribed to Questia library and it is excellent.
      HOWEVER the list of tools is completed only say 15% considering only the most basic tools. Please observe
      that even a primitive taxonomy of the tools is not shown yet.
      The list is also a job for a good team.
      We have to continue,