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“Create constancy of purpose toward improvement”
 (W. Edwards Deming)

I deeply believe in the value of KNOW WHO and therefore I try to publish interviews with providential persons in my modest Blog. I have succeeded to discuss here with the frontline fighters of LENR, with the Bisinis who are indeed able to think well, and I had the unique privilege to be informed by the Goddess of Wisdom about the causes of the present multi-Crisis:
(I made an unpardonable gaffe forgetting to ask Her if, when and how will this Crisis end, so I have to continue that historical discussion)
Now- I see that LENR is at crossroads, however few of its few supporters are really aware of the fact and its implications, however some decisions of great caliber have to be taken –fast! Ergo, I have asked the Zeitgeist of LENR- formerly known as the Spirit of Cold Fusion, a relatively young descendant of the Soul of Energy- for the following interview. Not an easy job, ZoL is an independent thinker who has the nasty habit to answer questions with better and smarter questions.

Q: In your opinion, what is the state of the field? What is the problem?

A: I wonder you are asking this… 23 years and 9 months were not enough to you to understand both the outer problems- lack of empathy, our unjustly low reputation, sensationalist-negativist journalism forming the bad habit to use the field as a standard bad example and the inner problems: chronicized weaknesses of both the theories- I have a Babel of them and experiments – it seems that stepmother Nature gives barely audible signals/answers and only when She happens to be in a good mood. Prejudices, bad myths, memecracy (you have coined this idiotic but unfortunately realistic word!), horizontal slow progress- intolerable!

The situation has to be radically changed, – we need a lot of boldness- and I tell you now the great secret; it CAN BE changed!
Please erase the word “impossible” from your dictionary!

Q: I fully agree with you, dear Zeitgeist, but please tell me can we apply the Scientific Method for solving all these LENR problems?

A: Wrong question, the Scientific Method must be applied to
LENR exactly as our purist, scientifically oriented colleagues ask it. It is only a problem of timing and priority- but the decision must be final. I well know it is something difficult, I understand that Physics is in a state of crisis and I understand it clearly, not in your confused, unprofessional way. I well know that some, more or less neighboring fields also have the scientific problem- however not the curse of experimental crippledness. This has to be changed on a trans-disciplinary level and LENR must to contribute to a general solution too.
The problem is what to do in meantime?

Q: Excuse me, I am asking questions here, not you- what have we to do in meantime?

A: Excuse me, actually there is one certainty: we are NOT allowed to put LENR to hibernate just because the scientific method cannot be applied to it just now, and there are two questions;
a) what will we do in meantime?
b) what we must do in meantime?
If a) and b) are very different, I have great bad chances to remain a lab curiosity for long, long time.

Q: What is your prediction regarding what we will do?

What will you do in meantime? Perhaps what the black and grey sides of human nature dictate; LENRists will continue to do what they have done for almost 24 years, with the same old stuff in the same well known systems and we will expect better results. We will enter full speed the cul-de-sac experimental streets and we will continue to ignore your dirty poisoning hypothesis. We will continue to think that there is no essential difference between the
mW-W type LENR and the desired kW-MW LENR+- your own, inner prejudices, myths, traditions and memes being genuine powerful mental dictators.

Q: OK, Zeitgeist- it is a lot of pessimism in LENR circles and it is contagious; instead of complaining better say- what do you think we actually have to do, we must do?

 A: It is simple; you have to rethink what Good Mother Nature tries to explain you, in her special way. The barely audible signals have a deep signification and they are a hidden vital suggestion to you, our Mother says:
“You see, this is My LENR, it is weak and perishable but it is a start, come take it, change it, build your new, own LENR, make it thousand times more powerful, useful and rich, convert it from a nasty problem in a blessed energy solution!  I gave you the best brains in the Universe; Homo discontentus so take note- for this you do not need high tech auditory apparatuses but good sound amplifiers!”
That’s Mother Nature, when she whispers, she really whispers, but when she roars, then she ROARS!
What is more scientific than discussing with Nature?

Q: Again questions, ZoL! If what you say- that Nature dixit is true, then actually we have to combine the classic Scientific Method aiming to good theories supported by a lot of experiments with Problem Solving and the Technological Method which, horribile dictu, includes empirical methods
with no theoretical basis. Is this politically, no, excuse me,
scientifically, correct?

A: It is realistically unavoidable, pragmatically useful and materialistically necessary – research is discovery, but it is also
competition and yes, it is business too. And this is true for all the other fields too, not only for our LENR. And if, God forbid! it happens somebody will be able to build a commercial energy generator working well and thoroughly tested for safety prior of understanding all the minute details of the process but knowing its very principles, what then? Will the skies fall? On the contrary I think- science will obtain what it needs to apply its method in the optimal way.

Q: Zeitgeist, the method from your sketch does more than mix Science and Technology and even gives more than a combination of these, do you agree to call it the Hybrid Method
of solving the LENR problem?

A: Why not? It is very strong symbiosis of science and technology. It seems the two outsider intruders in LENR, Rossi and Defkalion are both trying just this now. My fans have given very mixed reactions to this New Wave in LENR and this is justified only in part by the trend of the newcomers to over (?)-protect their intellectual-experiment based property. We don’t know much about what are these researchers doing but I bet they do apply the Hybrid Method.

Q: May I ask you about Andrea Rossi? The best living US LENR journalist has decided to ignore his work completely and a site aiming to shut him down says communist style they “will be happy to meet you in court” if you dare to disagree with their opinion and agenda of debunking Rossi as a fraud and scammer. What do you think?

A: About that Gary Wright? You told he has strong certainties- however not strong enough to sign an official document that he will make seppuku if Rossi succeeds to demonstrate and put on the market a commercial Ni-H energy generator. I hope his message from above is a product of his weird sense of humor.
About Andrea Rossi? Actually I am convinced, much more firmly than you, that he has discovered something new and very important for LENR. How? He knows! He says that evil forces
are making impossible for him to get a solid patent. The truth is that he does not need and does not want any patent, because he
first of all he wants to keep his process, his problems, his weaknesses, his errors and searches as secret as possible as long as he can. LENR’s life without Rossi would be less interesting. To ignore Rossi is very risky- you have to explain his experiments, his promises and his successes- the newest being his show in the Swedish TV. A lot of good, smart and valuable people do believe Rossi. It is naïve to interpret his slogan “the market will decide” as not caring for science and scientists- we have no idea who are his associates and helpers. His generators are essential his manners, methods and mythologies are only context.

 Q: And what do you think about Defkalion?

A: I know they are your friends, and I also know why- I am a spirit.
They are obviously using the Hybrid Method and they have told how they have arrived here. They claim to have used many sources of information/inspiration and this includes many natural phenomena- so they got the message of Mother Nature and are building their own variant of LENR deliberately changing both hydrogen and metal (nickel) very far from the natural states.
They try to have a good working relationship with my main community. This includes theorists and their theories- they seem to say that some theories are quite deep, but no one is broad enough! I am very optimistic regarding their Canadian future first of all because they obviously are able to understand complexity
perhaps better than anybody else in the field.

Q: Why are you emphasizing complexity when we have so many simple theories and when our duty as scientists is to use mercilessly Occam’s Razor?

A: Why are you contradicting yourself? I am not reading everything you write, I am a busy and unhappy spirit and I need optimist and good info and reading, however I have noted the chutzpah in your statement:”Cold Fusion is too complex to be let to the physicists” You was 45 years old when you had to do some research in biochemistry; do you remember how difficult it was to make your homework? And your wise friend Chris Tinsley has told “Cold Fusion is to Hot fusion what biochemistry is to chemistry” and he was right. A great pity we have lost him so fast, but he surely is in a pleasant place heated with LENR. (So is the other place too but this is not relevant now)
OK, LENR is much more complex, diverse and surprising than we usually imagine. It can not be explained by a single theory. Please understand that here enters the Technological Method, its role is to find out how to convert extreme inner complexity in tame outer simplicity and usability- and this happens in your car, TV, PC, mobile phone etc. and will happen in your Hyperion too if you will succeed to survive the next year. Nothing is more counter-productive and dangerous in research than ignoring or trying to by-pass the formidable inherent complexity of things.
You speak about Occam’s Razor as if you are using it daily.
Have you read the literature of it? Do you grasp its limits? Do you see that its place is on the interface you get in contact with and not inside the working systems? It is in thinking and not in the reality per se. LENR’s powerful complexity does not care much for Occam’s Razor and has not much to do with Dr. Occam’s other tools as axe, hammer, scissors, scalpel, boomerang, needles- But you need these for good thinking.

Q; Zeitgeist, do you think this Hybrid Approach will get LENR out of trouble and will ennoble it in a real source of energy?

A: Yes, Peter, I am firmly convinced, and I think very soon the history of LENR will be a triumphal march or more.
I am a spirit; however a human spirit and it still is a slight possibility that I am not inerrant.  And you know the saying:”Errare humanum est”, as the ancient Greeks used to say.

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