Friday, August 10, 2012


I am very happy to report you that Prof. Sunwon Park and Dr. Frank Gordon, the leader-organizers of ICCF-17 have answered very politely, nicely but firmly to my provocative Open Letter addressed to the conference. I am very grateful to them and I am honored that my ideas were analyzed seriously.

First, they have made the following essential statements about the Conference:

"ICCF-17 promises to be a very exciting conference.  Most of the groups who are known to be working toward commercial products will attend the conference and make presentations.  In most cases, this conference will be the first public presentation of their results and plans for the future.
In addition, leaders in the development of theories to explain the phenomenon will present their theories in individual presentations and as participants in a panel discussion.  More than 80 abstracts were received from scientists in 15 countries for presentation in both oral and poster sessions.  The conference schedule was adjusted to maximize the number of presentations and provide time for interaction between scientists.

The first objective of ICCF-17 is to carry on the tradition of the previous ICCF conferences to allow international groups of scientists to present their data to further the collective understanding of scientists working in the field.

The second objective is to end the misunderstanding and the skepticism on the cold fusion of the main stream scientific community, the media, and the public by showing the evidence that "cold fusion" is real.
And the final objective is to start an international concerted effort to expedite the commercialization of energy generation devices based on LENR to solve the immediate energy and environmental problems of the world and to prevent the possibility of misusing the LENR for the destructive purposes.”

Each sentence of my Open Letter was read and I got answer, opinion re each idea. I am enchanted to tell that for many of them
the answer was “we agree”

Some of my exaggerated worries were confronted with positive facts.
“Many companies will present their data or demo to show that we can use LENR as an energy source”
Because I was really desperate due to bad reproducibility:

“Unpredictability and low reproducibility may have been solved. Many presentations at ICCF-17 will show reproducibility of their experiments, lack of understanding and control seem to be remaining until we can have a LENR theory accepted by the people in cold fusion community”

How fine it would be to get rid from this many years long obsession and scientific humiliation! I will drink the equivalent of a glass of champagne for any team reporting reproducible results.
I liked very much this:

"The Pd-D system has completed its mission by showing the possibility of cold fusion, and opened the cold fusion field.  Now the Ni-H system will be developed and its technology."

The following statement has determined me to re-consider with deep empathy and maximum openness the papers of Dr. Mitchell Swartz:

"Yes, Pd-D based LENR system is difficult to be used for energy generating technology as is. We agree that those defects are detrimental to being any useful technology. However, people like Swartz could make it work by separating the deposition of D to Pd from generation of energy. His papers will be presented at ICCF-17."

I feel guilty (really) for being convinced that nanostructure-enhanced LENR has too low energy density limits to be industrialized.
. But perhaps it will be shown that this is simply not true:

"This can be debatable. Many researchers are already working in this direction and reporting very positive results. Many people are using different nano composite materials and claiming a success, Preloaded ZrO2-PdNi-D Nanostructured CF/LANR Quantum Electronic Components by Swartz is a good example."

I am very pleased that the leaders of ICCF-17 say this:

“We agree that we need radical changes in the cold fusion community and very good strategy considering the enormous magnitude of impact cold fusion can bring.”

In my next writing I will try to show how the new approach of Defkalion to LENR can be start point for revolutionary changes in LENR.

I am indebted to Prof. Park and Dr. Frank Gordon for these good answers and I wish that ICCF-17 should be our most efficient and most successful CF conference ever!


  1. Good job!
    Looking forward to ICCF-17.

  2. Thanks! You know, Change Management is very difficult. We have to fight old memes.

  3. What folks who already have possession of commercially grade LENR technology ARE NOT TALKING:

    Scenario A) They will detain important info, that they have from 16th July official certification for their high grade commercial capable LENR tech until October 2012. What are possible consequences of this manoeuver:

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    Scenario B) Folks with possesion of certification or real functioning hardware will NOT DETAIN such info until October.
    They will this widely publish. Not in obscure web journal with some 150 readers, rather in main media.
    Iranian ayatollahs are highly educated men, they are capable understand, that obsolete 1960's uranium techs is already obsolete and Iran don't need this. They are capable close down these powerplants and centrifuges quickly.
    In such case dangerous Zionist leaders will lose their principal public excuse for destroying another nation/country.
    No bombarding, no thousand tonnes of radioactive dust over all northern hemisphere, no war, no catastrophe, no martial law in half countries on Planet Earth, no Satanist paradise.
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    For what scenario you vote ?

  4. Who has good commercial LENR and what is doing with it? Source?

  5. Frat Peter,
    this is all very nice, cooperative and full of good wills, but considering the second objective (carry out cold fusion/LENR from curiosity to mainstream media) an independent and/or public test nn the "market grade" Device will do the job at very low cost... Latest public report of DFK in NIweek is claiming stable and reliable cop from 15 to 25, very easy setup can then prove say a COP > 3. Would you agree that it is quite strange not to have such a demo/proof rather than a lot of slide/words to achieve quickly and nicely this "second objective" that all participants (including DFK) are so willing to do?
    Sorry for the provocative question, and Thanks as usual for your focus and time on the CF matter!