Saturday, July 14, 2012

QUI CITO 35 (the last issue)

This is the last issue of Qui Cito- this publication has few readers

Is the Web Driving Us Mad?:

Center for Applied Rationality:

How Knowing a Foreign Language Helps Make Better Decisions:

How Access to Instant Information Plays to Our Bad Side

Catalysis: Blueprint for a Break-Up:

Toward a Better Understanding of Earthquakes:

Investing in Karma by Doing Good Deeds:

The Net is Nothing Good or Bad but Surfing Makes it So:

Secrets of Parasites' Replication Unraveled:

Toward Achieving One Million Times Increase in Computing Efficiency:

Scientific History and the Lessons for Today's Emerging Ideas
A better understanding of the scientific turkeys of the 19th century may provide a stark warning about the value of mainstream scientific thought today:

No Reliable Evidence On Effectiveness of Electric Fans in Heatwaves:  (It was a heat wave here in Cluj and we have bought a new fan).

Memories Serve as Tools for Learning and Decision-Making:

How To Make A Metamaterial That Expands Under Pressure And Contracts In Tension:

Redefining What It Means to Be Narcissistic in a Social Media World:

Search Engines: The Top Ten on the Web July 2012:

Some wise ideas collected by Harold Jarche:

 A Show-and-Tell With Google’s Hardware:

In the mind of the psychopath:

Can Human Biology Break a 9-Second 100-Meter Record?:

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